Trouble In Liberal Paradise, “‘Militia threat’ shuts down Oregon statehouse”, Two Days After Republicans Senators Flee The State To Avoid A Democratic Super Majority Vote On A Climate Change Bill

What’s this, There are people who live in Oregon outside of the Willamette Valley after all?

‘Militia threat’ shuts down Oregon statehouse

FILE - In this June 12, 2019, file photo, a truck moves around the Oregon state Capitol during a protest against climate bills that truckers say will put them out of business, in Salem, Ore. Oregon is on the precipice of becoming the second state after California to adopt a cap-and-trade program, a market-based approach to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions behind global warming. (AP Photo/Sarah Zimmerman, File) AP


FILE – In this June 12, 2019, file photo, a truck moves around the Oregon state Capitol during a protest against climate bills that truckers say will put them out of business, in Salem, Ore. Oregon is on the precipice of becoming the second state after California to adopt a cap-and-trade program, a market-based approach to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions behind global warming. (AP Photo/Sarah Zimmerman, File) AP


SALEM — A “possible militia threat” is shutting down the Oregon statehouse amid an ongoing walkout by Republican lawmakers who are blocking a vote on landmark climate change legislation with their absence.

A spokeswoman for the Senate President confirmed late Friday that the “Oregon State Police has recommended that the Capitol be closed tomorrow due to a possible militia threat.”

Gov. Kate Brown has deployed the state police to round up Republican senators who fled the Legislature — and in some cases, the state — to thwart passage of a climate proposal that would dramatically lower fossil fuel emissions by 2050.

Right-wing militia groups said they would protest at the Capitol on Saturday as lawmakers convened.

It’s unclear if the “militia threat” was related to the protest or is something additional.

— The Associated Press

Damn, those evil III%’ers again……

Notice how the article focuses on that aspect and ignores the facts in the picture they also provide, that Truckers, Loggers and other Oregon citizens who would be most severely impacted by this Liberal wet dream legislation are there at the Capitol in Salem protesting this legislation, with or without any Militia presence.

The Media would rather focus on the more easily sensationalized aspect, of course.

It appears these Democrats have over stepped because they think the Super Majority they have in the Senate allows them to do as they seem fit and Fuck the peons.

Looks to me like the peons disagree.

This is a good sign that the more rural portions of Oregon State have had a belly full of the Democrat’s shoving their Liberal Utopia down everyone’s throat.


Just to give you a better idea of what has been going on in Oregon and Washington too for that matter, let’s take a look at a map of the state and I will point something out to you.


If you look to the left you will see Interstate 5 that runs North/ South from the California Border, up into and through Washington State to the Canadian border.

About half way up that narrow little strip you will see Eugene.

That is at the Southern end of the Willamette Valley. That valley is prime farm land and stretches basically almost clear to Portland.

Between Eugene, Corvallis, Salem the capitol and Portland is where most of the population of the entire state lives. Even Eugene and Salem are small cities compared to Portland.

That little sliver out of the entire state runs politically amok over the rest of the entire state, a very large hunk of real estate as you can plainly see.

It is the exact same situation in Washington state, a tiny sliver of the entire state which has the highest population density tells the rest of the entire state how it’s going to be and where all of these Liberal/Communist/Marxist  laws originate.

It sucks to be a Conservative living out in Bumfuck on the Eastern side of the state, you basically don’t have any representation because the Liberals outnumber you bigly.

Where did all of these Liberals come from?


Oregon and Washington have been turned into California Lite over the last fifty years via migration up the I-5 corridor.

Meanwhile, the Liberals have killed the logging industry completely with the Marbled Murrelet and Spotted Owl campaigns and environmental regulations.

Even though they hold the majority doesn’t mean there aren’t still a lot of people who live in the state also and it’s looking to me like those poor saps are finally starting to have a belly full of the Liberal agenda they get force fed.


22 thoughts on “Trouble In Liberal Paradise, “‘Militia threat’ shuts down Oregon statehouse”, Two Days After Republicans Senators Flee The State To Avoid A Democratic Super Majority Vote On A Climate Change Bill

  1. Yup! Why I left 17 years ago because it was happening back then and I knew it wasn’t going to get much better. I may grace the state of oregon if the conservatives can retake the state and then I would move back. Ya, think anybody would care and throw me a parade? Yeah, me neither. Lets go get a cup of coffee Phil and plot our revenge on liberals.


  2. The governor sent out the state police to round up her enemies? The militia offered to defend them? The police then “suggested” the state capital be closed?

    The headlines sounds like a coup…


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  4. This has all the earmarks of a false flag operation. If you need to clamp down
    on liberties, all you need do is pull a crisis out of your rectal orifice. Even in
    a Marxist shithole like Oregon, the conditions in the red areas of the state
    are nowhere near bad enough to trigger a revolution by a few ragtag bands
    of citizen militias.

    I am an optimist, not a Pollyanna but the pendulum will swing back to the right
    within the next two or three election cycles. The radical left which represents
    8-9 percent of society at best have overplayed their hand by going totally
    batshit insane in the last few decades. Nixon and Reagan won 6 of the
    greatest landslide elections in American history (Nixon during the unrest of
    the late 60s and Reagan as governor and later president.) When Reagan
    was elected governor, it was the people clamoring for something to be done
    about the savages in the anti-war movement. He responded by sending the
    National Guard to major universities for a little nightstick therapy. There
    will be pushback against Antifa.

    If my instincts are correct, Trump wins reelection in a landslide and the GOP
    gains seats in both houses. The coming political realignment will come mainly
    from suburban liberals. There are going to be millions of liberals upset by the
    fact that their 9-year-old daughter has to share a school bathroom with a
    30-year-old biological male. They are also going be upset that Ubangi’s
    insane Title 9 reforms are now forcing female wrestlers, weight lifters, etc.
    to compete with males with a 2-1 body mass advantage. There is also
    pushback by the homosexual and lesbian communities against the

    If the only issue in the 2020 election is the economy, Trump wins. The
    The 500-pound gorilla is going to be illegal immigration. This is an 80
    percent issue nationally. Even in my godforsaken state (Marxifornia)
    72 percent of voters oppose sanctuary city or state status and 60 percent
    oppose illegal immigration. Trump is a multi-dimensional thinker and
    he is getting his chess pieces in place for 2020.

    Look forward to some BOLD moves on this front in the coming months.
    Have a lot of popcorn ready for November 2020!


    • Wrong.
      Surburban liberals who have actually fled the diversity embrace this shit.
      Going to be lots of dead people.


  5. “possible militia threat“
    What they are doing is grabbing headlines.
    This is PROPAGANDA. 101
    Don’t be fooled


  6. We seem to be approaching that moment in history where we’d all best start viewing the 2nd amendment as a responsibility, rather than a right….


  7. Been saying for decades that if ya can’t be an ‘a’ list liberal in kalypornia they make you migrate north – a certain percentage break down in the Eugene/Portland corridor, the rest make it as far as Olympia/Seattle – net result BOTH states have gotten the liberal shaft.
    Look at what the libs are trying to foist on the entire nation using the same tactics – control by the big cities – especially socal and noo yawk. If it wasn’t for the Electoral College they would already have reached that goal


  8. The Willamette valley between portlandia and eugenistan sucks and need flushed out.

    Outside that little area, Oregonians are pretty mellow except when putting up with liberal bullshit.

    Most Sherif’s Offices attitudes are “That violates the Constitution. We’re Not Enforcing That Law”!


  9. You guys want to WHY this happened?
    “Reynolds vs Simms.” This was the USSC decision that apportioned State Senate seats based on population, not per county. So the cities instantly gained complete political control of the states. Denver over Colorado. Seattle over Washington. Las Vegas over Nevada. Portland over Oregon. Etc.
    Effectively, it accomplished exactly what the effort to eliminate the electoral college will, but on a state level.
    On retirement, Chief Justice Earl Warren stated this was the most important decision made in his time on the court. Rural America got fucked with wire brush.


    • Sorry, but both you and Phil got that dead wrong.
      If actual “Californians” had f**ked up all the states people claimed, the population here would now be zero. Trust me, we’re nowhere close.
      Your states got f**ked up by the exact same toothless, banjo-playing gypsy liberal kinfolk from 45 other states to the east that screwed Califrutopia up, and their illegal alien gardeners and housekeepers.

      And someone who screws things up here for a couple of years, then migrates to your patch is no more “Californian” when they leave here than they were when they got here: i.e., Not A Bit.

      Pin the tail on the jackasses where it belongs: you’re getting screwed by the same liberal idiots who left Back East after they’d ruined it, to come out here and sh*t on everything they found. They’re universally from St. Louis, Chicongo, Detroitistan, NYFC, Bahstun, Foolidelphia, and of course, the Baltimorons. And the 30M illegals they all let in because they didn’t see them as a problem until they moved all the way to there and then started breeding like rabbits and bringing up their 47-person extended families.

      And you know this is true because nobody born in a state where it’s shorts weather and 72° year around moves away from that to states where it snows in winter, or rains 360 days a year. Only people who were raised on 12′ of snowfall annually do something like that.


      But I’ll tell you what:
      I’ll pay you a $1 for every actual native Californian who moved to your state, if you pay me a nickel for every transplant from anywhere else, and you’ll buy me a Ferrari for cash just on my profits from that deal.

      I’ve met far more liberal idiots down here driving around with OR and NV license tags than I ever heard of people I grew up with who were born here, who then moved to either place. (And to further illustrate the point, license tags don’t make them Oregonians or Nevadans either; such people are invariably malcontent gypsies in all cases.)
      It’s easy to blame CA, but someone who comes here from BFE, tags up, and moves to your patch is no more “Californian”, than Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gray Davis, Barbara Boxer, or Nancy Pelosi.

      You could look it up. 😉

      And at the end of the day, it’s simple:
      Sooner or later, you’re going to have to burn your problem children out.
      Nothing less will suffice, and it’s the only thing they really understand.
      So it’s either that, or get used to being screwed over forever.

      Meantime, quit blaming the Imaginary Boogiemen from Califrutopia for your problems.
      It simply ain’t so, it’s demographically and mathematically impossible for it to be so, and anyone who got past 4th grade would know that if they looked at it for two minutes. Your problems came from 40+ contiguous states east of you, and twenty countries south of San Diego. Like always.

      Sorry if that reality stings where it landed, but that’s how it goes.


      • How’s that old saying go?
        Ah, yes….
        America is on a slant and all of the fruits and nuts roll into California.
        Although they’re more like a plague of locusts following the setting western sun.
        Shame they’re not more like actual lemmings, once hitting the Pacific they just kept on going.


  10. Actually, Oregonians have long been the feisty sort when they see a law they don’t like. Oregon is a very homeschool friendly state, for example, because parents often pull their kids out of the indoctrination camps without bothering to register with the state. Also, lately the sheriffs in eastern and southern Oregon have made statements saying they would not enforce Bloomberg’s gun control laws that the legislature recently crapped out. Even in Portland there are a lot of people who don’t trust the government at all. Even the old hippies turn a jaundiced eye toward government.


  11. What happened in Oregon and Washington has happened to Nevada. Las Vegas is owned lock stock and rotten barrel by Kali Kommies. And since Clark County has about 80% of the states population they run the show. Now we have a kommie governor, a kommie State AG and BOTH houses of the legislature FIRMLY under the control of the demonrats. As for the ’round em up’ bullshit from Gov. Brown in Oregon……I clearly remember about 15 or so years ago when she was but a lowly demonrat legislator there she and her other demonrat partners did the EXACT SAME THING to avoid voting on a bill THEY didn’t like.


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