Clueless Dolt

so what

This clown has Cucked Libtard written all over him.

It’s not a novelty Poindexter, they make them for a reason. I use wrenches that big all the time.

Bonus, they double for a hammer or a Cheater Bar a pinch.


7 thoughts on “Clueless Dolt

  1. Carry a bat or hockey stick around, people think you’re up to no good.

    Carry a big ass wrench, they think you’re on your way to fix something important.


  2. Looks like a 4″, used to see that size on older railroad equipent and on the 120 ton and higher mechanical press at one of my places of employment. Pre OSHA in so many ways.


  3. That is a run of the mill combination wrench. I used to do a lot of work on
    big-ass air and gas compressors. We had to position short heavy striker
    wrenches to loosen and tighten crosshead nuts on these compressors.
    Some of the nuts were 8 to 10 inches across the flats. Tightening them
    involved running the nut up to the machined face of the crosshead and
    slamming them 25 times with a 20-pound sledgehammer.

    These days they use something called a super nut. It is tightened with a
    3/8″ torque wrench by working a pattern of small bolts that push against
    a reaction plate. Of course, they were only coming into use as I was leaving
    the trade:


  4. Glad to learn a few things reading the comments. I thought it had to be fake because the wrench body is so small compared to what it’s grabbing that the wrench would bend.


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