So Much For That, OK, Plans B, C And Possibly , D

Yeah, you know me, I can’t keep my mouth shut for long.

Anyways, I said I have been busy as usual, now see if you can follow along here.

If at any time, any of this starts making sense to you, please consult your doctor immediately, there is something wrong with you because I’m pretty sure I don’t know What The Fuck I am doing here.

I never let that stop me before though, why start now?

So last we heard, I couldn’t get any spark out of the coil on the motor that is on the tractor.

It’s trying but it’s not enough to jump a gap.

So then the old Hamster wheel starts turning in my head. That reminds me, I need to get some more WD-40, the squeaking gets annoying after a few minutes.

It didn’t take too long to remember I still have this out in the shed, my $12.00 Goodwill find from a couple of years ago that I never dd anything with because the fuel tank is full of rust and the carburetor needs overhauled.

IMG_20190518_141741 (1)

The thing looks like it’s almost brand new and if I dump some gas down the carb, hit the choke and pull on it, it will start and run for a couple of seconds on the second pull, every time.

Smell the smoke from the clutch in my head slipping yet?

I was going to just yank the coil and swap it out but after thinking about that for a few minutes decided to hell with that.  Now I have multiple options though.

But while I was deciding what I was going to do and tripping over more shit, all of a sudden,


Most normal people go to the dump to get rid of stuff. I on the other hand, tend to COME BACK with things.

Exhibit A,


Somebody was throwing this in the metal recycling bin and I just couldn’t fucking help myself. One of the legs was bent to fuck and the height adjusters were tweaked and rusty but after some intense Stress Relieving Therapy with the Ball Peen Of Choice, I got it straightened out enough to do something with. It’s a stand for a Radial Arm Saw and it’s pretty good sized.

My original thought was that I have a buddy who’s father is just as bad, if not worse than I am and maybe he could use it for something. It kills me to see something that is possibly useful getting thrown away.

Yeah, it’s a problem, I know… trust me.

He don’t want it so there it sits.

Anyway, my SQUIRREL moment was looking at the little engine, then this thing and a dim light came on in the back of my head.

After a quick trip to the hardware store for some Fender Washers so the deck screw heads wouldn’t just go through the holes in the sheet metal,



Sometimes there actually is a method to my madness after all.

IMG_20190519_135002 (1)

IMG_20190518_172405 (1)



OK, where was I?

Oh yeah, so that would be Plan B maybe?

Plan C is to rebuild the carb on the original engine and use that and it’s fuel tank on this newer motor.


I’m actually leaning towards that because the tank is bigger and the carb is simpler plus the throttle cable set up is already there for it.

Either way, I am going to get all the numbers off both engines and go get two carb overhaul kits and go from there.

Plan D I’m not so sure about yet but a large electric motor and a fucking extension cord is not out of the realm of possibilities at this point.

I guess it will depend on how many SQUIRREL moments I encounter between now and then.


14 thoughts on “So Much For That, OK, Plans B, C And Possibly , D

  1. I have had piss poor luck rebuilding those carbs. I think that the buildup from the ETOH in the gas makes it tough to get the crap out of the small jets and many are not replaceable any more. I have had great luck just buying a new carb to fit the engine. Usually for the B&S engines they are pretty reasonable and the engine usually runs like new. And I have found the lack of frustration is usually worth it. My 2 cents (worth much less than 2 cents)

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  2. I don’t think the carburetor from the edger is going to work on the David Bradley. The edger is 3 HP and the carburetor is jetted for that application. I wouldn’t try rebuilding it either. You can usually find a new carburetor/fuel tank assembly on ebay for less than $20 with free shipping from China. I’ve ordered several and they work great. Just got to make sure you order the one for your engine. Then use non- ethanol gasoline in it and you won’t have any more rust or carb problems.
    And on the David Bradley with a weak spark, take the rope recoil assembly off and sand the outer circumference of the flywheel and the edges of the stator on the coil. Rust will close up the air gap between the two and cause a weak spark. If you take the coil off to do this you can set the gap with a piece of cardboard cut from a saltine cracker box. Just loosely attach the coil with the two screws, place the cardboard between it and the flywheel, turn the flywheel until the magnets attract the coil, tighten the screws holding the coil and remove the cardboard. If you don’t have a good spark after that make sure your plug wire insulation is not deteriorated or rusty under the plug boot.
    I think you should get the edger and the tractor going and not sacrifice one for the other.

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  3. I have that same malady. I can’t stand to see really good stuff go to the dump. It’s a good thing I don’t work at a dump… or a pawn shop…. I will readily give stuff away if there’s a need for it, but throwing it out is hard on me…


  4. The first pic; the old eye-put-outer thing. Had one of those embed a rogue pebble in my leg once. The wifey likes ’em though. Whenever she drags one home from a random yard sale or auction it immediately and magically disappears some how. Imagine that.


  5. If the old tractor has a magneto that doesn’t spark, it never hurts to take the magneto off (disconnect the flange/coupler), a few mounting bolts, take off the spark plugs and the spark advance control rod. Remove the horse shoe magnets from the unit (usually four screws per magnet), lift them off. Take them to somebody who charges magnets, maybe a tractor dealership knows somebody.

    These magnets lose their juice over time, but can be pressed back into service in a jiffy by charging the magnets.


  6. I never worked on the small stuff but my dad’s air compressor shop also
    repaired plaster and concrete mixers and pumps many of which had
    Wisconsin industrial engines. They used mechanical Fairbanks Morse
    magnetos. They were great for pranking people. You catch some guy
    leaning on a metal workbench and spin the input coupler while holding
    the spark plug output at a corner. Once hear the snap, it was always
    followed by someone yelling “ASSHOLE!”

    I was a devious son of a bitch when it came to prank wars. Some dude
    up in Washington State was on our crew at a shutdown at the oil refinery
    in Anacortes. We came from Marxifornia, but we had to hire a handful
    of Millwrights from the Washington/Idaho Region.

    One of the locals started fucking with me and his own buddy and
    roommate ratted him out every time he pulled something. This
    went on for a month and he never did figure it out. My parting shot
    came when the locals were offered a chance to go home a few days
    early towards the end of the job.

    Rocky took the deal because he had a lot of driving to do to get home.
    I had his buddy go out to his car with some Kimwipes, a spray can
    of solvent, and about a 1/4 pound of Duxseal. Duxseal is like a
    putty mixed with fibrous material. His own buddy cleaned off an
    area on the inside of one his rims and stuck the Duxseal to it

    He did not get more than a block before one of his wheels was
    doing the Watusi!

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      • I still laugh my ass off thinking about it. It all started over a Rush
        Limbaugh hat. I told him “nice hat, I’ve listened to him since
        1988.” We had lunch tables set up in a huge ass metal building
        on a concrete slab where we kept a few utility trucks, gang
        boxes, etc. One day he accused me of stealing his hat.

        He and his buddy went home to their motel, and the following
        moring his buddy told me “the dumb fuck left it in the motel
        yesterday, and that he put it in my backpack with my lunch.”
        You know I found an excuse to go back to the building!

        Lunchtime came and I unzipped my backpack just as I turned
        away to answer a question from someone. I was told his
        jaw dropped. I stopped off at the Radio Shack store in
        North Anacortes for some magnets. The next day, taped
        the magnets to his hat and scored a direct hit just under
        the apex of the A-frame atop the building. Someone
        spotted it told him about it.

        The next day, it was my turn, I can’t even remember what he
        did to me but the day after that I had a stroke of genius.
        There was a heavy wooden beam 20 or so foot above the
        floor. There was a parallel conduit run above and offset by
        about a foot.

        I grabbed a 3/4 nut out of a service truck and a roll of Nylon
        twine. I went over the conduit, through the handle of his
        Igloo cooler, and back over the conduit. Once I hoisted
        it up, I pulled both strings up and down and got it swinging
        back and forth. I nailed it. I could not have been more than
        an inch off centerline. It was a simple matter of extracting
        the string line. These were just the highlights, but he
        never did understand how I got cooler up there.

        Back at the shop, I had a 300+ pound steroid head pull
        a prank on me. He quit after I went to the uniform rack
        and smeared some Prussian Blue on the inside of the
        crotch of his work pants. He never admitted that
        I got him, but I did get a look every time I said blue
        balls in his presence! PS It works in toolbox key
        slots too. It winds up on your key, in your pocket,
        on your hands, etc.

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        • Holy shit man, if we eve got together, we would be notorious!
          I swear we think almost exactly the same.
          I’ve had a certain asshole in my sights for quite a while now and I have been contemplating putting a couple of dabs of copper never seize around the collar of his coveralls.
          That shit gets everywhere too.


          • Here is a tip if you have some gray Never Seeze: It works
            wonders on the edge of a metal workbench. It usually takes
            a while before the victim realizes he has the shit all over his
            work clothes and bit longer to realize how it got there.


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