I Almost Forgot

But not quite.

I remembered it about half way into work yesterday.

I read somewhere once that a true alcoholic can tell you the exact day when they had their last drink.

For me, that would be June 1st, 2012.

As of today, I have been sober seven years and one day.

If you knew me when I was drinkin’ you’d know what a miracle that is.

Thank you Lord, for saving a poor old wretch like me.

One day at a time, that’s how it works for me.

Now I’m going to fall down and go to sleep. I just worked my ass off for twelve hours. It’s 4:30 in the morning and I have to turn around and be back at 3:00 this afternoon for ten more hours.

I’m beat.

See ya’s later.

19 thoughts on “I Almost Forgot

  1. 2012 was the year I quit also but I don’t remember the exact day. I must have not been a real alcoholic but just finally met my quota. My body has been falling apart ever since. I don’t think not drinking is healthy but the days are a lot longer now. Seems like all that extra time not spent drinking wears your body out faster.


  2. Congrats, Phil!

    February 25, 1995. I think I quit a day or two before, but I use 2/25/95 as my day as that’s the day I moved into the Men’s Sober Living House I went to.

    Changed my life completely.


  3. Never touched the stuff seriously, as both parents were,. So, according to the docs, I am, or have the strong potential to be.

    You all who have stepped back from that demon are stronger than I am.


  4. Congrats man, One Day At A Time definitely works.
    10/15/88 is mine. Thought I was Billy Badass Biker, might’a kept drinkin’ if the meth hadn’t about finished my ass off. Still got my old Harley tho but added a wife, kid, house and bass boat. I use to live out of an old army duffel bag all over the country for years. Life is good if I stay the fuck outta the way.


  5. 7/8/12 congratulations I knew there was a reason a lot of what you say just rings with me. We always say no one understands like another alcoholic.


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