All Y’all from Down Under need to explain this shit to me because I am grossed the fuck out here and I damn sure ain’t Googling it to find out.

sheep pill

17 thoughts on “OKAY MATES, WTF IS THIS?

  1. I saw this and other weird shit when I was in Australia. It is considered an herbal medicine to increase energy, clear the complexion, and increase the libido.

    Some people will try anything to screw longer and more often.

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  2. Phil, I’m an Aussie, but I’m yet to see a sheep here, apart from mutton or lamb chops at the butcher. I live in the northern wet tropics, where sheep apparently were found early on (i.e. before even you or I were born) to be prone to foot-rot during the wet season, the Big Wet.

    Now New Zealanders, man, the things those Kiwis do with sheep! Your readers would be too disgusted if I repeated any popular Kiwi + sheep jokes here, sheep placenta would rank quite low on any scale.

    You’ll likely receive a hasty response from an offended Kiwi follower, they do tend to have a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude to sheep jokes, even to the extent that they tell each other their own rude Aussie + sheep jokes. Which, as we all must know, is just bullshit; it should be kangaroo jokes!

    Man, I gotta say, those whopping big tails can be a real nuisance when you’ve finally caught a pretty young ‘roo, just ponder that for a moment. Note, that should read, pretty young *girl* ‘roo, we Aussie blokes aren’t into any sick stuff here!

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      • A young lad from, say San Francisco, took a backpacking holiday to the southern hemisphere, had heard good things about the ‘clean, green’ lifestyle in New Zealand. He signed up for a farm-stay working holiday in the south island, and made sure he kept well clear of any Christchurch mosques.
        After the first week of crutching ewes and dagging (yeah, what sorta job does it sound like to you?) the flock, he was a bit jaded with the lack of entertainment around the joint. So he fronted the farmer’s son about any ‘good times’ the locals got up to, got lucky with an invite for end of work that arvo.
        The two boys headed off to a back paddock, the tourist looking around for any sign of the party, when the local boy pointed to a ewe with her woolly head tangled-up with the barbed-wire fence, as she tried to reach an even juicier piece of greenery.
        Local boy Shane says “Whacko bro, the party is on!”, parks behind the sheep and drops trou, goes to work among the wool, having a great time too, but he didn’t forget his Californian mate. As he finished with his hairy hussy, he turned and motioned, says “C’mon bro, don’t be shy, it’s your turn now, ay.”
        The young Cali-lad was a bit shocked with this beastial sheep-shagging pastime, but thought he’d give anything a go once, replying “Well alright, but do I really have to put my head through the barbed-wire first?”

        Phil, I censored myself to try and keep things partly civil. I’m worried about the eN Zed wetbacks we suffer here, carrying out a lanolin atrocity on our pure Aussie lambs as payback.


    • I knew one of you blokes would show up eventually.
      Hey, you know what we say if they can’t take a joke, right?
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment,
      It looks like Unclezip really wants to hear those jokes so drop back by again soon!


    • Not really a joke, per se, but a history lesson.

      The first somewhat effective condoms were sheep intestine, which was figured out by Muslims. It wasn’t until the mid 1800’s that an English inventor thought to take it out of the sheep first.


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