5 thoughts on “At Least I Don’t Leave The Seat Up,

  1. I told my ex wife that I put the seat up when I pee, you can put the seat down to pee. She did not like it but she learned to live with it. The girl friends I have had since (30 years)have had to live with to. If I have to pick up the seat she can put it down

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  2. Speaking only for myself, from back in my drinkin’ days, it only took one time for me to stagger in to a dark bathroom to take a dump and plop my little ass all the way down into the cold fucking water to teach me to check that fucking seat is down, even in the dark.
    Every Time.
    You would think, although we ARE talking about wimmin’s here I know, that a similar experience would also learn them to make sure the fucking seat is down.
    In other words, if it’s that damn hard to do, better keep a fucking towel handy darlin’.


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