Oh Bubba?

I can’t believe this shit.

I just spent three fucking days cleaning out the garage and getting rid of a whole bunch of shit.

All that just went out the window with one phone call from my brother.

He calls me up and asks me if I want an old walk behind rototiller.


Umm, No.

Thanks but I had a chance to get a huge one from my Uncle when he moved and I passed on it because it was huge and I didn’t have room for it.

Just as we were about done talking, I heard someone in the background tell him it really is a walk behind tractor.

Head in Hands

Fuck me, just what I need, another one. I still haven’t laid a finger on the first one.

He says he’ll send me some pictures.

OK, fine. I went back to my rat killin’ out in the garage and didn’t think no more of it. Until about four hours later. I texted him back and asked what happened with the pictures.

He says he sent them right away.

No gots buddy.

He’ll send them again he says


I wait and I wait some more/ He texts me and asks if I got’em.

Nope, I asked him if he had a twelve year old handy to show him how to do that.

He finally Emailed me the pictures.

Damn him.



Bigger than shit, it’s a walk behind tractor, with a rototiller attachment on it.

(Update, my thanks to Grayman in the comments for not only pointing out how blind I am am but that it’s not a rototiller attachment but also that it’s a disc harrow instead)

Says it’s a David Bradley plow, which I have maybe heard of,  years ago.

I will have to do some research on it but I want to say they are pretty collectible.

I am waiting to hear if there is any air in the tires. It don’t look real light either.

Sounds to me like it’s a done deal, I just have to go get it loaded up and drag it home.

The Wifely Unit even gave me permission……


Thanks, honey.

It wouldn’t have really mattered but it works better this way.


Updated again, just got done with another Textfest with my brother.

He says he thinks there is actually air in the tires. That would be huge if so.

It looks like this coming weekend he will help me get the heavy bastard loaded up.



23 thoughts on “Oh Bubba?

  1. The next time your truck won’t start you fire that puppy up, get behind it on your skateboard and off to work you go! 🙂
    I always thought those were great, I would have jumped at one when I had the land.

    You said you all ready have one out back you haven’t gotten to yet?

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    • Yeah, I had a moment of weakness a couple of years ago and saw one that had been lingering on Craigslist for a few months the guy was desperate to get rid of. I paid fifty bucks for it but the wheels and tires both are rotted off of it.
      I scored set of almost new Bobcat wheels and tires at the dump a few months ago but of course the bolt pattern is way different.
      My plan was to get one of those Harbor Freight six horse horizontal shaft engines they have on sale for a hundred bucks every once in a while, install that and make some kind of adapters to mount the wheels then get rid of it.
      It has several implements with it. Now I will see what I get with this other one and may just give the first one away.


    • Looking at that mower attachment, it appears to be belt driven.
      That means there must be some kind of PTO V belt pulley on the ass end of that thing. Very interesting… Thanks for the picture Irish.


  2. In more interested in the thing under the black cover behind it, maybe a Weber grill? I could damn sure use that more than that crazy thing.


  3. Never seen a US made one before. The copies of this are in use all over the PRC however.

    Poor mans everything machine, harrow, tillers, rice planters, they even build pinned 2 wheel carts behind it and go down the road on em loaded with a ton of cargo (or more).

    That should clean up nice, light sandblasting and fresh red paint.


  4. I needed some good sized timber blocks for a tractor project. I let friends know. A few weeks ago a friend called and said he had some for me. I showed up and found a 140 year old barn on the ground. Take whatever you want it’s free he said. Good thing I am old or it would have been more than 3 truck loads.An old back saved me this time.


  5. Isn’t there a Clark County farming museum not to far from you? Maybe they have a restoration shed you could move some of that stuff to. Not that you have ample time for it, but maybe someone else does…


  6. Have fun with that!
    Myself, I just about have my metal working/welding area about done in my shop.
    Inhereted my grandfathers 5,000lb table (at least that’s how heavy it felt moving it) and an old early 70’s Miller 330 stick/mig/tig, with all of the trappings. Not to mention, a real anvil. Might have to build a lean-to to house it. Maybe build a forge…
    I’d send a picture or three, but don’t seem to be able to.


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