It’s No Wonder Why I feel Old And Out Of Touch

I can actually remember these prices.


Late 60’s I believe.

Pass the Geritol and get the fuck off my lawn.

23 thoughts on “It’s No Wonder Why I feel Old And Out Of Touch

    • when i was 5 we drove from the sticks where i lived, to my uncles house, then drove to fayetteville because there was supposed to be a hardee’s there. it was not yet opened and we ate at a Para-burger?

      charlotte nc got a mcdonalds when i was 6. and i’m pretty sure hamburgers were a dime.


      • I’m from way up in the mountains, I didn’t see a McDonalds until I went in the army, but we had a Ray’s, Richard Petty did a Ray’s pit stop before he landed stp. You could feed a family of 4 for under 5 dollars.

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  1. That’s the job of the gov’t.
    Inflating us to penury.
    Besides outright theft, systematic voter replacement, surveilling, and suppressing, it’s what they do.


  2. I miss those days. The prices shown were about the same as the middle
    6o’s as well. Now, I’m really gonna sound like an old fuck. There was an
    independent supermarket called Boys at Anaheim and Cherry in Long
    Beach Marxifornia. On any given day the price for a loaf of bread was
    4 for a dollar. The price of potatoes was (4) ten-pound sacks for a dollar.
    On sale, they were both 5 for a dollar.

    Boys was just under 2 miles from where I lived. I was about 14 at the
    time and I hated having to lug 50 pounds just short of 2 miles. My mother
    had a car, so she was fucking with me into getting in shape!

    Phil, I just got that caliper scribe thingie from Chinasia. The attached
    scribe looks like it was broken, but the spare was in perfect order. Keep
    in mind that a broken 1/16″ drill bit would make for an ideal replacement.
    Just cut the shank end to 1-1/4″ and use a grinder to sharpen the business


  3. nine things on the menu and each and every one was done well.
    now there are over fifty things on the menu, and they all suck.
    ever wonder why??


  4. Dang, we is getti’n old. Leon Redbone croaked today and he was only 69. Enjoyed his live performances in the early 70’s. RIP man, RIP.


  5. I figured I can’t be the only guy here who worked at a MacDonald’s in those days, but that was my first job beside lawn mowing and delivering papers. It’s was the summer of ’71.

    I remember Mickey D was advertising you could get a Big Mac, Fries and a Coke for under a dollar, and it was 99 cents.


    • Forgot this line: there’s no Big Mac on that sign and pretty sure those came out in ’68. That puts this sign before then.


            • Who thought we would live to see 60?

              Now that we did its not old, its a kind of left handed badge of honor. Being we are that tiny sliver of a generation between the boomers and whatever the next gen after is called this week, I think gives us a certain of grumpy gravatas.

              My folks was born 2 years short of WWII, dropped me on the hospital floor at 16, eventually ran off to Woodstock and never returned. By that time my great depression era grand parents had rescued me from earth day and tie dye summer of love hell.

              The music sure is a great and everlasting legacy. Beggars Banquet. Herb Albert and his Tijuana Band. Jimi Hendrix’s. Bob Dylan Lay Lady Lay. Grace Slick and White Rabbit. The pinnacle time of the Blues. Allman Brothers Philmore East. Led Zepplin. Elvis Pressly. The law had almost no idea about the drug culture, kilo’s of black Lebanese hash, MIT lab made Acid, black tar opium,
              Aurora 714’s at 25 cents apiece, 5 for a buck, peyote buttons and fun mushrooms.
              It was a really different world. Everything still cost .35 cents, loaf of bread, gallon of gas, pack of lucky strikes. Diesel for 5 cents a gallon if you left the tractor out of sight behind the country store, and didn’t mind running the truck and farm equipment on house fuel.

              Seems like Mickey D is such an iconic symbol of that time. Even the company logo and arch colors are iconic in their way.

              Never in a million years thought I would make it.


  6. Remember the signs would have the statement like 4 million sold. We would be awed as kids. 4 million burgers! We would get to eat there like once a year. It was a serious thing. A really big deal.
    I always loved the Fillet O Fish.
    A&W Drive In’s too. Get a couple jugs of Root Beer. When you where a kid getting to go to both in a single year was like the pinnacle of stylin’.
    I grew up on a farm no electricity or running water but a well under the kitchen floor with a old copper handpump in a soapstone sink. We ate from the farm woods and brooks almost exclusively. So to go out for Fine Scottish Dining was a serious highpoint.
    I loved home food, still do and mostly eat the same way even now. But once a year a Baconator and a large fries is a toothsome delicacy.


  7. Today they are still only worth those prices, I see no value in their burgers or any other chain hamburger store. I am the one who stepped on your lawn and I don’t give a crap… and I left a little curled memento.

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