Just A Little Bit Closer

I finally had to take a bunch of Ibuprofen to get my achin’ ass up out of this recliner this morning but after it kicked in and I got to moving around, things started working again. No clue what the hell that was all about but I was stove up like an old dog this morning.

I got the newer carb put back together and by some small miracle didn’t seem to have any left over parts so I set that aside for who knows what later down the road, then took  a break for a while.

About an hour later I went back out there and started in again, taking the carburetor and gas tank off the old motor, cleaning parts for the better part of eternity and then put the new diaphragm and gaskets in it and put the damn thing on the newer motor. I just got done with that and it’s damn near 8:00 at night. That’s enough for one day.

I was amazed out how shiny that old gas tank came out, it really looks good against that black motor. Now if it just works.

This is what it looked like when I got it, right down there in front.


This is what it looks like now,



Just a wee bit different I’d say.

It only took two hours to clean it up and that’s just the tank. I spent another half an hour almost just on the filler cap. You can’t buy the metal ones new from the parts places around here.

THEN I rebuilt the carburetor. That was another marathon cleaning job.

Amazingly enough, the diaphragm in that sucker really didn’t look too bad.

I changed the bastard anyway.

The pulley’s still need to be swapped out and I will be doing that tomorrow. Then get to cleaning the air filter housing, taking the old engine off and then cleaning up the plate it sits on, before bolting this new motor down and seeing if it will run.

I am really, really hoping it does.

We shall see.

Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Just A Little Bit Closer

  1. Can’t wait to hear your extended cursing once you start working on the rest of it. Hahahaha.

    But… It does look good.

    As to the pains, the weird weather we’re having, with pulsating pressure drops and increases, will mess up arthritic and damaged joints like how you’ve described. Ibuprofen or soaking in a hot-hot bath or shower are the only ways I’ve found to get some relief.

    And it sounds like you’re having fun being allowed to tinker and wrench without being bothered. Nothing is worse than starting a project just to have to put it down, and have that happen more than 4-5 times to suck any motivation out of the moment.

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  2. Those engines generally get three issues when sitting.
    Gummy carb, you have dealt that a fix.

    No spark, Points for the magneto get oxidized, glean with a card or points file.

    Stuck valves, that’s a rust issue and requires much disassembly to investigate and fix right.
    II ahve seen people happer the valve down and get it moving with mouse milk only to find rust got the crank too.


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  3. It’s gleaming clean!

    3HP is a good useful size. That would run a 2kW generator at almost full power, or if you had to arrange some pulleys and belts to run a big saw, you could.

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    • I’m pretty sure it’s not the original motor anyway. If you go back up to the top picture you can see the original gas tank tucked inside the hood shroud. The original motor didn’t have a fuel tanked mounted to it directly. I haven’t looked into it yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if the original motor wasn’t a small Wisconsin.


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