Been There, Done That

upside down

It used to be an almost daily thing back when I was working at the Lincoln/Mercury dealership.

I can remember a couple of times having someone drive the car around while I was upside down with my head under the dash and my knees bent over the headrest of the seat, trying to find a damn rattle.

I have ridden around inside trunks and one time actually laid across a an engine on a damn Ford Taurus with the hood up while my buddy drove in circles as fast as I could hold on, trying to find a weird noise that only happened when the guy was making hard turns going one way. That one turned out to be a weak return spring for the starter gear. It would slide over and start hitting the ring gear on the flywheel.

Even with a fused lower back I used to have to get in some crazy assed positions underneath dashboards sometimes.

That was twenty years ago now. I ain’t nearly as flexible now as I was then.

I certainly don’t miss that fucking bullshit either.

3 thoughts on “Been There, Done That

  1. “while my buddy drove in circles as fast as I could hold on”…1960’s a local mechanic did something similar when an owner said the ‘car stalls our when i get to 30 mph’ Joe hung on to the air cleaner as the car went down the street [the carb. linkage was bent and touched the coil and grounded it out].


  2. Under dashboard work is always darn awkward!
    Sounds like you were/are a dedicated trouble shooter…ha!
    I give this guy an A for ingenuity.


  3. BTDT, like you a mechanic for to many years. Been in the same positions under dashes, in trunks and under hoods while listening for rattles squeks and bumps and knocks. had a friend saw me just like the picture sweat filling my eyes and said why not remove the seat to be more comfortable and not spending a half hour to get the kinks out.


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