6 thoughts on “There’s A New One

  1. Living within rifle distance X 2 of two truck stops, I see a lot of that. A 53′ trailer high-centered on a 4′ bollard is quite funny to see. Especially when said bollard is dug up, replaced, and then run over again two weeks later. There’s been several times where a crane has been brought in to take care of a ‘situation’.


  2. Truck drivers are an interesting lot.

    Had one move a 5 ton (yes, 5 ton)granite rock that I had put in place to keep trucks from cutting the corner and damaging the grass…, said he “never knew” he had hooked it with his trailer until it rolled between the wheels and stopped the truck.

    That one took a rotator type wrecker to lif the trailer off the rock.

    And yes, I made his company pay for fixing the landscaping.

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