These Are The Good Old Days

Ya know, the thought came to me earlier at work when I was doing some mindless task,

with the blatant social war games currently going on and the Left pushing the ” Old White Guy Bad” theme at full throttle, just who in the hell do they think is going to keep this country running in twenty five years?

They may have some glib answer right on the tip of their tongues but let me clue you all in to a few realities before you start running your mouths.

For one thing, and I know this for a fact, the automotive manufacturers were screaming for qualified technicians, twenty five years ago.

As far as I can tell by listening to the constant advertisements every damn day, they are STILL looking for qualified technicians.

The same goes for heavy trucks and heavy equipment even motorcycles. Now think about aircraft and try not to shudder.

That covers the current transportation situation.

Now look down the road twenty five years and extrapolate the advances in technology we have seen in just the last few years.

How about civil engineers?

Who is going to be designing our infrastructure projects?

Who is going to be building these infrastructure projects?

Are Hector and his Homies going to suddenly become  educated and certified to take on major projects like dams, freeways, major bridges and things like that?

Maybe it won’t be Hector and his Homies, maybe it will be Raj and his buddies, eh?

Hey, anybody but those Old White Guys, right?

I wouldn’t be looking for any younger White Boys to be stepping up to the plate in large numbers either. From what I experience on a daily basis, most of these young guys couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were printed on the heel.

Besides that, young white guys eventually turn into Old White Guys and we already know what the deal is there, right?

The education system in this country has been intentionally broken for decades on top of everything else.

So who is it these freakin’ geniuses behind the immigrant invasion expect to maintain the lifestyle most everyone in this country has become accustomed to?

Better yet, who do they expect to pay for it?

Wages have been stagnant for forty years now.

All these illegal immigrants aren’t paying scads of income taxes either, in case that little fact slipped by the evil geniuses .

From where I sit, I see this country has peaked and from here on out there is nothing but decline in the future.

Look at Detroit, Kenosha Wisconsin, Wixom Michigan, Philly, Chicago and several other former industrial powerhouses in the Heartland and you get a good look at what large sections of this country are going to look like in fifty years.

All these immigrants flooding into this country have one thing in common.

They all are going to bring the habits and the mentality they had in their former countries here and go right on doing the same things here that they did there and turn America into a Third World Shithole just as fast as they possibly can

. In the mean time, White people are going to start migrating themselves.

They already are as a matter of fact.

Have been, for the last thirty years that I can point to.

They went straight up the West Coast, all the way to Canada.

Now they are heading East.

Back from whence we came.

Even though this is a big country, there really isn’t anywhere to run to anymore, they are coming in from three sides and Canada is going to be even worse if you can possibly imagine that.

The Boy King Trudeau has plans to import MILLIONS.

How anyone thinks that all of these uneducated , disease ridden and unskilled immigrants who don’t even speak English are going to magically acquire the technical skills to keep it all running, let alone build new stuff, is beyond my powers of imagination.

Might as well enjoy things while you can because it isn’t going to get better the way I see it.


24 thoughts on “These Are The Good Old Days

  1. “Are Hector and his Homies going to suddenly become educated and certified to take on major projects like dams, freeways, major bridges and things like that?”
    Well, only if you want whatever infrastructure project to fail as or shortly after it’s built. Cue the Florida International walkway collapse designed by Latino STUDENTS.


  2. One only has to watch the total implosion happening in South Africa as the blacks eliminate the whites that made that country one of the best on the continent.


    • And after spending years telling the whites what they plan to do to them, suddenly their president realizes what they have set in motion and are starting to look for ways to keep whites from leaving. I guess he looked at the situation in Rhodesia. Fancy that!?!



    Here’s a partial answer to your questions…..we are going to educate the third world. We are going to bolster THEIR education system to produce STEM graduates…..then we will import them to our country to do the jobs “no white guy wants to do” (or chooses not to do). Isn’t that how Saudi Arabia functions now? No Saudi really works; they just hire a forehead dot Indian.



  4. All these businesses are crying that there’s no qualified workers to do this stuff, but they don’t want to pay a living wage. An engineer buddy of mine rather putter around in his garden than work for what they are offering these days. Pay good wages and suddenly good people will be coming out of the woodwork.


    • I agree that there are businesses out there that “don’t want to pay a living wage.” Generally though, they don’t last long. In order to stay in business they have to make a profit to keep their investors onboard. Instead, they are forced — by law — to pay huge amounts to various levels of government for such things as infrastructure, education and police protection, all of which are second rate at best.

      This country began with settlers importing nearly everything from Europe. We gradually evolved into a society that grew and/or manufactured what we needed. Now we’re back to importing from those WE taught to take OUR place in the world. This is the sort of thing that frequently happens to a society/country that “wins” a brutal war. Reading about what has happened to other countries isn’t at all like living through it, is it?

      Not long ago somebody decided that burger-flippers in Seattle needed a “living wage” just to survive. So a $15/hr minimum wage was instituted. All of a sudden even hamburger-flippers were unable to even get a job! It’s an accepted fact (if both sides of the issue are exposed) that Japanese cars had a lesser effect on Detroit than the UAW’s demand for medical insurance for family pets! While Toyota and Nissan were perfectly free to call for general strikes in Japan they knew it would be ineffectual. But the UAW? They could cripple and eventually destroy much of the industry — and they have done exactly that.


      • if the burger flippers don’t live on burger wages the thing to do is get a second job on weekends or cut grass on weekends mcdonalds is not required to support everybody in the family of those they hire


  5. I often comment to my wife that I’m glad I won’t have to live in the country our Bernie voter son wants. He and his boys will, though.


  6. Well said!
    Bravo Phil.
    Thank you for saying it.

    The more of us “old white guys” awaken to this truth you speak, then the better we are for it. The false narrative constant yellow journalism arrayed against us, specifically targeted towards us, is intended to create the false perspective we are some kind of tiny hideous minority, outdated, bigoted, bitter clingers if you will. This is pogrom, the precursor to genocide.
    Nothing could be further from the truth regarding these lies. Millions are becoming cognizant of the truth we are legion. That they lie, dissimulate, subvert, undermine and destroy the truth of us. That is not going to happen no matter how much marxist lies are foisted upon us and our great Republic.
    There is a great zeitgeist in the making here. Every day more and more of us “old white guys” look around and say yes it is going to get that bad before things get better, and they join the honorable resistance of refusing to submit to the big lies and fake narratives.


  7. All these immigrants flooding into this country have one thing in common. They all are going to bring the habits and the mentality they had in their former countries here and go right on doing the same things here that they did there

    That’s the key issue right there in one paragraph.

    Are there high-IQ immigrants coming in? Sure, there are. (Though of course the overwhelming majority are both low-IQ and untrained.) But the cultures are fucked. Rule of law, equality before the law, my word is my bond, truth and honor matter more than material gain, defend and protect the weak and the innocent: these fundamentally Western values do not resonate with too many of even the smart people pouring in.

    I left the high-tech engineering world decades ago, so I’ll stay in my current lane for the following comments: I deal with a lot of junior MDs from India, Pakistan, and to a lesser degree Iran. None of these are stupid; and most are decent people (as in they won’t go out of their way to fuck you over, or not only for fun, at least), but the mindset and culture(s) are quite different, and not in a good way. Despite all the talk of “white racism” I find white trad Americans to be the LEAST racist and least class-conscious people around, whereas these young MDs are from “good” families (you’d be very surprised to find what their families are worth back home) and they tend to look down on people not of their social class, ethnic group and religious group. They may hide it pretty well, but a large proportion despise you ignorant, poor, (and in the case of the Muslim ones, add “infidel”) white dirt people. (Not to mention that we Americans have somehow inherited the bone-deep hatred they – especially the Indians and Pakistanis – still have for the British Raj.) I probably hear more about these things than many of my colleagues because I’m not white, especially after they discover that I know a few things about their cultures, which makes them assume that I am sympathetic to their beliefs and positions. Only a few people at work know that I’m more of “an old white guy” than most of the actually white people around here. Anyway, if you look at who are currently enrolled in US medical residency (training) programs, it’s clear that these folks will be the majority of your doctors in the next few decades. Make of that what you will.


  8. The engineers are going to be white guys and a few girls because “The Maths” are hard. This weeds out most of the population right then and there. White males can do math at a larger percentage of their population cohort than other races (I note Japs and Chinks but there are not a lot of them unless we import). So that leaves white males as the preponderance. Starting salaries for newly minted engineers is running $55k to $120k. I would think that this is a living wage in most of the country. The number of engineers graduating is not going down and is only limited to the resources of the schools that grant accredited degrees. About 11% are girls in the local University. My daughter matriculated Summa with both a Mechanical Engineering degree and an Applied Discreet Mathematics degree from there. The ratio number is from her. Will she be building a better tomorrow, you betcha. Are the rest of the kids she ran with doing great things, you betcha.

    By the way my Alma mater juices the % by lowering the bar for girls to get to 50%. They also raise the bar for boys so hire a male Minnesota Grad and you will get a top flight engineer as they are systematically weeded out to keep the girl/boy ratio in the correct proportion. They also lower the bar for minorities. The weak links on engineering teams tend to be these two groups. Buyer beware.


  9. At 55 years old, I was one of the younger maintenance mechanics at
    the Smurfit Stone paper mill in Vernon CA. That was about 8 years
    ago. A few people did raise a warning and one of them was John
    Ratzenberger from the TV series Cheers. He worked as a carpenter
    before breaking into show business. He produced a DVD called
    Industrial Tsunami in which he warned that young blood was not
    entering the skilled trades.

    The average moron with a liberal arts degree cannot get a job slinging
    overpriced coffee at Starbucks nor repay his or her student loans.
    Meanwhile, a high school grad can enter a Millwright or welders
    apprenticeship program making 18+ dollars an hour to start. Within
    4 years, they would be making 40+ dollars at existing union scale.
    Add to this a gold plated health insurance plan, and a twice-yearly
    vacation check based on hours worked.

    If you were an overtime whore like me, your employer pays a few
    dollars extra for every hour that you work. It is taxed and goes into
    your vacation fund so every 6 months you could get 5, 6 grand or
    more depending on how much overtime you put in.

    If I knew what I know now at age 18, I would be making 150k a year
    in the Dakota oil fields or working offshore platforms in Angola or
    some other shithole country pulling in 200k a year tax-free. By
    specializing in machinery installations, precision alignments,
    vibration analysis, and dynamic balancing, the sky would be
    the limit for any young man willing to learn a trade!


  10. If you look at the big picture and ask “how could they be so stupid as to set the USA on a path that leads to destruction?” If you think about it, the answer is obvious: they aren’t stupid or short-sighted, the weakening and destruction of this country HAS BEEN THE GOAL ALL ALONG.

    A strong country, grounded in freedom, self-reliance, entrepreneurship, and united by a common culture and value-structure would be an impediment to the globalists who want to own everything and control everyone. So they gut the economy, import incompatible cultures, destroy our values, lower the IQ, and send our God-given rights and our Constitution into the shredder.

    In a single one-world government, there isn’t anywhere else to go, and if you don’t like what they give you or do to you, then YOU are the terrorist and you will be sent to the gulags.

    Cheery thoughts, huh? I need another beer…


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  12. I’m almost 60. I recently started a new job as a Data Technician for some pretty decent scratch. I was doing the same work 30 years ago for a third of what I’m getting now. They just can’t find young kids who know how to get shit done.


  13. Agree with the gist of all this, however, I keep running into treasure troves of WAY capable kids who associate with their own ilk and stay off the radar screen. Time and time again, when I am wondering how FU the future is going to be, a chance conversation with some kid morphs into a 2hr give and take and when complimenting the kid on how unique they are in todays society, they laugh and tell me about all their friends with phenomenal capabilities/attitudes and it’s almost too hard to swallow….. until I get to meet some of them and indeed, it is like Christmas, to me.
    My pessimistic outlook has changed and now I realize these folks are going to write their own ticket and be in the pilot’s chair to dominate the dullards.


    • theres a few millennial’s out there that have some sense.

      my son got an lacrosse scholarship to a snooty expensive private college in NJ,
      stayed for a year, came back home and did residential HVAC service for a few months, got tired of all the homeowners complaining about the bill,
      went to welding school and got certified and is really good welding aluminum, did that for a few months at a biz that built fire trucks

      there were 15 people working in the shop assembling the trucks, my son was the ONLY employee that had never been arrested.

      , he got laid off when they didnt win the next contract, and went to the state Vo/Tech schools CDL class, got hired with a heavy haul outfit and is now almost finished with his 12 months training and soon to be issued his own 2019 650 HP 18 speed KW W-900L, company owner told him to get a brochure from the dealer and pick out the color. they are buying a brand new $220K tractor and $80K trailer for a 21 year old to drive.

      hes a very good mechanic, has done fuel injected LS engine transplants including making the wiring harness modifications himself,
      assembled and shoots black powder guns, etc
      he has zero social media presence, he would much rather be working on his 73 Chevy or deer hunting than wasting time on facebook

      the scary part is when he was telling me about the mass interview with the heavy haul recruiter. 25 students in the CDL class,
      they are all ears when he talks average salary, $40K first year,in training, $80K second year, $100+ after that.

      recruiter says for this position you have to be able to pass a fed gov background check,
      cant have any unpaid child support, five people walk out.
      cant have any repo’s, liens, judgments, foreclosures or Bankruptcies
      several more walk out
      cant have any criminal convictions, several more walk out.
      cant have had any DUIs, more walk out
      cant have any texting while driving tickets, more walk out
      cant have ANY traffic ticket in the last 3 years. more walk out.
      now theres 3 left , recruiter holds up the 260 page background investigation application, and drops it on the desk with a bang, the other 2 students walk out.

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