Here I thought I had a pretty good idea of what went on when Hillary, Obama and all of their minions went after Trump before the election.

I was dead wrong.

My eternal Thanks to Handy Deplorable,  who left me a comment on a previous post along with THIS LINK.

Be prepared for a long read, there is a whole new side to this sordid affair that has just been uncovered and it will take a long time to not only read everything, but digest it as well.

I gave it a first read, got about half way through and had information overload and then tried to push my way through to the end. There are A LOT of unfamiliar names and job titles here.

There is an entire scandal of it’s very own here, complete with this huge list of unfamiliar names from the Italian government going back to the very beginning of this.

This is HUGE.

To try and give a short version is almost impossible from just a quick read but here is a short synopsis taken directly from the linked story,

What you begin to see is the shape of a conspiracy take place. And to understand the scope of this, we need to expand our understanding of what Spygate actually is.

Because it wasn’t just spying on the Trump campaign. We tend to think of “spying” as intercepting communications, listening in on conversations, bugging buildings, phones, computers – that sort of thing.

That’s not the end of it at all.

In short:

Members of Italian intelligence were approached by Hillary Clinton, the Obama Administration, and the Deep State in order to frame trump by PLANTING EVIDENCE on American servers to force Trump to step down from office.

In other words, members of Italian intelligence found a target in Occhionero, a Republican-sympathizer who had two servers for his company, Westland Securities, located in America. One was in Washington State, and the other in West Virginia.

The plan was for Italian Intelligence to hack into these servers, plant classified emails from Hillary’s servers inside these servers on American soil, and then alert the FBI.

The FBI would then raid these locations, “discover” these e-mails, investigate, link these servers to Trump…

And then force Trump to resign.

My bold.

Trust me when I say this, that little excerpt is literally, the tip of the iceberg.

You will have to go read everything for yourself and then try and comprehend the sheer size and scope of the fuckery that went on.

All of this is coming out because they set up and framed this guy Occhionerro and his girlfriend  to cover their tracks and he figured it out and went after the bastards.

There is so much information at that link that you will be shocked and every bit of it has so far been kept out of the public’s knowledge, including the explanation for an obscure and undecipherable until now reference by Q in a post from 2017 that mentions “The Silent Ones”

It dwarfs the British involvement and I thought they were the ones who had the biggest outside influence on all of this.

It exposes Mifsud, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and an entire cast of unheard of actors in this play.

It is, to use a worn out phrase, truly, mind boggling.




14 thoughts on “STOP THE PRESSES!!!!

  1. If you want some insight into what your enemies have planned for you, just watch what they’re accusing you of, eh?


  2. Expect Occhionero to have a tragic “accident” in the near future if this is in fact true. And expect the complicit media whores to be doing yeoman’s duty in an effort to help keep the lid on this.


  3. So it takes on an international “flavor” now. Hello 1-800-Interpol, just for added charges if possible.
    Excellent post.


  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is less than 50 % of the actual Treason these fuckers have committed, and if Barr is who he says he is, we’ll find out soon.


  5. I will read it front to back later, but if this is true, can we finally call it
    treason? If the neurologically diseased drunken delusional communist
    lesbian in Mao Jacket feels the walls closing in on her and her oversexed
    husband, they will be wheels up on one of their cronies private jets
    headed for a country without extradition treaties. That would be
    minutes after transferring the Clinton Crime Family Slush Fund off-
    shore. I’ll settle for that just knowing these treasonous fucks will
    never set foot in America again!


  6. 4 things:

    The clinton crime syndicate is in deep trouble: The number of people they have to kill to keep their criminal and treason activity exceeds their political/blackmail resources. They are about to enter the phase of political power where everything they do to protect themselves is a mistake that creates a higher level of illegitimacy in dirt peoples eyes.

    The illusion of legitimacy, an actual operating procedure, and motive behind personal power agenda, is eroding to the stage where the illusion creates more problems than it solves. Hence we are all seeing in plain daylight how nasty and corrupt the political class and its accosiates truly are. The simplest term to describe this is raw naked power. The rest is self explanatory.

    Guns have always played a central role in the constitution of the culture of our civilization. Make no mistake just how absolutely critical our guns in our hands are. In simplest terms as long as we are armed free men, well, we ARE armed Freemen. Don’t even have to shake our rifles in the tyrants faces, they more than us armed Freemen understand how critical our ownership, ie our property, our guns, is to their acquisition of unlimited inalienable power, for our guns are the natural extension, they represent in absolute terms our natural UNalienable rights to be and remain a free people. Make no mistake or face the dire consequences, it has always been about guns. Who has guns and who does not have guns. Who controls who through the barrel of the gun. For our great culture of Western Christian civilization grew from the barrel of our guns, that all political power, ULTIMATELY, grows from the barrel of the gun, and it will be our guns which determine our fate as Freemen or Slaves. The rest is again self explanatory.

    Pizzagate is what gets the sonofabitches in the end. The Truth of {izzagate, it outing, will be the death warrant, the true, the one and only indictment, of the political class, the only indictment worthy of crushing the power and usurpation of the so called “elites”, because their power structure is predicated on the personal power over each other born from the system of blackmail and coercion Pizzagate creates. Pizzagate in its entirety is the deep state and its activities to draw power towards itself, it is the deep state in a nut shell. As Pizzagate becomes a household word, in direct proportion to its acceptance as a known feature of the so called “clowns” as Q puts it by regular dirt people, Pizzagate becomes the missing link in connecting the dots per say of the power elite, who and what they are, explicitly how this truth of Pizzagate dovetails perfectly in exposing how vile and truly evil these clowns are. It is called the old Chinese Mandate of Heaven. Pizzagate is pulling down this empire of thieves and crooks and their organized crime syndicates posing as western governments. Remember, they are in no way our betters. They do not know what is better for us. They have no power only the power our consent grants them as long as that consent lasts. And that consent is being withdrawn on an increasing logarithmic scale as dirt people have the epiphany they been gulled, conned, coerced under false pretense of usurpation of illegal power, and robed systematically for tens of decades by a bunch of criminals in suits.
    Pizzagate is indicative, the operative term here representing the whole lot of them.
    Enough said.


  7. WOW!
    Talk about connections. I live in West Virginia, about 15 miles straight as the crow flies east of my house there is a tiny airport in a very very rural farm community, one landing strip, all of a sudden after Mr. Trump is in office, this tiny landing strip gets upgraded to a airport that can land large passenger jets, 707’s, 737’s, big stuff. I’m talking about a visual flight rules local air operation type landing field. The President Trump starts showing up in WV, in particular around the time of the “10 days in August”. You have to understand landing at this airport and the subsequent security and travel assoviated with the presidents activities, this landing strip is perfect. It is right up inside national forrest, it ios contained in a rift valley, no substaintial roads but a main north sounth state route that crosses I67 leading straight into Charleston WV and all points a POTUS would travel too. A highly protected by geography and remote location point source of ground travel.
    Also, alkl of a sudden, a defunct recovered mountain top strip mine sight gets turned into an Air National Guard dedicated airport. That is really interesting. This is also isolated by vast almost verticle mountain nterrain with zero access but by mountain goat paths used for mine access carved out of living sandstone the old strip mine sits on. I worked at this old mine, let me tell you, if you want security by geographical location, bwith a straight shot by ground traffic to an interstate highway system, you cant find a better spot. It also is the commanding elevation along a series of ridgelines all composing a vast mine complex inesseisable by anything but straight up mountaineering or aircraft onec ground traffic access is closed. If I want a defensive redoubt I would pick this spot hands down. It is also about an 18 mile straight shot from the rural air operation mentioned above.

    But what I’m talking about here is Mr. Trump was, and regularly comes to WV, seems far more often than any other state. The “hillbilly grapevine” in these mountains is an amazing system of information. Word gets around faster than any other form of information by an order of magnitude. So you always hear about things like “Trump is in WV today”. How did he arrive a curious person would wonder? By jet landing on these two airports is how.

    Another correlation here NEON REV mentions is the revelations surrounding this Italian/FBI rouge intelligence operation to set up Mr. Trump sure fits the missing puzzle piece, time, and context of the so called “Insurance Policy” mentioned in Strozak text messages better than the accepted supposition.

    Also, this additional list of actors ties in a much larger community of deep state associates, thru decades, into a century plus, of deep state generational activity, many of the names are again, connected to Oxford and Gramsci, Cecil Rhodes, and the people consistently down thru decades into the 1800’s, even earlier, of the Fabian’s, who are the constant behind the globalistic/transglobal front of everyone from Victoria Nueland of Canada, to Bill Clinton, both chosen and cultivated Rhodes “Scholars” placed in various positions of power to advance the one world order regime. And the list of the actors involved in the Italian deep state, what I’m saying here, is this goes far further than Neon Revolt points out, in time, and scope, this like Pizzagate, is a hemisphere spanning organized crime syndicate operations posing in governmental and corporate drag as cover to fool us dirt people into believing it is somehow legitimate, again trhat illusion of legitimacy so crucial to the deep state, because it can not function without and under a cloak of lies and subterfuge hiding its true activities and actors.
    It is really that simple, this last. And when you accept the premis here, everything begins to make sense, things dovetail, connections provide a trail of who what when and why.
    The really revealing element here is in the telling of how co-opted and controlled the media is.
    In journalism, true investigated flatfoot beating the pavement investigation, the absolute rule is Who What Why How When. Follow these you find The Truth, every time, it is not complicated, it is nor political racket science, it is deductive reasoning, common sense and perserverence, it takes zero special education or any training. It is really simple.
    The fact not a single yellow journalistic media outfit nor any of its operatives have not even by accident stumbled onto such truths by reason of straight up deduction is a screaming bilboard of just how fucked up the whole thing is. IOf how seriously we all been conned and lied to.
    This is also the paramount reason why so many personal blog owners who connect 2 and 2 and come up with truth and answers are being silenced. They can not let the idea it is all lies and subterfuge gain traction, like viral traction, a prairie fire of grass roots journalism can not be contained or stopped without pulling the plug, and they desperately need the internet to keep the big lie going.


  8. Phil, nails it. I’m a long time reader of Neon Revolt and he really found something. I also think that there is a third insurance plan that involves the Trump kids that has yet to see the light of day. Don’t quote me on that just a paranoid hunch. Spread this to everyone every where, especially Phil’s comments.

    Spin Drift

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