LMFAO! It Happened AGAIN!

I’m just sitting here shaking my head, trying to figure out how I want to phrase this bit of news.

The way I normally operate is to just tell it like it is and let things go from there, so here it is.

Long time readers will probably remember way back in February (I had to go back and look it up) when I found the key to the gas cap for the Bronco that had been sitting in a pocket of the dash about four inches from my knee ever since I bought the thing a year earlier, that I didn’t know about. I had been Jimmying the gas cap lock for a damn year and here the fucking key was inches away from my knee the whole time.

Well, now I can top that one.

I know, hard to believe, right?

Oh yeah, bigger than shit I can top that one.

I was out mucking the interior of the Caballero earlier today, that poor thing.

I have been treating it like a Farm Truck for quite a while now and there was crap all over the inside like I had been living in the fucking thing.

Empty paper bags, paper receipts, empty cigarette packages, Empty Energy Drink containers, old parts, new parts, ratchet straps, a tarp all wadded up and at least two hard hats rolling around on top.

I couldn’t take it anymore. Since that motherfucking Bronco decided to shit the bed on me, AGAIN, last week, I have been driving this thing exclusively.

I figured I had better clean it out and check the fluids, blah, blah, blah.

Amazingly enough, even after a 300 plus mile round trip to Coos Bay a few months ago, the thing hasn’t burned a drop of oil.

After I got all the crap stuffed in a garbage bag, I see the ash tray is full, again.

Honest to God, when I bought this rig, four years ago at least now, the ash tray was still a virgin!

From 1983!

It didn’t take me too long to bust that cherry though.

It’s the Old School style ash tray, where you have to push a big lever down in the middle and pull it out to dump it. I’ve done it at least a dozen times now.


So I yank it out and have to walk around the rig to the other side and shake all the nasty stuff into the garbage bag.

I’m shaking the thing and have to turn it around to get the last of it out and noticed something off about the back side of the thing.


Clever old bastard, the guy who originally bought this thing.

Bigger than shit, there is a spare ignition key, Velcro taped to the back side of the damn ash tray, which he never even used.

It’s an original copy too.

What the hell are the odds that it took me four years to find it?





14 thoughts on “LMFAO! It Happened AGAIN!

  1. Damn, ya might want to look under the spare tire, I am sure a winning 1 Billion dollar Power ball lottery ticket is sitting under it… You could finally have enough scratch to buy yourself a warehouse/workshop for all your old as gold tools and tractor finds.


  2. Now you have to hide it someplace else. All your readers know where the spare key… I always wanted a Caballero. Does that have the original 8 Track AM/FM Radio in it?

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    • Just the AM/FM radio, no 8 track unfortunately. It still works too.
      That thing would be so easy to steal it’s pathetic. Probably Hot Wire the thing just as fast as digging that key out.


      • The finding key story – could it go anything but like as it did for 99% of us?

        Geez, the temp control slides and radio dials that defined dashboards for eras of cars. They look good n’ clean, no fading of the lettering, minimal wear n’ tear. Looks like it gets plenty TLC. Glad you got that key and yeah, maybe time for a new hiding spot like suggested by Cederq?


  3. I found a complete set of keys, all mice and weatherproofed, hanging from an unused hole near where one of the front suspension bits attached.

    Shocked the shit out of me, but I appreciated that the original owner had sealed them up so well.


  4. That is a clever hiding spot alright, but in time, would the person who put it there remember that ? With my memory, doubtful.


  5. Crap. Now I can’t remember where I hid my spare where I could find it.

    Monday’s man.

    Guess I know what I am doing tonoght.


    Thanks for the story.


  6. Man, always wanted a Caballero. Is it a decent set of wheels for a main ride Phil?

    I scored a 66 El Camino in my early twenties, was stolen three times. Had a 396, swapped it out for a 283 from a SS Impala, and put a Muncie 4 speed in it. Ran pretty good. Shortly after a head cracked by an exhaust valve seat. My buddy worked at a GMC truck center, they had a 292 long block in a crate, he go it it for me for $1100 bucks. Put that in place of the 283, it went like stink.
    A tow company stole it a week later. It was hidden in a boat yard they had for repo’d boats. I was riding my bicycle down a path near the yard to go fisjing in the lake and spotted the El Camino, got it back, about 2 weeks later a cop from next town over stole it. Got it back 6 months later. Had it on jack stands working on a rust spot on the frame, it was stole again. Thought I would never see it. About ten years pass by, I get a call from the Rockville Illinois PD, asking to come get it, it showed up as a NH. stolen vehicle on a safety sticker inspection. I wasn’t in a position to retrieve it, donated it to the police widows auction.
    Regret not getting it. A 66 SuperSport big block El Camino goes for a nice piece of change. Besides it was a sexy set of wheels with the shark grill and duly headlights.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what is the going street price for your year El Camino? Those G body era GM’s are great to hotrod. All the racing stuff because of IMSHA and dirt track racing you can build a pretty sweet handling fast car for very reasonable bucks. I imagine the Caballero’s came with beefier frames and hi po suspension, brakes and stuff, so you already have a great base chassis to work with.
    They look lighter than my 66 too.

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    • Damn dude, that must have been one hell of a nice ride!
      I don’t think I have ever heard of a rig getting swiped three times!
      This is the fourth”El Camino” I’ve had. The first one was a 71, then a 67, I loved that one even if it only had a straight 6 and a 3 on the tree, an ’80 and this 83 Caballero.
      I actually found this in a wrecking yard as a Builder while looking for parts for the POS 80 that some tweaker had gotten a hold of and completely fucked up the wiring on. They wanted $1999 for it and it had a tonneau cover, the original wheels and was very clean. The transmission had a leak from a sensor on it and it would spray tranny fluid all over the catalytic converter when you tried to drive it. It’s been smacked in the front but whoever put it back together put it back to Factory specs. You can tell it’s been hit because of the newer paint on the LF fender and hood. It has a 229CID V-6 in it that still gets 19-20 MPG and runs like a top. I got it for $1600, found out it had been a 1 owner rig and actually knew a lady who’s Grandfather owned it . It had 124,000 original miles on it, had brand new Michelin tires on it, the estimated MPG sticker from the factory was in the glove box and so was a bunch of receipts, the factory owners manual and the Dealers advertising portfolio with a picture of one on the cover that was an exact match.
      I had a buddy overhaul the transmission, had to put a water pump in it because a gasket started leaking and have driven the shit out of it for about five years now. I got Collector plates for it so I don’t get butt raped every year on tags too.
      It has literally been one of the most dependable rigs I have ever owned, out of close to fifty.
      It ain’t light though, it weighs 3600 pounds empty.
      The tonneau cover is long gone, it has one very small dent and a scratch in the back next to the tailgate, the windshield has been cracked since I got it and some rubber parts around the windows are shot now. Someone took the air shocks off the back and put regular shocks on it too. It also has a broken exhaust manifold on the passenger side. This is a good one, the thing is literally cracked in half right behind the number one exhaust port. It leaks when you start it or when it cold pretty good. After it runs for a couple of minutes, the heat expands it and closes the crack. After that you can hear it a little bit but it gets so quiet that I can hear the clock on the dashboard ticking on a smooth road! I bought a Small block 350 “Crate Motor” that supposedly has low miles on it that came with a brand new Torquer manifold and a brand new Edelbrock 4 barrel separate a few years back and all that is just sitting in the garage.
      When I got the thing, a decent clean one very similar to it was going for about $5,000 and really, really nice ones were going for ten grand. I have no idea what they are going for now but I’m sure they aren’t going down.
      There are pictures of it on the blog if you want to search for them. It’s getting dirty and needs a good detailing but I drive it every day.
      I just put new tires on it too.


      • Sweet. Like to hear all that. You got me really wanting one now. I trust your judgement 100%. Time to get looking. Have a 89 K1500 with a great driveline, everything runs sweet. The frame is cancered out, for a parts vehicle, now if I can find a fixer-upper I be real happy.

        Really can’t say what jinx was on that 66. There was none around I remember seeing back then. But there aint a lot up there to start with, its pretty rural. I got it from a guy who crashed into the back of a pickup I was sitting on the tail gate, with my legs dangling down. We all where heading to pick up our paychecks, and the guy who owned to 66 wasn’t paying attention following us, when we came up to a stop sign. Never hit the brakes.
        Back then none of us had insurance, you always could run a vehicle in NH without it. My legs where crushed between top of his grill and the tailgate. Good thing the tail gate was on hinges, it lifted up, I’d a been really fucked with the step and tow bumper as a chopping block. It hurt so bad it was beautiful. Like being on another plane of reality before I passed out. Got all fucked up, massive hemorrhage both legs, no broken bones though. Was out of work for two months. He gave me the 66 outright to cover my doctor bills.
        Maybe that was the jink.
        Aside from the number ’66”, But I had two 66 Chevy pickups, and a 66 Impala wagon. Never had any shit with those.

        I was stupid. A guy who owned an old 57 Chevy drag car, called The Tijuana Taxi, had a original GM 409 factory race engine, dual carters, who knows what they used for internals, Revell made one of their plastic model kits using this 57. The owner offered to trade me up even-steven for the 66 title for title. What a numbskull I was. I just dug the look of that 66 Chevelle nose with the crossed victory flags over double SS’s. Thing rode like caddy too. The SS 283 I put in it pushed it up to 130 on I93 way up in eastbumfuck near the Canadien border couple times. Solid set of wheels. Had a factory posi in it. If you punched it from a dead stop without a bit of brake pedal, it would swap ends 180 degrees in a NY second before it moved an inch forward. Total surprise the 1st time. That 283 was a little gem. Rev to the moon. Run smooth as an Oldsmobile base 326. Like yours, you might turn the ignition key thinking it died. It had more rpm’s in it than power to over come wind drag at 120-130 on the speedometer. Think it was from a 64 Impala SS ragtop if my memory aint fucking with me. Funny how GM went back to it in the trucks with the cathdral port Vortec’s.
        Neighbor has a street outlaw car, running one of those iron ex manifolds upside down/forward dumping turbo kits. Has some aftermarket heads. Makes 950hp rear wheel on the dyno, running stock truck crank stock rods & slugs, and block. It’s a 283. What is it, 4.8 liter? Has it in a beat to shit late Camaro, stripped of every conceivable piece of metal, glass and plastic nut and bolt, has a 1/8 inch lexan windshield even. A bare plastic seat, he had to put a 12 point roll cage in it to brace the chassis for 950hp. Plastic hood and rear hatch. 2 guys can push it like a go kart.

        I never seen a rear quad link rear end setup like it, Nice piece of fabrication. All boxed plate, the whole diff housing, axle tubes too. Totally adjustable. The more torque gets to the diff, the harder it jacks the rear of the car upwards for traction. We have to lift the back of the car so he can spin the tires enough to heat in them, next to impossible to spin them from a standing start. But its a beast when it shifts though, goes about 15 – twenty degrees dog track. You can hear it as your watching, kind of freaky, the tires break loose on each shift, car drifts just smooth as glass, the tires start to hook back up, and that fucker is like a paperclip out of a rubber band once it stops spinning the tires.
        One night last fall, up in the Monogehela National Forrest, (takes the law min of 35 minutes to get up there, its a road to no where, one of the outlaw guy’s sister lives down near the bottom and calls up if the law is heading up), he was racing a jacked to the moon hypo 4 wheel drive caddy, his buddy mentioned he had the hottest ASA cam Chevy performance offers, like 610 lift, think 280 duration, 280 CC factory rotocast heads, Ti intake valves, 1-7 rockers, it was on nitrous, had a gas bottle the size of a medium acetylene tank in the back. I think it had one of those Eaton blowers too. Had the blower looking plastic beauty cover over the top of the engine. Its real dark up there at night. Few guys park a few cars behind the start lines to light up the track. I got a quick sneak peek with my flashlight before the hood dropped earlier walking past the Caddy. It was chewing everyone for sheetmetal so far.
        These two hadn’t raced each other yet, this caddy was killing everyone all summer. Everyone was waiting to see how their race went.

        Dude, Nate and his boosted Camaro left the Caddy for dust like eat his lunch and dinner plus next days breakfast. The crowd was totally silent for like 20 seconds, nobody moved, we all had our jaws on our chests. First time Nate raced it for real, only made practice runs to find out how to drive it over the summer as he built it. It must a been a handful, Nates a big solid boy, 6-5, 300 lbs, farm boy, has a concrete form business. He ain’t no faggot. known the kid for 12 years since he was a little bam bam. He idled back to the parkup, took him a bit to get back, his hands where shaking when he pulled up. He had trouble speaking straight. We was yaking at him about the awesome drift he was riding after shifting, he said he was afraid to back off, if he did it felt like the car would have flicked itself like a booger into the forrest. How he just kept his foot in it and was along for the ride till the tires hooked up again. It was righteous watching it. Like he knew exactly what he was doing, Can you say large testicles that swing when you walk?
        I never seen anything take off like that beat up Camaro except a top nitro funny car. The guy in the caddy let off the gas pedal about a 100 ft down Nate was so far ahead so fast, before his car shifted out of 1st. Nate said he was running only 15lbs of boost, that he had 30 lbs if he wanted at the touch of a button on the steering wheel. With a totally stock Chevy truck 283 bottom end.
        That impressed me sure as shit.


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