How Sweet It Is

Nine days in a row I don’t have to go to that place.

I have been busting my ass for weeks now and I ain’t done with that either. It’s just a different set of tasks in a different location now.

That’s OK though.

It’s on my timeline and at my discretion what and when I get done.

It’s not a short list by any means but there will be a few days of doing nothing but fucking off, whether I want to or not.

This is the Wifely Unit’s vacation.

I will do what she wants to do during the time that she has this next week because this is the only time she gets off all year.

Other than that, some things will never change.

dirty nails

3 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is

  1. Make sure you have a plan……when ever I get days off I dilly dally around thinking, “heh, don’t gots to do nutten.” Then the vaca is over and I think, “whoa,what happen, I didn’t get to do anything I wanted.”



  2. Congratulations Phil. 1) you survived the marathon 2) enjoy the time off bigly & 3) stop at every yard sale you see ( “just gathering story material on the road” should fly with the spouse). ;-).


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