1 thought on “This Oughtta Keep Wirecutter Busy For A While

  1. Boy that brings back memories…Back in the early 70’s I worked on a ranch down near Elkton Oregon and the boss man decided he wanted to speed up stringing fence. Impatient cuss…called him “the little colonel”. Anyway, he had a rack made for the back of the Jeep so he could put 4 rolls of wire side by side sorta like whole chickens on a spit.
    We tied the ends of the wire to the first post and ‘whoosh’ off he went at about 5-10 miles an hour down the road about a quarter mile or so. He stopped and got out, looked back at that God awful mess (think entangled strands like the German defences at Normandy), dropped the mostly empty rolls in the middle of the road and left. Took 3 of us two days to get it untangled and strung.


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