Let The Countdown Begin!

Three more days.

I just gotta get through three more fucking days gentlemen.

Starting Friday I am off for 9 glorious days.

I’m not going to the fucking beach and I’m not going to fucking Seattle.

Thank You Lord, the Wifely Unit has an ulterior motive but it works for me.

We are driving about a half an hour North to Woodland Washington, (Home of the Lamiglass fishing rod plant) and staying at a hotel right off the freeway for a few days.

There is a new Indian Casino 5 minutes South of there at Ridgefield, just off the freeway, and we are going to hang out there for a few days next week.

In the mean time, before and after that little excursion, it’s gonna be all about this,


I can’t hardly wait.

3 thoughts on “Let The Countdown Begin!

  1. Have a backup plan, Trust but Verify. Always be nice to everyone in the room but have a plan to kill them all if necessary.


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