She’s A Going Concern Boys

Hot damn, the thing actually works!

I took it out for a test drive a little bit ago and it runs and functions perfectly.  There are still a couple of things to do yet, I have to wire in a Kill Switch and I see the hood is rubbing on the muffler and the edge of the gas tank. A couple of smacks with a Medium Persuader should take care of that little issue in a big hurry.

Here she is fellers, she got there under her own power.






I sent some pictures to my Brother and he texted me back that his Girl Friend, who’s Father owned this thing, was absolutely thrilled to to see it going again. She said she knew it was going to a good home and that her Father would have been just as tickled as I am to see it working again.

Even the Grouchy Old Bastard across the street was impressed and that ain’t easy to do.

Of course,  I have no idea what I am going to do with it now but that’s beside the point.

I even got the discs loosened up and rolling again on that attachment. I also see that the Sickle Mower is fucked up so that will be on the menu soon.


13 thoughts on “She’s A Going Concern Boys

  1. Phil, the clutch (?) for the drive belt what are the 3 flanges whirling, are they for an electric motor to spin the engine kind of like some midget racer have? Or are they counterweights?


    • Those are the spokes for the drive pulley. When you engage the clutch, the center section clamps against that and it starts rotating and spins the gears.


        • No, it’s a flat disc clutch.
          The part in the center that isn’t turning in the picture is on the end of that shaft. Engaging the clutch moves that into the clutch disc between it and the spinning drive pulley and when it grabs then it turns with the drive pulley and spins the shaft and the gears.


  2. kudos. they don’t build them like that any more, and few if any of today’s trade school graduated “mechanics” can successfully work on them.
    as for what to do with her?? hire her out. she’s small enough to plow and till most back yard gardens. advertize on crag’s list for extra fun money. kinda seasonal, but you don’t really want a full time job do ya?? and show her at the local antique shows. that might keep you bvusy most weekends during the summer, if ya want to….it’s kinda good for the ego ya kniow.


  3. Woo! Hoo!

    I would put that puppy in my long term preps locker.

    Remember: 5 acres and Independence.
    Food weaponized is the choice of all tyrants and their raw naked power to rule over people.

    A co-operative local effort can grow an amazing quantity of food on 1000 square food plots. String together a community of families working a collective series of plots you create a highly sustainable food source with built in anti-fragile features because it is open source and truly grass roots. Everyone working together begins to create a force multiplier system of co-operative effort.
    This walk behind is about as perfect a core element in that kind of local community.
    You want to build tribe and community? A walk behind tractor that can cultivate small plots, runs on minimal fuel, easily maneuverable and a true labor reduction tool, easily maintained, is a primary asset because food is something you don’t live long without. It is important to keep in mind hungry people will do anything they otherwise would never do to feed themselves and their family.

    Another great thing with this walk behind is it can be made to run on ethal alcohol,(176 proof moonshine or higher with changing the jet sizes up approx. 45%. Even a small producer gas still can run this.
    So right there you have the makings of local barter system.


  4. As a Red Seal Ag Mechanic, I will offer these words of caution:
    You DO realize this is the start of something far more expensive than a cocaine addiction?
    In short order, you will need a larger garage to house your Rumely 30-60 Oil Pull!
    Sweet project though.
    Yes, the comments are correct in that fresh mechanics have no training in any of the older machinery. Last week, I had to walk a JOURNEYMAN through setting points! Fuck.


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