It Finally Happened

I had to stop what I was doing a bit ago and run up to the parts house to get a new belt and a few cans of Brake Clean. Since it finally quit raining around here and turned out to be  gorgeous day, I decided I had better run over to Wally World and snag a bag of Briquettes for burning some dead chicken parts with later, it’s just down the street from the parts place.

For once in my life, that random decision paid off.

I actually found a decent parking spot and just as I was walking through the doors I ran into this,

IMG_20190526_140504 (1)

Trust me when I say that this crappy picture doesn’t even come close to doing that justice.

You can’t see them but there was a couple of Rug Rats in the cart and I couldn’t get my phone out fast enough to catch her bent over saying something to them and those short shorts crawling up the crack of her ass.

I also couldn’t get a good shot of her face but not only was she drop dead gorgeous, she had that “I’m A Dirty Girl”, bright red  lipstick on too.

I damn near dropped my phone twice just getting that shot.

She certainly brightened my day, especially when I literally almost ran into her coming around the end of an aisle a few minutes later and she smiled at me.

Damn she was a hottie.


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