Famous Last Words

Go ahead and say them with me, won’t you?


“That Looks Simple Enough”.

You know exactly what I am talking about.

Those seemingly simple looking little tasks that somehow turn into absolute hair pulling nightmares.


Wish me luck.


I very seriously considered just ordering a Brand New Chineseium carburetor for one of these little engines. both of them actually, at only something like $22 bucks apiece but that will take time for them to get here.

In the mean time, I don’t have to be back to work until Tuesday.

Sorry, I ain’t got that kind of self restraint.

There is a little Mom and Pop lawnmower Repair shop not too far away from where we used to live that I have gotten parts from in the past that I just happened to remember, as I was on my way clear downtown to the fancier one, that costs a hell of a lot more.

This place is right on a Main Drag, Fourth Plain Boulevard, an I kid you not, if it weren’t for the little neon sign that say’s they are Open, looks abandoned.

I’m talking Old School here kids.

Grandma, in her seventies at least, is the parts counter help.

Grandpa, who is obviously the Sole Proprietor, is busy looking up stuff also and they have some guy in his 40’s fixing shit and talking to the odd Regular that shows up.

There was also a sweet little blonde girl, about five or six, wandering around and is obviously the Grand daughter.

Let me put it this way, one should best not be in any hurry when turning in the parking lot.

The Busy Season is just kicking off for these people and there is just enough room to get in the door and get to the counter.

While I was waiting for the nice lady to look up the numbers for the parts I was after, I looked around at all the mowers, generators and other small engine equipped devices lined up and figured there was enough in that 20′ X 20′ foot room to keep me busy the rest of my natural life.


They are busy as hell.

When she came back to the counter I casually asked her if Karl was in the back fixin’ on things.

She just looked at me funny and said she didn’t know no Karl.



Sure, OK.

Must have been his cousin I saw working on that riding lawnmower out front then,

Anyways, they actually had everything I needed, in stock, plus that damn foam air filter I couldn’t find the other day. It was tucked away in a box and covered with dust but sure as shit they had one.

I must be getting really fucking old because back in the day, that was the only fucking air filter they had for a B&S 3 horse motor that I know of.

Speaking of Cheap Chinesium carburetors, while I was there this other feller showed up and had a brand new one that fit a Tecumseh 3 horse that he got off of Ebay.

Said he got it for $3 dollars and .85 cents.

One fucking gasket cost me that much.

I wound up slinking out of there for just under forty but I did get me that new air filter and I got a couple of spare diaphragms too because that is what generally goes to hell in these carburetors.

Either way this works out, I would go out of my way every single time to throw a few bucks into the till at a place like that, just to keep the doors open.

They are few and far between anymore and make me want to flip the bird to outfits like Lowes and Home Depot every time I drive by one of the sonsabitches.

You have to think that the old dude who owns that place has forgotten more about working on these little bastards than I would ever learn.

I guess I am gong to find out just how easy this little rebuild is going to be.

Wish me luck.


10 thoughts on “Famous Last Words

  1. Phil, my wood chipper uses a Briggs engine very similar to yours. I got a new carb for $15 from Ebay, and a new tank was $85. Bolted them on, filled with clean gas, and runs fine.
    If you get me the model and type #, I could find the part # for you. I applaud your instinctive nature to “fix what you got” instead of replacing something.
    I replaced the tank as there were two stripped screws that hold the carb to it. The seal between the two must be near perfect to get your suction for the carb to work right.

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  2. “Famous last words” is something I always think when I look at a plumbing project… “just tighten that up a bit, it will stop the drip”.


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