This Could Be Interesting

I was talking to my Mom on Mother’s Day and out of the blue she asked me if I was going over to my Aunt’s later in the month to see Cousin So and So.

I told her it was news to me, nobody had mentioned he was coming to town.

A few days later my Aunt called me and confirmed it. He is driving from The Bay Area up North for something and is going to be in town for one day visiting her.

I just got off the phone with her and he is indeed, in town.

Me and his dad were kindred souls and I just loved the little old dude. He passed away around the holidays at ninety something years of age.

He was a Rebel Without A Clue just like I am and he and my Dad were thicker than thieves until a falling out about ten years ago on a cross country RV trip. Two stubborn old bastards finally got on each others nerves the way I saw it but stubborn is the operative word. My old Man passed away without them burying the hatchet, something I would have liked to have seen.

All this sounds rather mundane I know and who gives a shit, right?

The interesting part for me in seeing my cousin again?

It’s been over fifty years since the last time I saw him.

I think I was about nine and he was probably six or seven.

So I took today off to go see him.

I’m going to jump in the shower and then go have lunch and bullshit for a while.

3 thoughts on “This Could Be Interesting

  1. Thanks for sharing, Mister…life’s too short, right?
    Been enjoying your posts for a few years now…
    So I guess I give a shit


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