Youtuber Who Has Ten Years Of Videos About Welding, With Over A Half A Million Subscribers, Drops The Biggest Red Pill Ever (UPDATED) Now I Have Been Censored Also

I have watched a lot of Chucke2009‘s videos over the years. I had absolutely no clue this was coming.

Of course the Leftards went completely bat shit crazy and are trying to get his channel taken down now. They must be having apoploptic fits because he let it ALL hang out.,

Holy Shit.

The Great Awakening is upon us.

There are over a thousand comments on this video right now. Almost all of them support this guy 100%.

There is some MAJOR fuckery going on now.
They didn’t actually remove the video I had posted here from his Youtube channel but they did kill it from playing here. There is a disclaimer that it has been flagged “By the Youtube Community” as being offensive to some people and you have to agree to the disclaimer to watch it. They have also disabled the comments and the ability to share it.
The REAL fuckery going on now is that WORDPRESS disappeared my post when I tried to update it to inform everyone about that. I hit update and the body of the post disappeared, only the title updated. I tried three fucking times and it’s the same thing every time
Motherfuckers are just in your face with their censorship. I used the Back button and managed to grab the text so I could actually update the post again but the links and the video are gone.
COPY AND PASTE THIS INTO THE YOUTUBE SEARCH BAR if you want to watch the video,



Update #2, Let’s see if this image will post now, Irish sent it to me just for this post.


Update #3, a screen shot of my original post.


24 thoughts on “Youtuber Who Has Ten Years Of Videos About Welding, With Over A Half A Million Subscribers, Drops The Biggest Red Pill Ever (UPDATED) Now I Have Been Censored Also

    • I have said to myself a hundred times at least that these Fucktards have absolutely no clue about what they are asking for.
      If they want crazy, we’ll give ’em crazy, along with metric shit tons of unimaginable misery on the side.
      Then we’ll get serious about it.


      • Do you see events and incidents accelerating these last few months? It appears one event ends and another takes it’s place. I don’t if it is to keep the dirt people unbalanced or it’s their storm before our hellish storm is to start.

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        • They are scared and they are desperate.
          They know what is coming and just how hard they are going to get fucked too.
          You can’t stop the signal buddy, the Dirt People have awakened and we are pissed.


          • You are absolutely correct Phil. The left went a bridge too far.
            The rampant corruption of the Demo☭rat party is about to be
            exposed biggly! They are in an absolute panic because they
            know they will be exposed so they chose to go on the attack and
            drift so far to the left they have become laughing stocks.

            The cluster of dunces running for president is the weakest the
            Demo☭rat party has fielded in my lifetime. The woman with
            the clown car vagina (Octomom) only shit out 8 kids. By next
            Summer, the Donks will have 50 candidates.

            Demo☭rats are one-dimensional thinkers. I will bet money that
            their strategy will be to have a last minute “Savior” jump into the
            fray and play the moderate so as to distinguish themselves as
            an alternative to the radical left like Chlamydia Harris, Liawatha,
            Farartacus, Beano, Pete Butt-plug, Gropy Joe, Crazy Uncle
            Bernie, etc.

            The communist lesbian in the Mao Jacket (Felonia von Pantsuit)
            is headed to New Hampshire, something I see as good news.
            President Trump handily beat the alcoholic neurologically
            diseased hag in 2016. There is also speculation that the
            First Wookie may be waiting in the wings. Either way, before
            the 2020 election there will be a bombshell revelation involving
            Oidiot, Felonia, and the entire Demo☭rat party establishment.
            Two can play the October Surprise game, but this time it will
            come with verifiable evidence and not yanked out of the
            rectal orifices of the Demo☭rat party dirty tricks department.

            Never bet against a strategic thinker like Donald Trump!

            PS the Dirt People (AKA Ubangi’s bitter clingers and Hitlery’s
            deplorables) will reach a breaking point over social media. I
            am optimistic about the future of America.


      • It’s fifteen minute rant and he outs himself as a Far Right supporter, as in FAR RIGHT.
        hH is Pro White, Anti Muzzie, goes off about the immigrants invading the US and how the Deep State is facillitating it, Goes as far as to “Name The Jews” as the major fuckers behind all of this shit, Says he is going to start a new political party and it just goes on and on. Says he knew this was going to happen but that The Men of the West need to open their eyes to the planned invasion and the giving away of our lands etc., etc..
        He did a damn good job of keeping his views to himself for a lot of years,.


        • SMDH. I wish people would keep their damn politics (and religion) out of places where it isn’t called for. That’s half the reason I watch YouTube instead of TV.

          If you’re posting videos about working on cars, welding, Linux, or guns, I don’t need to know what your personal beliefs are.

          Besides, the most effective agent is one that is working in the belly of the beast.


    • Fuck Them, you can’t stop the signal.
      The censorship is blatant and in your face, in and unto its self a major Red Pill.
      It’s on now.
      The backlash to their bullshit is going to be spectacular.

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  1. His videos are still up, watching one about working on a Deere model A starter right now.

    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Chuck.


      • You’re welcome, Phil, and you’re accurate, the fuckery is getting serious, and the people who think they’re in control have no clue how wrong they are, and they will find out if they keep going.


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  3. I’ll post the image on Fakebook. After I was fucked with over trivial
    issues, I took to calling Zuckerdick a cocksucker and a book burning
    Nazi. It seems to work because they have not fucked with me in
    quite a while.


  4. They are really screwing up by deplatforming folks. Many have been content to bitch and moan online while never really getting out and actually doing anything – like going to city, town, and county council meetings or getting involved in political campaigns or even walking in a protest.

    Take away their favorite internet blogs and commentary and the ability to co-miserate with others, they will go out and do things the liberals really don’t want them doing.


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