One Down

Amazingly enough, I didn’t have any little screws left over either.


Is it going to work?

I have no idea.

Do I Care?

Not at the moment.

My plan is to take the carb and fuel tank off the older one, rebuild that and then install it back on the newer engine. This I should be able to do, it won’t work going newer to older though because the intake mounting flange bolt pattern is bigger on the newer carb and there is no corresponding hole for it on the older engine.However, they drilled and tapped the hole for the older style into the newer engine, the flange just covers it up.

For the moment I am just going to box this thing up and stash it away. I would use this but the throttle linkage gizmo on it is on the damn engine but there is an actual throttle cable going from the handle on the tractor to the carb on the older engine.

I don’t feel like re-engineering this newer bullshit to retrofit it. Who knows though, it may come to that, I am really hoping it won’t.

I will say that these newfangled phones with the built in camera are handy as all get out for this kind of thing though.

I took LOTS of pictures of how all that linkage crap and the springs were hooked up before I took it apart. Saved my ass too.


Like I said, one down, now to go tear into the other one. It’s a hell of a lot simpler than this one was, Thank God.

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