WordPress De-Platforms Another Right Wing Conservative Blog, Chateau Heartiste Is Gone

First it was Mtn. Forge and the Dirt People blog, now Chateau Heartiste.


I fully expect WordPress to come after my ass here in the not too distant future.

I already got a taste of their censorship this morning.

As smart as these people think they are, they really can’t see past the end of their noses.

All this censorship starts adding up.

You can only silence so many prominent voices before the sheeple start noticing the scent of wolves in the air.

When regular people become aware of what is going on and why, you have basically just Red Pilled them all.

8 thoughts on “WordPress De-Platforms Another Right Wing Conservative Blog, Chateau Heartiste Is Gone

  1. I saw all your posts, and yes I saw the welders vid, prolly right after you posted. Please bookmark My email, so if/when you have to move, you can let me know. Been following for ,,,3 yrs maybe? Great blog. don`t wanna get left behind. Scott, in Ohio


    • Now that I have that out of the way,,,,,I fear that the left will try to take Trump out. They known impeachment won`t work, and they know they can`t beat Him in an election. I`ve always said Trump has iron Balls every time He is in public, albeit with security, but He does a lot of off the cuff shit. Fucker`s got nerve, when you really think about it. Dems are roached. What are their options?


  2. Check Zeroes and sharpen hatchets men, because this censorship is a pretty sure thing 3 things are certain:
    #1 Red pilling is at or surpassed the inflection point
    #2 It is evident through “polling” data and meta data mining President Trump will be elected
    #3 The Normie’s have joined ranks with the dirt people creating a super plurality of Deplorable’s
    #4 De-platform everything “right wing” in preparation of 2020 thus paving the way for a grand act of plausible deniability for plan #4B
    #4B Create enough turmoil and disrupt the process of legitimate presidential election, thus using these manufactured false flag circumstances, read Crisis As A Means, therefore nullifying the re-election for President Trump for a second term.

    In the immediate, ousting President Trump is the primary directive. Stopping Trump now, or before 2020.
    The secondary and integral in many ways to the above directive is to shut down the entire scope, all digital internet connected instruments of open free communication platform of open free unfettered exchange of ideas, viewpoint and news along with present and past history.

    The farther reaching goal involves the actual physical genocide of all christian, western, undesirable white skin people indigenous to the western hemisphere.

    Inherent in all this is that in order a new world order to be possible this last imperative of white genocide, ie reduction of the western christian people and culture be brought down, read elimination/liquidation, to levels in straight numbers which are realistically manageable and obtainable, given the actual living numbers present of western white people, with the available elitist resources and numbers of actors amenable to carrying out this genocide.

    Absolutely, in no uncertain terms, does any of this imply white genocide is possible or remotely achievable.
    This is the logical representation of what is ideologically desired as an outcome.
    It is also representative of the thinking of the human extinction movement in general. It’s “leadership” always works from the premiss of order out of chaos, ie create enough chaos where within the opportunity to grasp power will become available, hence you are prepared to take advantage of such opportunities.
    The ordered open imposition of raw naked power to rule over this country with impunity, in other words rule with an iron fist and jackboot upon the neck of the people is not possible. This can only be obtainable through the three precepts of Undermining, Subverting, and Destruction of America through the top down inside out.
    This is actual new world order/deep state doctrine.

    What we are seeing in real time is the actualization of the 3 precepts. Though as it is said, no battle plan survives contact with the enemy.
    We, you I all of us are the enemy. Never underestimate the power of legitimacy, and the natural primal God granted blessing of the right to defend ourselves.
    This very last is the only legitimate power which exists, therefore all other powers is only possible with consent of the people. Those powers are in other-words not primal, they are second hand, therefore essentially only an illusion of legitimacy.
    If this be false, there would be no need to usurp then destroy, then genocide our country and our selves. Those who presume to rule us would go straight to total raw naked power skipping all the rest.

    Our power as free men is the inherent thing. We all hold this power. When we begin to grok we all hold this power, when we look around, and begin to realize we are a power unto ourselves, aka the great awakening, red pilled, we go from legions of free men, to A Legion of Freemen who are indomitable. There is no earthly source of power that can stop our plurality of power.
    There is an inflection point in this, a Paradigm, a sea change in thinking. It is an event those working to stop us as free men, do not have a free unpolluted understanding of this, they are indoctrinated minds, also minds who where not born into liberty, why these actors are of other races, from other countries, they literally can not see what Liberty is nor how it exists in the hearts blood and bone of Freemen of The West. It is alien to them, they are true aliens within our midsts.
    Even people born into America can not see or understand this. They truly have something missing from their cognitive function in their brains. This is why they strike us as insane, sociopathic, as psychopaths some, like the Clinton’s for instance.

    I believe there are those who are understanding this awakening and growing honorable resistance is existential to them and their agenda as it begins to gather momentum. Mr. Trump is a defining sign of this awakening. He must be destroyed now, there is nothing for it, he must go. Pretty soon no matter what it requires. This is what is going on right now specifically.

    We are seeing the cause and effect of the red pill.
    That is a really good thing.
    A truly great thing.
    Ultimate BFYTW.


  3. A serious question about WordPress deleting.

    Is it people just using their software for their blog or is it people hosted by them?


    • I am pretty sure it is WordPress hosting them. Mtn Forge just paid the bastards a hundred bucks for a years hosting. I pad sixty five last August for a custom plan and a Domain Name.


  4. This is all wordpress HOSTING. Their blog script is open source so they can’t mess with that. There is no reason anyone should be paying wp for hosting. By now it should be obvious that just as Freedom isn’t free – free hosting isn’t free either. That said, I host any of these guys dirt cheap if they can’t find anyone else. If I can get enough bloggers and/or other conservative websites on board, I’ll get a dedicated server so all the left-wing assholes can bite me. One other thing, I’ve been thinking of building a conservative directory to circumvent grrrgle. Who needs them? It’s not like they own the internet… yet. Let’s do an end-around, build our own network and tell them to stuff it.


  5. WordPress can’t censor you unless you host with them.

    If you’re using their software on your own website they can’t do dick about it.


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