Two Days In A Row

What, the fuck?

I woke up yesterday a little after 8 AM, after about four hours sleep, was pretty much useless all damn day, fell asleep in my chair yesterday afternoon, stayed up again last night and then popped awake again at 8:00 this morning.

Me no likey.


I have shit to do but I levered my narrow ass out of my recliner a bit ago, got some more coffee, ate something and then hobbled out front to have a smoke. I say hobbled because that’s exactly what it was.

I has the Mystery Pains again.

Fucking legs hurt, feet hurt, elbow hurts and my lower back is flat out refusing to let me do much of anything.

I was living on Ibuprofen for a while but then I see the shit makes your blood pressure go up so I haven’t eaten any of that in two damn weeks.

Fuck this shit, I’m gonna eat a few to make this ease up so I can go get something done before the inevitable nap hits me between the eyes.

Getting old ain’t for pussies, that’s for damn sure and I’m pretty sure I’m getting old because this ancient Hillbilly looking motherfucker keeps staring back at me in the mirror every day.


Damn he’s ugly.

Has an attitude problem too.

12 thoughts on “Two Days In A Row

  1. Best advice I have is get some more rest, and stay active. Go ahead, eat the ibuprofen..take 800mg, and sleep it off.
    Hell, add 100 lbs to that pic, and it’s like looking into a mirror for me..we ain’t ugly, we’re seasoned.


  2. Be thou careful with the ibuprofen, Every time you take one i causes a tiny bit of kidney damage.
    Most people won’t ever take enough to ruin their kidneys but i The dialysis center where I labor mightily and bring forth gnats we have had some patients that ended up in dialysis because of ibuprofen, primarily aged athletes and severe arthritis suffers


    • I haven’t had a razor on my face in what, thirty years?
      Even when I shave my neck beard I use an electric trimmer.
      So then I see you must be approaching Geezerhood too if our beards are the same color.
      You poor bastard.
      Here I thought you was a bunch younger than me.


  3. Your beard is trimmed and your fingernails don’t have three weeks of grease on them.

    wtf, sir, are you getting mellow in the middle years??

    chuckling, just razzing ya, don’t quit being yourself.


  4. I normally sleep like a baby all night long. My exception is during a full moon. I’ll go to be tired and awake around 2:30. Sometimes I can go back to sleep after a couple of hours of reading, but sometimes I don’t. I’ve been like that since I was in my twenties.


    • Same here…I can’t sleep for shit just before, during, and just after a full moon. It’s been so bad sometimes in the past that i didn’t sleep a wink for 3 or 4 days straight.


  5. I hear ya. I’ve been a member of Sons of Arthritis (or whatever) for a while. Bad knee from motorcycle wreck in ’94. Clutch-handitis if I ride a lot. Pretending I’m 30 and work in the yard too much in one day. When I told my Doc how many Ibuprofen I take he asked of I was an organ donor. I said “no”, he laughed and said “good”.


  6. My goat is at least as white as yours, but I had to shave that fucker off for the summer. Heat index here today is 106 and there’s no letup in sight.
    Yea…I remember when I could get outa bed and chairs without sound effects. I get aches and pains and think “where the fuck did that muscle come from?”


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