I Am Absolutely Stunned By This

I’m sure you will be as surprised as I was too.

It actually runs.



Runs excellent too.

Of course this comes at a a cost.

A Blood Sacrifice was necessary.


It usually works out that way, even if it was my own damn fault for being a Dumbass.

I was trying to clean up the nasty old nuts and bolts that held down the old engine on the wire wheel and it grabbed one of those motherfuckers, slammed it against the tool rest, it bounced and the wheel grabbed it again and just fucking HAMMERED my thumb. I shit you not, it happened so fast that I have seen lightning bolts that were slow compared to it. It literally felt like I had laid my thumb down on an anvil and someone had taken a full swing with a Ball Peen Hammer.

Felt like I broke the sonofabitch it hurt so much. Then I couldn’t find the fucking bolt, it took me three attempts and it wound up being less than a foot away, sitting on top of the coiled up air hose on my compressor. I was moving shit all over looking for it on the ground and it was three feet up.

Even better, after I wised up and got some Vise Grips out to finish the job, I found out I didn’t even need the damn things!

When I went to mount the new engine I re-discovered that the mounting holes were threaded for a 3/8’s bolt and the old one just had holes in it for 5/16’s  bolts with nuts on them. Then I had to open up the holes on the mounting plate for the bigger bolts too. After I got it mounted I changed the oil in it, put some gas in the tank and dribbled a little into the carb.

I probably had to yank on the cord at least ten times and at one point I pulled the plug wire off and put it next to the spark plug to see if it was firing and it was.

Pretty soon I could tell it was trying to fire up and run.

Three more pulls and it just started rolling over by its self and then took off at a nice slow idle.

I was absolutely Gobsmacked at how nice it was running because I never touched any of the mixture screws when I was messing with it on the bench.

It ran for a minute or two and then I throttled it up a bit and it never missed a lick.

Some black smoke came out of it, probably burning some crap out of the muffler and then it cleared up and ran strong.

There isn’t a Kill Switch wired up to it yet but the wire is there and has a bare end on it. I reached over and grabbed an insulated handled pry bar and jammed the wire up against the housing and it shut off

. Just to make sure this little episode wasn’t an anomaly, I yanked on the cord again and it fired right up.


I had taken the double pulley off the old engine before I dismounted it and found out that  flange had been broken off sometime in the past, it actually came off pretty easy for me.


I hardly had to tighten the clam shell puller up at all before it started moving and so I just got it out far enough to get behind the pulley and it slid right off using two pry bars.

Something tells me this ain’t going to be real easy to find.


But apparently it has been working like that in the past so back on it will go, I hope.

As in I hope the damn shaft diameters are the same, I haven’t taken the pulley off the new motor yet,

I came in to file this report and lick my wounds for a minute first.

Bleeding or not, I am one happy old Redneck right at the moment.




23 thoughts on “I Am Absolutely Stunned By This

  1. Congrats on getting it running. I had a feeling that you would find a way to hurt yourself, but my money was on the starter rope breaking and you punching yourself in the face. Don’t ask me how I know that it’s a possibility………….


  2. If you have to fix the double pulley, Muggy Rod works on cast iron. You can even fill huge holes with it, but that’s expensive.

    Congratulations on your victory

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      • Found it.
        Pretty cool, no preheat necessary. I’m going to look into that stuff some more. The passenger side exhaust manifold on the Caballero has been broken in half since I got it. After it runs for a couple of minutes, it heats up and seals up. Strangest thing but it works every time.
        They want $150 plus shipping for a used one when you can find them.


  3. I learned a nice lesson yesterday. Cut resistant gloves are not pinch
    resistant. I ended up with a boo-boo of my own on my left booger hook
    (index finger.) I should not have been using gloves on rotating equipment
    (drill powered drain snake,) but the injury would have been worse without
    the glove in this case.

    That missing chunk could impart an imbalance. Check it at speed before
    and after you replace the part. Lacking a vibration analyzer, just put a
    hand on an engine component with the same throttle setting and go by feel.

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    • More than likely it will be way out of balance. Hopefully it will go on and come back off easy. I’d like to see the thing Motate on it’s own at least once. Then I can see about finding, making or cobbling something else together for it.


  4. Have had a couple of bolts leave in such a fashion. Have been lucky not to have any hit me yet but they do disappear in the blink of an eye. Nice job on the rebuild. Always satisfying to get something old back to useful again. My kryptonite is old cast iron woodworking machines. I love working on them and restoring them to new and I love working with them after. The cheap crap of today is no where near as good.

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  5. Oh, and the sheave you are working on. You might just get two cast iron ones of the same size and correct shaft size.and just put a spacer between them. Don’t think they have to be one solid piece. Might not even need a spacer…just tighten them down the correct distance apart.

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    • There isn’t a lot of shaft sticking out so my options are going to be limited.
      I see that is why it is all one cast iron piece, for stiffness. The shaft only goes about half way through.
      , We shall see what I come up with.


  6. Way to go, Phil!!

    I saw an ad in Hot Rod a month or so ago for a tool to hold bolts so they don’t go flying. It’s like a big “pin vise”, a collet-type deal so it grips evenly without damaging the threads.

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  7. Phil, post the dimensions of that dual pulley with the distance between sheave centers, diameter of each pulley at base of valley and the diameter of the shaft. My BIL has a surplus business and I know there is a couple of good size boxes full of old pulleys and other related machinery stuff. Can check if something might be there that could work. other alternate is to rebuild the chipped part with brass and file it to shape.

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    • I appreciate it but I’m hoping it won’t come to that. I found two of them on EBay from the same seller and if they are still there next weekend I can have one delivered to my door for about sixty bucks. It could be worse I suppose but they are over sixty years old now too.
      As I was afraid of, the shaft on this motor is about an inch shorter too so I am going to have to drill and tap a new hole and move the set screw in some anyway.
      I got it on there with a new belt and now have to take the shroud back off to get the throttle cable hooked up and I am going to have to try and shorten that dainty little spring for the governor, it won’t speed up much when I crack the throttle all the way open by hand until I press on that spring, then she runs right up.
      I am getting very, very close to cleaning up my mess, taking it outside and seeing if the clutch engages and disengages. I don’t want to have anything in front of it in case it doesn’t want to stop.


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