That EvapORust Is Amazing Stuff!

First thing, the usual disclaimer;

I am not affiliated in any way with these people and I don’t get nuttin’ for doing this, blah, blah, blah.


I bought a gallon of this stuff at Harbor Freight at least a month ago for right around $20.00 and it’s been sitting on a shelf ever since.


It’s not like I have a dearth of rusty crap laying around that I could use it on but you know, it’s that time thing.

As a matter of fact, I could really use, like a 55 gallon drum of it!

Pretty spendy for that much of it though.

Anyway, I was messing around with the carburetors and gas tanks on these little Briggs and Stratton engines over the weekend and one of the gas tanks was pretty nasty inside. I figured What The Hell and clamped it in my vise by the mounting strap and tweaked it a bit so I could fill it up as much as possible Sunday evening and dumped a bunch of that stuff in there.

Boy howdy, it didn’t take long and I could see stuff swirling around inside.

You can see for yourself how rusty it was in that picture on the right.

Of course me being me, I forgot all about it until about a half hour ago, right in the middle of my second cup of coffee.


I better go check on that thing!

So I traipsed on into the garage, flipped on the light and peered inside to take a look-see.


One of the best things about this EvapORust stuff is that it is reusable, besides being non toxic, Biodegradable and it doesn’t stink. No odor, that I could detect with my sniffer anyway.

It’s just a clear liquid.

So I snagged up a small funnel and dumped the stuff right back in the jug. Then I took the tank out of the vise and took it in the bathroom and rinsed it out in the sink with hot water.

Why no, the Wifely Unit isn’t home at the moment, why do you ask?


Anyways, there was all kinds of little rust particles come out but they were small enough that they just went right down the drain.

Non toxic and Biodegradable, remember?

After I finished rinsing it out with the water, I shot a whole bunch of WD-40

in it and swished that around.

Water Displacement, Recipe #40, right?

Then I stuffed a clean rag in there and used a small screwdriver to try and get back into the corners to dry it out..

There is this weird, almost Phosphorescent Green color left inside in places, I have no idea what that is about but I was flat out amazed at how well it turned out.

This is right after I rinsed it out.


Here is a Before an After shot.



Pretty damn impressive for something that doesn’t stink, isn’t caustic or corrosive, is Biodegradable and best of all, is reusable, I’d say.

I’m going to give this Two Thumbs Up and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this stuff.

My only issue with it is that I need a hell of a lot more of it now.

I haz stuff and it be rusty man.

18 thoughts on “That EvapORust Is Amazing Stuff!

  1. Ya know since we breath O2 and it is an oxident, we should be able to drink it and get rid of our free radicals, (O3’s) and be good to go. I looked it up and a local hardware store here (A true old fashioned non-chain hardware store) has the stuff and I gonna get some too, I have some old tools I picked up at an estate sale and de-funkify them.


  2. That fits right in with cleaning your milsurp AK47 mags in the dishwasher! Melts that cosmoline right out but stink to high heaven and you got to run it again empty to get rid of any evidence. “I don’t smell anything. Must be something in the attic”.


  3. Great stuff. I dumped about 10 lbs of woodworking calipers, inside and outside dimension types, walking compass and one with pencil holder all of which had rusted for going on 50 years. Glass tray, left them there for a couple of days. When fished out they looked new, zero rust but the surface of the metal feels like fine fish scale, the pores where there was rust are cleared out but still pores. Oiled the whole lot, dried them and they are now perfectly usable and do not show signs of re-rusting. Going to try that stuff on an old fuel tank from an antique car, see if it clears up the rust there, a 55 gal barrel would sure come in handy. Hmm, wonder if the factory has any deals going………

    As to getting rid of cosmoline, I found that dumping the metal parts into a long tray and soaking in kerosene for a week takes care of much of it, rest is still elbow grease, rags, patches and brushes. The wood parts just get scraped clean as possible with a plastic spatula then rubbed clean with a lemon oil soaked rag (lots of them actually).


  4. Hey Mr. Curmudgeon,
    I’m probably going to buy a Harbor Freight 10″ bench drill press this Memorial Day with the coupon that I bet you got.
    Anyhow, I’ve been looking on youtoube for a set up like the rest of the stuff you’ve gone through (ie, your band saw). Problem is, I can’t find anything on really setting it up real world. Any hints on proper search words? I would imagine there’s a bunch of filing and adjusting the proper components before I actually turn it on.
    Sorry to hijack your thread, but I don’t know anyone else to turn to.



    • I had a twelve or sixteen speed I got from them and wound up giving it to my kid. It just didn’t have the poop to drill bigger holes and the slowest speed was way too fast for my taste. Other than that, I really didn’t have to do a lot of messing with it. If you can, make damn sure and get one with a light on it so you can see what the hell you are doing. Mine didn’t have one and I had to add one and it was a pain in the ass.


  5. I have used a mix of one part horticultural molasses and nineteen parts water to remove rust. You have to let it soak for a week but there is no rust left. Then just pour it out on your lawn, no problem. I do it outside since it does smell like molasses.


  6. They sell that stuff in a 3.5 gallon bucket with a basket inside. Just unscrew lid, fill basket, come back later, lift basket out and et voila, done. (available at Wallyworld through on-line sales..)


  7. I’m going out on a limb and guess the green in the tank is residual zinc chromate the builder used to protect the tank innards.


  8. Works quicker of you hear it a bit. I have a black five gallon bucket that I use. Put on a floor heat vent in winter, outside on the sun in summer.


  9. Thanks, I gotta go to Harbor Freight today anyway for some crap anyway while out on errands so I’ll pick some up. BTW, that write up would make “Phil” from Flex-Seal hang his head in shame.

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  10. Hey Phil, when you buy the 55 gallon drum, better buy two of them. Tip them in the bathtub and have a long soak, it may clean out the rust from those poor old joints of yours! I’ll look forward to your review.

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