What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!!

I’m just a glutton for punishment, that is very obvious by now.

This was one of those deals you just can’t pass up, even if I have absolutely no fucking clue what I am going to do with it.

But I mean, come on, right?

How am I supposed to say no to this?


And this, that goes with it?




For FREE?!

I am weak, WEAK I TELL YOU!

It’s no use.

I couldn’t resist.

It took two trips to get it all home.

Now that everything, including myself, has had a bath, it is currently sitting out in the garage, calling my name.

Very softly, very insistently, and very often.

Phiiiilllllll, Phiiiiilllll, Phiiiillll, come save me, Phiiiiiillll.


Like I needed another project.

Now the Sprite has been banished outdoors for a while, parking around here is all fucked up because of that and like I said, what am I going to do with it if I do get it all fixed?

The deal is, this was my brother’s girlfriends , father’s tractor and it was his baby.

I have actually known this absolute jewel of a lady longer than my brother has.

The Dad used the shit out of this thing and had a huge garden every year.

He also took really good care of it.

He passed away quite a while ago and her and my brother were cleaning out a shed to put some of  HIS crap into and this was kind of in the way.

My Grandfather would have torn your arm off to get his hands on something like this and he did own more than one Walk Behind Tractor when I was a kid, I can actually remember him teaching me how to use one.

When they finally got it un-buried enough to see what it was, they looked at each other and pretty much said, what the hell are we going to do with that?!

My brother suggested my name right away and it wasn’t long before I was getting texted and pictures were being sent.

So there it is boys.


I’m sure there will be updates in the future once I start in on it.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the wheels and tires are in pretty good shape and extra bonus goodness, the tires are filled with Calcium or something, There aren’t any air Schrader Valves or rubber stems sticking through the rims.


No flat tires, ever!


31 thoughts on “What Have I Gotten Myself Into?!!

  1. I’m jealous. That looks like it would be all kinds of fun. Looks like it has a sickle mower with it. You could mow your lawn with it. Nobody else in the neighborhood would have a lawn mower like that. You could build a little wagon to go behind it or get an old horse saddle and fix it on a stand with wheels and a tongue and hitch it up and play cowboy. The possibilities are endless. I’d put a split exhaust on it with 4 inch chrome stacks about 4 foot high with the flapper covers on each side and maybe find an old 4 barrel carb and attach it to the top of the hood.

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  2. I think you got suckered into another resto project… not that I envy you! I don’t think you have enough yard at your semi-rural subdivision to even turn it under power…

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  3. A thought came to me after I pushed the post button on the last one. I think your wife unit tolerates your “hobby” as it keeps you out of the honky-tonks and chasing strange wimmins.

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  4. You’ve got the tractor, now all you need is piece of land to farm… a piece of land with a big barn! You could restore it and take it to the county fair next year? Hmmm, you might need a sand blasting cabinet to restore the tractor… (that’s almost a new tool!)

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      • Some day maybe, The Good Lord willin’, I’ll have me a little spot of dirt with a decent sized shed at least. You know, somewhere to put that new sand blaster I had to buy.


        • RE; the “big shed” thing – I am actively searching for ~3-5K sq ft of commercial space to convert into a large shop with living quarters. People build houses with garages, but I’ve always wanted an oversize 4-5 car garage with 16 ft ceilings that has a small 2 bedroom house attached.

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            • Ditto, Dave. I’ve always thought big bedrooms were wasted space. I could put in another lathe or even make a grinding room!!

              Good score Phil. That sickle bar mower is a dream of mine. Someday, I may find one….


          • I have a friend who built a hangar/workspace, along with the huge hangar door, and one end has his house. Go 18′ and you can either have office space above the house or have a 2 story house.

            It is pretty common amongst the civil-aviation people to do such a thing. Just make sure you have a good firewall between living and working quarters, and install ventilation fans to change the air quickly when doing fume-generating things.


  5. Zowie! The complete set with all the tools. Ya lucked out big time with this deal. Just imagine the vegetable garden you can till into the yard now! Assuming ye olde landlord is amenable.

    Squirt some oil into the cylinder, let it soak overnight then turn by hand. If it moves, oil change, fresh gas and away you go!

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    • The guy really took care of this thing.
      He ran it out of gas so the tank isn’t rotted out and full of varnish, the engine turns over easy too. I took the plug out and dumped some Marvel’s Mystery Oil in it and put my thumb over the hole, then spun it over.
      It’s got good compression too. I had to spin it over about twenty times, holding onto the plug wire, before it finally started getting enough juice to make me want to let go of it.
      The foam air cleaner disintegrated when I tried to get it out, that will be easy to get. I dumped the oil and put fresh 30 wt. in it with a couple of teaspoons of STP oil treatment just for shits and grins. I swear by that stuff.
      All in all I don’t think it’s going to take much to get this thing going.


      • I just used up the last of my Marvel Mystery Oil. I have been
        using that shit primarily as air tool oil since the mid to late
        70s. It is useful for all kinds of things that require a lightweight
        oil including hydraulic jacks.

        PS Here is a tip when working on old rusted shit. I have no clue
        where he got the idea, but some fellow Millwright mixed Acetone
        and ATF in 50/50 proportions. He discovered that it makes one
        hell of a penetrant. Someone did an experiment on uniformly
        rusted fasteners and discovered it beat WD-40, Break Free,
        Liquid Wrench and other products by measuring the torque
        required to remove a nut from a bolt.

        My best guess is that the Acetone eats away at the rust, allowing
        the ATF to penetrate. You may be able to amaze your bosses and
        coworkers with this:


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        • It’s good stuff, I have used it in the past. The only problem I had with it is that it separates so you have to shake it up every time you use it.


  6. I have 2. Both used on our farm since the early 1960s. All the attachments as well. I do not have the generator (yes there was a generator sols as an attachment as well…) Wish Sears still sold them, they are great work horses.


  7. I ran one of those for hours and days with the mower. The mower had part of its housing cut away to expose the blade, you could edge up to a 2″dia. tree and cut it down. My dad was adjusting the carburetor and knelt down right into the blade. The motor was idling and the tension was off the drive belt so the blade rotated kind of lazily. It was sharp though and cut him deep just above his knee cap. I had a LOT of respect for that machine.

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