When You’ve Had Enough

had enough

There about forty cops visible in this picture.

They are spraying water and chemicals against one guy pushing on a barricade fence.

That one guy don’t give a flying fuck either, he’s pissed off.

Comes the day a couple hundred thousand guys just like him show up in one place?

You won’t be seeing those cops for long.

When the consent to be governed is abused to the point that happens and said consent is rescinded en masse, the police are going to be irrelevant.

They know this.

They live in constant fear as it is.

For good reasons.

The time to choose sides has come and gone.

They chose poorly.

8 thoughts on “When You’ve Had Enough

  1. Boy, you spoke big medicine. The truth will set you free and po-lice ain’t gonna get out of this alive… they know the shit is gonna hit that revolving oscillator..


    • The popo are not your friends! Never were/will be. Never lose sight of this. Cops are there to ENFORCE the law against ME AND YOU! The Deplorable and the Dirt People. The law, relentlessly, brought upon the people by the ENFORCERS! Reference Al Capone’s ENFORCER: Frank Nitti. Take note of the orcs in your ao.


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