I Can’t Hardly Believe It


It started and ran on the third serious pull.

The really weird part is, after I had put a new pull cord on it and gave it a couple of test pulls, I swear it sounded like it was trying to fire up, before I even put gas in it!

I can only guess that it was hitting on the Marvel Mystery Oil that I had douched the shit out of it with.


I had taken the plug out and completely filled the combustion chamber plus I had turned it over a few times with the plug out and some had run back in under the valves when they opened. I had also dumped a bunch in the tank and down the carb yesterday and let it sit overnight.

That is some amazing stuff, it cleans aluminum like nobodies business too.

I changed the oil yesterday and shined the thing up a bunch.

It’s smoking in the picture because it had only been running about a minute and it was still burning all that shit out.

It smoked pretty hard for two or three minutes and then it cleaned up.

I had another stroke of luck earlier today when I ran up to the local parts house to snag a couple/four cans of Brake Clean.

Just inside the front door was a display with all kinds of small engine part goodies.

I couldn’t tell you if it was there the last time I was but they had a bunch of shit that I needed right there that saved me a shitload of hassle.

A new pull cord and handle, a new air filter, they even had the one I couldn’t find for the tractor, carb gaskets and all kinds of shit. I snagged a bunch of it, including the carb gaskets and two new diaphragms because I just knew I was going to have to rebuild the carburetor on the damn thing.


She’s a runner by God.

Thank you, by the way.


A running 5 horse engine is worth more than what I paid for the whole thing so I’m as happy as a blind lesbian in a fish market.

Now I have to fix the hopper , finish cleaning it up and it’s good to go!


15 thoughts on “I Can’t Hardly Believe It

  1. Marvel is the shit, used it a few times and was never disappointed.

    Having never talked to a blind lesbian about their level of happiness when in a fish market, I’ll accept your description. And I don’t care to know.



  2. Reminds me of that old joke when Adam and Eve were still living in the paradise and Eve took a swim in the fishpond.
    „Dammit“, said God, „now I won’t get that smell out of the fish anymore!“


  3. I always have a gallon of MMO on hand.
    Need something freed up? Soak it in MMO.
    Storing/letting a piece of equipment sit for a bit? Throw a splash of MMO into the tank or can.
    Joints/Muscles hurt? Take a shot of MMO.
    Going out on the town? A dab behind the ears and on the wrist.
    The possibilities are endless.


  4. I had acquired a brand new Arctic Cat Spirit motor for later use.
    Popped the plugs out to oil the engine for storage, put the plugs back in, and like a fool, put the plug wires back on.
    When I rolled it over, the damned thing fired, breaking both jugs from the base.
    The heavy oil had sealed the rings and when both plugs fired at the same time, as they do with most two strokes, it was just too much.


  5. After I inherited my father-in-law’s ’69 Cutlass, I did the Marvel engine clean and the car smelled like Wintergreen for a month. Worthwhile, though.


  6. Now that you have a walk behind tractor with a mower and now a wood chipper I am sure you have rakes and brooms, you can change your name to Manual and hire yourself out as an hispanic gardner….


  7. We buy mmo by the drum, it works better than anything else on sunkin boat engine’s. Smells better than nasty diesel fuel too.


  8. Excellent… Now for some sheet metal, a few rivets, a bit of wire brushing, a couple of coats of Rust-Oleum and this will be as good as new.


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