7 thoughts on “No Problem

  1. I always said there is more pussy in the litter box. Came up wirh that one on my own. Pretty proud of it. Feel free to use it. I told it to many a buddy that just got dumped. That and better to love and lost than spend the rest of your life with a crazy bitch.


    • Yup and giving your house and any cash and the boat and the RV… yeah, lost is where it is at. At least I have my toys and they give me more pleasure then the crazy skank.


      • Oh yeah, been there, but recovered . . . eventually. With the help of a mean, straight razor totin’ woman. You might want to call before you step on our front porch. But the Dachshund would probably let you know you might not be welcome, before her.


        • Mine is a 10 pound Chihuahua female I inherited from the ex-skank when we parted ways. Her name is Guido and she thinks she is a 10 pound Rottweiler


  2. These days, a virgin is an ugly third-grader. She was the girl who nobody
    wanted to kiss in a game of spin the bottle. She usually had a name like
    Edna or Ethyl.


  3. I openly let three know what I was up to, and within a month, they were all gone. but I was young still, and shortly went to school at the Beaver State University. The rest is a whole ‘nother story!


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