What’s This?! Now I’m Jealous!

Holy crap.

I was sitting here on my dead ass, up wayyyy too late watching Youtubes and stumbled on this one about yet another old David Bradley tractor.

I know, who cares, right?

You’re weird Phil.

Yeah, whatever.

I already know that.

This video is different.

I have watched dozens of videos about these things trying to learn more about the attachments and shit like that. Imagine my surprise when I saw this guy jump on his little sulky….

and BACK UP!

It gets better. Not only did some of them have Reverse, this thing also has Two Speeds  and a Differential Lock!


30 thoughts on “What’s This?! Now I’m Jealous!

  1. Neat seat!! We had a lawnmower with one like that, It was hooked onto the back of a flat belt driven mower deck. Really weird. I didn’t know squat then, so once it broke down, it didn’t run again. I think dad knew less than I did about small engines….

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    • I actually took a class on them way back in the 9th grade and to this day I have a hell of a time working on the damn little things.
      Might be that I was trying to slide a 3 horse Briggs and Stratton off a shelf that was over my head and it slipped out of my fingers and landed on my fucking head didn’t help.


  2. I put 2 photos, from my 1953 Sears catalog, of the David Bradley tractors and attachments on postimg.cc that I think you’ll like. You’ll have to click zoom to read the printing. This is the direct links to them and you’ll have to click zoom to read the printing.

    You’ll notice they were shipped without tires and tubes.

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    • Damn, there’s some attachments there that I would really like to get my hands on.
      I would like to find/build a vacuum/mulcher that mounted to the front for this thing to take care of the hundreds of pounds of leaves that fall around here. Like I would ever have the time to make one though.


    • There’s an old fart up in North Dakota that put out a Youtube of him using his to plow a garden just yesterday.
      I want to grab people by the neck and shake their heads until their eyes bulge out sometimes.
      As long as you take car of it.
      Sure ya gotta rebuild/ replace engines, seals and bearings sometimes but compared to the plastic garbage they put out now, I would take one 1950’s or earlier tool or machine instead of 10 new ones, 9 times out of 10.

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      • I couldn’t agree more with you, Phil.
        One doesn’t even have to go back to the 50’s or the 60‘s for having such experiences. I once bought an old Mazda 323 that has been built at the beginning of the 80‘s. I was its second owner and the mileage was 32,000 kilometers.
        A couple of years later when this absolute darling of mine finally succumbed to an all over rust bloom, it had been driven for 640,000 kilometers! On gas, not diesel! Four, not five gear drive! I only had to watch out for oil and water. Twice I had to change the muffler, once the radiator and once the right back wheel bearing. That’s all! Never any severe problems. The greatest car I ever had.


  3. There is a David Bradley for sale here locally (Southern Tier New York State) so they are out there in the wild. Reminds me of the Gravely Tractors although I have no idea of which came first. If you think about it, the ‘walking tractor’ is more or less a replacement for a horse in harness. There are obvious differences of course but if you could farm with one horse you could do the same with one of these tractors and have considerably less upkeep to boot.

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    • They were a huge time and resource saver. No hay, no shoveling fertilizer, no vet bills and the variety of attachments that came out in short time made them extremely useful for a wide variety of jobs a horse couldn’t do in the first place, Such as being a stationary engine for things like power saws and water pumps.


  4. You got the sickness really bad. The old iron sickness. It is incurable and usually ends in death. Well, everything ends in death eventually. Love seeing that old stuff come back to life.

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    • A severe case for sure.
      If I had room I would have more than i could ever finish and then some.
      There are too many projects going around here now as it is.


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