Watch All Of It

I saw this over at Men of the West, watched every bit of it and decided to post the video here, with credit and a link back to them.

They also had this to say,

Editor’s Note: If you have been paying attention, you have probably seen this young lady online. Youtube is trying to shut her page down, as she refuses to adhere to the Leftist narrative. And if you think that she is only the face, but not the brain, then go check out her interview on Alex Jones’ Info Wars. She is quick on her feet and one sharp cookie.

Reason enough to watch it right there but I think you are going to be just as surprised as I was. There is a certain amount of cognitive dissonance that makes this even more effective in my opinion but the message is the real story. With the current spate of targeted censorship and the attempts to silence those of us on the Right, I believe it is my duty to spread stuff like this as far as I can, as long as I can,

bfytw baby



7 thoughts on “Watch All Of It

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  2. Watching this very intelligent young lady, and thinking of the kids and adults who don’t get it, survival of the fittest, only the strong will survive, learning to love the AR and the battle axe comes to mind.
    Think about it, there are 100’s of millions of adult American’s who don’t get it: TINVOWOOT

    I think the simplest way to sum up what is being done to our children and young people is called order out of chaos, you purposefully create, an actual strategy of the human extinction movement applied to almost every facet in the sphere of our lives.
    The tactic is to throw this at everything, figuring human nature something is going to stick and they get their useful dupes.

    I think this here is what we are seeing currently, for all practical purposes the human extinction movement has called everyone who will come. A time sensitive result where they must untilize the horde of NPC hive mind useful idiots they have created, because human nature is a double edged sword, in which before long people begin to see the Truth, a preference cascade begins, and it draws many in away from the lies and indoctrinations.
    I believe we have reached that stage, and it’s in for a penny in for a pound, they must go with what they have created, they are not going to create any appreciable increase in numbers.

    “Useful Dupes” as Uncle Joe Stalin sublimely coined, is a critical element, after all, it matters not a wit how radical or powerful your ideology and tyranny is, in order to undermine subvert and destroy America as founded, you must have hundreds of millions of converged and waylaid American’s,
    ( you also can import millions of useful dupes too as we are witnessing right now here and in Europe ), who will bliondly go along with your usurpations of all freedom’s and Liberty. You must have a democratic mob, in order to overwhelm and destroy the long held hard won republican form of plurality which is ingrained in the body politic and the codes and precepts of the mainline culture that is America as founded.

    Andrew Breitbart said something so sublime I’ve never forgot, because it applies to everything being done to us to destroy us and our great country. – Andrew said “Culture is upstream of all politics”

    Give that a good think. Imagine if you will, well you don’t need to imagine it because it is the whole truth, but imagine down thru time, how long our codes and precepts of Christian Western Culture that created America to begin with, imagine how far back its roots go, the unbroken line, from the ancients of Greek and Roman thinking and philosophy, the great Stoics who to this day, their wisdoms permeate and shape our culture, which shape our organic grass roots dirt people politics.

    This is the crux of what the human extinction movement is up against. When you begin to grok the immensity of our culture, its effects on the whole world, it’s good parts which outweigh all its bad parts by an order of magnitude, you have to do some really serious evil things to overcome such as our great culture and the men of the west we are.

    You need a lot of useful idiots and cannon fodder to pull that bullshit off. And the longer it takes you, the more who realize yes this shit is that bad and worse, who start to think then say to themselves, yeah, I think I need me one of those AR15’s they want to outlaw so badly.
    You may not actually have a clear cognitive discourse in your mind, but you surely know something just ain’t adding up, something stinks, as Patrick Henry put it so well, “I smell a Rat”

    So time is a most perishable resource for the human extinction movement.
    Me, I think they are about to go full fucking retard pretty soon. The trigger point is 2020 stopping president Trump. If DRT is elected to a second term it is over for the sonofabitches unless they go full on FUBAR. They are in a serious pickle. Their options are limited. They have lost so much power, ie, legitimacy, in the public eye, along with their fake media complex social engineering programming and its venue, about all’s left as options are nuclear options. Like assassinating Mr. Trump, having their central bankster pals pull the plug on the economy, or some really nasty shit like a pandemic or actually using nuclear devices, setting up a suitable catastrophy where so much chaos is created all sorts of shit is then possible, from a full on military coup, to creating a rump government that abolishes the Republic in entirety.

    That young lady is spelling it out. Just how evil and nasty these people are. The only limits on what they will do are their own limits that serve their purpose at the time and place they choose.

    At least that is how they think.
    Destroying our beloved country is another thing entirely. Nobody is shooting the sonofabitches yet. Nobody is waging 4th Generation war against them… yet. We who they see as their existential enemies, we haven’t even begun to fight. But getting prepared, oh yeah, in spades, all those millions of fine combat rifles, the gear, the mountains of ammo, and training, practice, people getting right with themselves, the good Lord, family, creating small bands, tribes, and clans, oh yeah, this ain’t going down because it is a fad or latest craze, those millions of infantry combat weapons aren’t for fulfilling hobbies or pastimes.

    BFYTW indeed


  3. Fracking blew my ass away! She not only identified all the social
    pathologies that started plaguing America since the 1960s, she
    by logical extension told us what to do fix our broken culture.
    Her rant was logical, to the point, and mixed with the perfect
    proportions of salty language and sarcasm.

    I have already shared this with others and advised them to do the
    same. If there is any hope for America, it will lie with people like
    not the idiotarian left who spent the last 50 years shitting on
    American culture.

    I cannot praise this young lady enough, and if she had any part in
    composing the dialog, she is one smart cookie!


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