Spring Is In The Air!


There’s a bunch on the floor too.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself, I’m tired and rummy as hell.

I’ll stop now…

3 thoughts on “Spring Is In The Air!

  1. Amazing how much you can learn by visualizing how things are made.

    Different times I wanted to learn how to do metal spinning and foundry work like sand casting, lost wax/investment casting. Lot of little nuances that don’t come thru in books or manuals. But in all three soon as I had the opportunity to see them done with my own eyeballs I learned enough to learn the rest by doing.
    It’s those little mysteries that kill you.
    Like springs. The trick to making them yourself is to stress relieve after forming using piano wire, an hour in an oven at 350-400 works well for me. I set them in a cookie sheet sitting on dry mortar mix sand. They relax a bit, so you need to make them a tad shorter to get a desired finished length. But they are super easy to make using simple wood dowel forms and pliers. McMaster Carr sells piano wire. It is rather inexpensive materiel so you can have a bunch of stock on hand.


  2. Holy shit!! Is that a Mohawk machine? We have 3 of something very similar on our production floor. I think they were made sometime in the 1940’s or 50’s. Coolest damn machines EVER! We have them retrofitted to manufacture some other small parts but they were originally designed specifically to make springs. And a fine testament to genuine engineering, not conceived on a computer using AutoCad.


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