Listen VERY Carefully

Play it a couple three times if you have to, this is very important.

All of this is still currently under investigation but this is the reason the MSM and The Deep State are  shitting all over themselves.

They never thought she would lose.

They never dreamed any of this would ever see the light of day.

16 thoughts on “Listen VERY Carefully

  1. and, now they’re about to shit the bed when DJT returns volley. I only hope they pay-per-view, to help pay down the debt they and their cronies amassed…


  2. It would be a pleasant thing if we could get a suitable application of the law and send some of these …people…to jail for a bit of time. Politicians forget that the Second Amendment of the US Constitution was written by the founding fathers with a very specific set of circumstances (enemies foreign and domestic) in their thoughts. They felt that a mechanism to hold the liberty we had gained was needed if all else failed and they believed the Second Amendment would do it justice.
    At this point, I for one am waiting to see if the systems we have work and if the law can be applied equally to those who need the law applied too. And then when that point is past, what will we do when the law will not be equally administered? will we apply justice then?


    • a thought just occurred to me…is it outside the realm of probability that some person or persons would apply justice where the law would not be applied? Is this thought in the minds of judges and justices in the judiciary? Do they, the justices and judges lay awake at night considering what We The People consider an equal application of the Law? Are the judges and justices so wrapped up in their artificial world of the Law, that they do not see the real world they are creating?
      Do they consider the consequences of the act of dismissing facts in favor of political expediency and gain? I seriously hope they do. I do hope judges and justices fear anarchy as much as I, a simple citizen, do. I for one, do not care to live in a world where speaking a fact publicly is considered an act of sedition.


    • There is the violent elite element lurking within the coup against President Trump which hasn’t appeared, outside the exception of Clinton Arkanside.
      They hav’nt played that card yet, probably because they have no attempted to find or use an Hawaiian circuit judge that issues a criminal arrest warrant for Mr. Trump. This here is probably the last stage of the ongoing non violent coup attempt. They have weaponized, parsed, and employed plausible deniability strategy/tactics with all of the major instruments of committing coup on a sitting POTUS. Not much left but beating dead horses, and the arrest warrant attempt.

      I think these clowns are crazed enough to attempt arresting Mr. Trump on well, trumped up charges. It is the desperate last ditch element Mueller hid in plain sight in his witch hunt report, aka inferred make believe “collusion” trick where anything can be plausibly inferred/applied to collusion in order to create a crime out of whole cloth. It is a wide open buffet style kangaroo proceeding. They are desperate for any plausible “crime” they can foist.

      But back to the violent escalation aspect. After weaponizing everything the next logical stage is these elitist clowns go full retard violent. It is the same with the thought policing, eventually it reaches the stage of using force and violence against people because the non violent repression and weaponize everything never works. Maybe it is well understood, it never works, it is just how these things roll because retaining a certain amount of appearance of legitimacy is a necessity which can not be violated.

      In other-words they should have JFK’s Mr. Trump when it was possible without generating insurmountable unintended consequences of assassination. It is too late to create a suitable proxy plausible assassin. I think too many, too large a plurality of people are cognizant of the truth of the false flags, fake narratives, and other fake means employed to oust President Trump in a soft palace coup.
      At least that is how it looks to me, trying to think like these clowns.

      Desperate corruptocrats and bankster’s do desperate things when their go to tricks of usurping something fails. They are not going to just give up of their own volition. Not going to give up power and money, influence, or their devine right to rule over the rest of us.
      What options are left as this biblical grade stupidity augers in?
      What remains is use of force and application of violence.
      Blow up AF1? A suicide bomber at a Trump rally? Shoot down the presidential chopper? Poison? Maybe they say fuck it and go full retard and JFK Trump.

      The point in all this is getting rid of Trump. There are no other imperatives, except nullifying 2016 and 64 million American’s act of total defiance of TPTB, but you take Trump out the others are gravy for the goose. Because one way or another, what after Trump?
      Believe you me, there will be payback for exposing these clowns as clowns if they are not stopped.
      I’m not afraid of that. If anything it is probably the best thing to happen. Having it out with the sonsofabitches.
      They painted themselves in a corner. they can’t go back to the good old days and be a secret deep state. That train left long ago now.

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      • They already tried to off him twice.
        If they succeed finally there will be blood in the streets.
        Full on hot Civil War will break out in less than a week. Mark my words.


        • Thats right I recall now you mentioned this previously. Mind refreshing my memory with what went down? Appreciate you.


          • The Las Vegas Shootings, Supposedly Trump was meeting with the Saudi Prince who owned the upper floors when that went down.
            The Missile fired from a rogue submarine in the Puget Sound when he was flying to North Korea.


        • What they don’t get or refuse to acknowledge is this. Once they succeed in getting what they’ve worked so long and hard to foment, this battle will not be fought in some far off land, it will occur in their driveways, their office parking spaces, their childrens bedrooms…. In short, without beating around the bush, while YOU jackboot cocksuckers are attempting to subjugate MY family, guess where I and thousands of others like me will be…. Little hint? We’ll be returning the favor. No, that ain’t rhetoric, it’s a fact. C’mon n get ya some….


      • If you don’t have serious reservations about going all In then you are either stupid or way the fuck crazier than I ever was on my best day.
        Yes, the system has failed. I was aware of that thirty years ago.
        Full on Civil war, damn right that scares me. There is nothing good gained by going there except a lot of dead Americans.
        Either they figure out this is what is coming and back the fuck off or push the wrong button and SET IT OFF,.
        At that point you can pretty much kiss modern civilization as you know it goodbye.
        The very first things that are going to go away are electricity, then the food and fuel deliveries.
        Total SHTF follows immediately after that.


  3. I saw excerpts from this clip the other day. Nice that someone in .gov has finally given voice to what has been apparent from recent news reports. As to Chuck the Shmuck, I hope he’s going to find out first hand just how badly the “Intelligence” community can fuck you up.


    • Nemesis is thy name. Nemesis always appears. Nemesis is inevitable.
      Nemesis is a force of nature. There is more of enough of a plurality of people to create Nemesis.
      I wonder do these elites understand Nemesis.
      Vox Day refers to Nemesis as “The Zeitgeist.”
      Great word.

      Lets be pragmatic here. The unintended consequences are inescapable. In simplest terms you can’t fuck with 345 million American’s and not expect blowback. To think you can is the acme of folly. Never mind 100 million, armed to the teeth American’s, who spy these enemies foreign and domestic everywhere behind everything. It is not rocket science.

      Raise your hand.
      Who has guns that the thought they might be needed to defend yourself, and country, from a government gone totally rouge?


  4. As you say Phil, they never imagined. They can not fathom 64 million dirt people gave them the BFYTW. But there it is. Plain as day. We won. They lost. Now they are obsessed with payback. It is all consuming.
    Total. Derangement.

    The idea of losing power was the last thing they figured for. It was the impossible thing at this point.


  5. Wouldn’t take much “work” by a few determined committed fellas to hunt the lefts leaders and propagandists to extinction….. Be a damn shame, too. Might even serve as a warning after the first couple high-profile successes… Just sayin.


  6. I certainly see that it’s a very distinct possibility … And like you say … It’ll be all out ! … It has to be , it been so entrenched and spread so thick over the decades … Not to mention the Left are so full of chit ! …

    But I keep tellin’ people … This was why Trump came to the White House .. Build the wall and DRAIN THE SWAMP !!! … Lookin’ forward to ALL the players being exposed and many jailed … NO MERCY DON !!!


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