2 thoughts on “Dear Snowflakes, If You Must Snivel, Please Do It Quietly

  1. Diversity, as with the left, is the excuse for conscious lack of Duty & Honor paired with laziness of utter lack of moral fiber and personal consequences for ones actions, and the total complete absence of prudence.
    It is the consensual collective hallucination of being un-responsible for and immune to reality.
    It is a hive mind collective ideology that intends to bend all of humanity who will to this illusion, and kill all who refuse to ignore reality and truth as a whole and in particular of the consequences of such mass collectivist insanity.
    And they deem themselves with some special divine right of the gods to tell the rest of us what we can and can not do.

    Them are fightin’ words friends.


  2. Being “offended” is akin to seeing a pile of dog sh*t. You can either step over it or in it. Your choice and the next shmo that claims I said something “inappropriate” is getting throat punched but good.


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