Bustedus Domesticus

The weather has just been unreal nice around here the last few days and I have been busting my ass taking advantage of it.

I took a load of crap out of the garage to the dump last Tuesday and I already have the back of the Caballero full enough for another one.

Sorting through shit that I don’t really need or have been hanging onto “just in case” that is just taking up too damn much room.

I had a Nephew help me skid some work benches around and I turned all my little toolboxes on those benches around so that they now face my Roll Away.

That should cure the very bad habit I have of walking out there with something and tossing it on the inevitable pile of shit blocking the drawers to my little boxes, they are flush up against the edge of the work bench now so there is zero room to stack shit there.

I moved some other shit around and cleaned off the old 1925 table saw I got from the old guy across the street (that works by the way) and shoved it right up next to the edge of my roll away and then moved my mini lathe over and set it on top of the saw.

That boxed in an area right in front of the roll away so that it is up against the wall, the saw blocks one end and the work benches are lined up behind you if you are facing the roll away.

A very small little area to tinker on shit now.

I moved some other shit round too.

Once I make the dump run then I can get serious about getting rid of some stuff.

I still have the 2X12 on saw horses out in the middle of where I usually park the Sprite but I am using that as a work station to cull shit out on.

Full Stop.

Ya gotta love it. 3 fucking days I have been out there culling junk. My brother just called me while I am trying to eat something for the first time today at three in the afternoon and throw a post up, to inform me that there is some rusty piece of shit walk behind tractor that he discovered laying in the weeds over at his place and asked me if I want it.

At first he said it was a walk behind rototiller and I shut him down, then I hear someone in the background telling him it’s not a rototiller, it’s a walk behind tractor.

It never ends.

I still have the one I bought two years ago mouldering in the garden shed.

One of the reasons I am trying to get rid of all this shit so that it can move up on my To Do list.

He’s going to send me a picture of it.

We shall see.

In the mean time…

I also took the drivers seat out of the Sprite, or what was left of it and found the floor pan rusting out of it. I cleaned that fucker three years go down to bare metal and painted it.

I cleaned the rust off again, used a brush and used some of that rust killing Primer which is an acid that turns the rusRy shit hard and black so it can be painted again.

The seat was garbage anyway so it’s on the pile in the back of the Caballero. I have another pair of seats that are in sad shape but not near as bad as that fucker was and are still serviceable I will throw in the cocksucker. That will free up even more room in the garage.

The Wifely Unit cracked the whip on the Kid while I have been busy. I was fighting the rusty bolts on that seat and here he comes with the lawn mower. He actually mowed the lawn and is right now up on the roof cleaning gutters It’s a miracle I tells ya!

So there it is, what I have been up to. I have been completely ignoring current events and just about everything else trying to get as much done as I can.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked ya know…

6 thoughts on “Bustedus Domesticus

  1. Bronco runs again, right? Fuck all that busy work, get out and enjoy the weather. That shit’ll still need doin when you get around to it. I begged off a side job this weekend to shoe the T bucket in the sunshine and feel utterly recharged for my slackin’. It’ll do ya good and you’ll be more productive and happier come Monday mornin’. Hell, I’ll write you a note if need be… πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heh, too late.
      It’s almost 8:00 in the evening and I just now got everything put away.
      I’m beat but I’m glad I did it because it was way overdue and now I can actually walk all the way around that damn Sprite out in the garage.
      For a minute, maybe two.
      We shall see. Either way, I got rid of two truckloads of shit out of there.
      Even if you can’t really see a big difference I can tell.


  2. Spent the whole last week working on little shit that had to get done to keep my progress going forward.

    Two rooms in the basement are now cleaned out, THREE large U-Haul boxes of clothing went to the local ARC store, and the wife is cooing and smiling.

    Time to buy that new radio…..or maybe get the Supra interior redone in leather?

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