We Had To Make Ours The Hard Way

Trendy twats these days just buy ’em beat up by a laser.

hard way

There was a time in my life where the only things I would wear were Levi 501 Shrink To Fit jeans, white T shirts under a Flannel shirt and Logging boots.

I couldn’t tell you how many pairs of those jeans I literally destroyed but apparently if I hadn’t thrown them all out and put them in a box instead, I would be sitting on a small fortune.

7 thoughts on “We Had To Make Ours The Hard Way

  1. 501s… after I something stuck in the zipper of regular jeans it was 501s all the time! And it never failed, after I got a new pair I ended up having to deal with a car battery..

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    • I absolutely destroyed two BRAND NEW pairs by packing huge Cat batteries around at work. The entire front from the knees up just disappeared in the washing machine.


  2. Some classmates helped pay their way through college by taking new jeans out to the field and blasting them with a shotgun – and people paid for that.


  3. Damn, I remember when we were ashamed to wear britches with holes in them to school, it meant you was too damn poor to get new ones. Having iron on or sewed on patches was almost as bad, now you can’t afford to by jeans with holes in them. Fuck, I’m gettin old.


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