Head Scratcher

First thing that came to mind was WTF?

The second thing was, WHY?

The third thing was, WTF do you use it for?


If it’s supposed to be for camping then someone needs to make a shit load of curtains.

6 thoughts on “Head Scratcher

  1. I understand the issue of tongue weight, etc. but disconnected from the tow car I’d bet it becomes a teeter-totter pretty quickly. It was born with a wheel at each corner and the front two actually turned. (Yes, I know, the body was just bolted onto a trailer frame, but still….)

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  2. Actually, having owned both a bug of the era and a type III (the van) it makes sense.

    Allows you to stand up fully in the center where the small kitchen would be located and using the full length (no front seats or bulkhead) would give you room for a real bed, , but yeah, curtains needed or you will display the family jewels to all comers.

    Also gives a bunch of vent options to allow cool air to move through the hothouse. I kinda like it but don’t yet have the welding skills to do thin sheet metal (working on that).

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  3. Phil it is the cool factors! I got an old Pinto Station wagon and took the engine and front clip off and fabbed a trailer tongue under and with the uni-body supports and had a little camping trailer just big enough to sleep in after removing the dash and seats and had room for camping gear. I have a pic somewhere I will dig it out and email it to ya. Then you will understand and I did it all under 200 bucks.

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  4. My neighbor in the 60’s and 70’s had a Nomad camper like that. The rare 2 door version. When I realized that later, I almost cried.


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