The Continuing Censorship Of Conservative Voices Across Social Media Has Not Gone Unnoticed

Unless you haven’t been paying any attention at all the last year or two, Conservatives have been targeted specifically across several media sites and platforms and being silenced deliberately.

The list of prominent persons being banned or silenced is getting really, really long now.

Some of the worst offenders perpetrating this attempted purge of “Bad Speak” are Twitter and Facebook.

One of the more recognizable names included is James Woods.

 Also included are Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones,  those two absolutely delightful ladies, Diamond and Silk , Milo Yiannopoulos, and activist Laura Loomer

One of our very own, Mountain Forge, the blogger who runs Dirt People was recently shut down by WordPress for supposedly violating their Terms of Service.


“Bad Speak” in extremis will not be tolerated, period.

Google has been in on this also, developing algorithms to force Right Wing sites they don’t like to drop out of their search results, among other things.

This has been a concerted and deliberate strategy, reinforced by the Main Stream Media who have taken Politically Correct and injected it with massive doses of Steroids until it has become a monster with a life of it’s own.

People like me who aren’t afraid to say what they mean and mean what they say have huge bullseye’s on our backs and stick out like a big pink weenie on a little dog laying on it’s back for all to see.

This censorship recently kicked into high gear in just the last two weeks.

I’ll be honest here, the people who developed and own these platforms have every right to set whatever rules they see fit.

They aren’t a public service and have one reason to exist.

To make money.

However, there is also that pesky thing we call the First Amendment that guarantees Free Speech in this country.

Even The President of the United States of America is not immune to the whims of these Left Leaning platforms but anyone with two working brain cells should realize that it would be a self inflicted mortal wound to try and ban the person who holds the highest office in the land.

This is where things get interesting.

President Trump is a notorious Tweeter.

Either last weekend or the one before, he sent out over FIFTY Tweets.

Savvy people who have been Shadow Banned by Twitter figured out early on that if you include POTUS as a target of anything you want to get out on Twitter the chances are good that it will not get banned or disappeared because of what that would look like, because of him.

Since he is all over Twitter and is a savvy dude, he sees what has been going on.

Now he is calling these sonsabitches out over it.



DJT Censorship

This is a guaranteed  Oh Shit moment for certain people.

POTUS don’t fuck around and they know it.

So it’s Game On Bitches.

It has gotten so bad that The President of the United States of America has called you out on your bullshit, VERY publicly.

Sucks to be you all of a sudden.

You can bet your ass that there are going to be some serious meetings going on all over Silicon Valley real fucking soon as these Lefties try to figure out how they can keep fucking us over and still stay out of Trumps sights.

I wouldn’t want to be them.

Rock and a hard place.

These are high stakes skirmishes too. Billions of dollars ride on the outcome. If they keep fucking around and piss Trump off enough, he has the resources to make life a living hell for each and every asshole responsible.

And he can do it without breaking any laws or using any government agencies as hit squads.

A few words into the right ears and there will be shit running down legs for days.

Never forget, Trump was a successful businessman for decades before he was elected President.

He knows how these things work from the inside.

And he knows people, see?

Trump has the ability to make the Stock Market bounce around like a Mexican Jumping Bean by just directing comments to the media that investors listen to very closely.

That’s a nice portfolio ya got there, be a shame if something happened to it…..


8 thoughts on “The Continuing Censorship Of Conservative Voices Across Social Media Has Not Gone Unnoticed

  1. I wondered what happened to mtntopforge.
    Hopefully he’ll be back under a new platform/server.
    Been diligently waiting for a FU25.


  2. The sad reality is that the First Amendment right to free speech is a legal restraint on GOVERNMENT conduct. The feds simply cannot use it to browbeat a PRIVATE BUSINESS
    into compliance with subjective government bureaucrat edicts regarding what a private company can or cannot do regarding speech. It’s just like the Second Amendment. ANY private business or building has the ABSOLUTE RIGHT to ban someone with firearms from entering said building.
    To allow the government to get involved in this may be under the best of motives but doing so
    will NOT meet Constitutional muster and it IS yet another step down the slippery slope of tyranny.

    The BEST solution is the free market one. There exist alternatives to FarceBook, Twatter etc in the form of GAB and other platforms. Sign up for one of the alternatives…..push everyone you know to LEAVE the censorious social media companies for newer ones that honor free speech.
    But letting the indiscriminate sledgehammer of the feds deal with this will be a solution that
    without doubt is worse than the problem.


    • I agree Dan. This is a slippery slope and we conservatives don’t want to be caught up going down it. However, the playing field has to be level. So if the government can/should come in and force a baker to bake a cake for fags, then should they force social media platforms to let people post whatever they choose? I don’t have all the answers to this, but whatever the outcome is, it has to be administered equally along political, racial, ethnic etc. lines.


  3. “, the people who developed and own these platforms have every right to set whatever rules they see fit.

    They aren’t a public service ”

    Tuis is a false argument.
    I disagree Strongly!
    They have created a “Public” Platform!!!!!

    This shit needs to be sorted out, what they are doing is no different than making White Only stores,Drinking Fountains,Schools etc.

    If i buy enough property, to create a town or state, I can’t reinstitute slavery, re-write law, make it Blacks Only, require people drop LSD…etc etc


    • It’s a public platform because the companies allow people to have membership on their platform, the companies did not give up their business model which is to make a profit, and to keep influence on the content. If you tell Zuckerberg he’s out of line, he will laugh at you, he doesn’t care what you think.


  4. It appears WordPress is even blocking Mtn Forge from commenting on other WP sites.
    He did send me an Email with the comment he tried to post here so I am going to copy/paste it here for him.
    I have suggested he get a VPN and a new Proton Mail email account to try to be able to sidestep the bastards
    Here is his comment,

    Mtn Forge
    8:43 AM (2 hours ago)
    to me

    Phil, like clockwork, they blocked me from posting a comment on your post the-continuing-censorship-of-conservative-voices-across-social-media-has-not-gone-unnoticed

    Here it is if you care to read it: (ps, I wrote a post about Unalienable verses Inalienable rights. I think it made them bat shit crazy. Because one of the ways they are censoring us is by censoring history. Like the fake media always saying we are a democracy, we aren’t, we have democratic processes. To understand we are a Republic, is bad think, dangerous. If people don’t know what a Republic we are, they are denied a crucial component of understanding what is being done to us is terribly wrong. A democracy is rule by mob. A Republic is Rule of Law, not rule of men, which a democracy is.
    If you haven’t caught on, it is revisionism, revised history, to change things from truth to what you are desired by others to think so you can be controlled. The use of Inalienable has totally replaced in the media the use of Unalienable. Poof! Unalienable no longer exists. It like the “shall not be infringed” part of the 2nd, remember the last to in the media you heard the shall not be infringed clause?
    It is the same as knocking down and removing Confederate, and now founding fathers statues, paintings, memorials, they are revising history, hence revising perceptions and understanding of proscribed truths and history.
    They are doing this, because “we” have as they say, we “too many guns”, they have to find a way to beat us by imposing their tyranny without resorting to violent struggle.
    They can’t win that kind of struggle.
    It is why they are blood spitting mad about Mr. Trump.
    We outfoxed them. Literally beat them at their own game.
    And yes, exposed them exactly as the incompetent idiot clowns they are.
    They can’t accept this. If they do we win everything. They can’t let this rejection of power
    go unpunished. If they fail, they become completely illegitimate, they become exposed as the totally illegitimate power they are.

    Anyways I tried to post this below on your blog:

    There is an underlying precept here in all this. And the sonofabitches take advantage of it every day.

    We are a free Republic, no matter what revisionism they try to shove down our throats about we are a democracy and all the other marxian clown diarrhea.

    The idea inherent is Liberty for Me, Liberty for Thee. It is not a one way street. And that is predicated on the truth and facts they are able to operate as an entity and free people within the confines of this here Republic because this is a Constitutional Republic to begin with, the other part of that inherent fact is liberty is proscribes within the bounds of ones activities, to what you darn well please, as long, as long as your Liberty does not infringe on others Liberty.

    Understand the profound double standard here with censorship?

    Then there is the fact that a corporate or any other enterprise itself, be it Joe’s greasy spoon or Word Press, Goolag or Faceborg, Mobil oil or the Department of Justice, even the Supreme Court, they are not human beings, they are inanimate constructs, things, these entities are not persons or people. These things have no natural UNALIENABLE rights. Key word there, UNalienable. Very different than inalienable rights. Unalienable rights are sacrosanct.They are inherent componants of ourselves, like our living spirits, our consciousness. They are inseperable elements of what makes us sovereign individuals, just like our natural primal right to defend ourselves, like it says in the 2nd Amendment, which can not be infringed, because how can men make a “law” that says all of a sudden, because I say so, you have no right or the means to defend yourself.
    They gull us.

    Think how ludicrous this is and you begin to grok the undeniable imperatives here:
    The prohibition against human slavery is proscribed in the Constitution as absolute right? Understandably. Because if you are made a slave you have no rights of anykind, even the right to live.
    So, you have to ask yourself is a little bit of slavery OK?
    Is a little bit of arms, aka guns, prohibitions OK?
    Is selective intentional deliberate, systematic, organized, with forethought and malice, denial of unfettered open free thought and speech OK?

    Inalienable rights are an entirely different separate thing. These are man made things. Contracts per-say, for ease of making the salient point here. They can be taken or given, they are a kind of arraingement betwewn peoples, they can be changed, denied, created, modified etc. We dont have to like them, or we can love them, but they are what they are, manmade.

    Freedom of speech, unfettered expression of thought, thinking, faith, intellectual activity, what have you are inherent in us like our beating hearts and our blood in our veins. Something that can not be taken, only given.
    And that includes Consent. Another inherent component of our living being.
    And this is where it gets down to the meat of the matter.
    When 64 million of us voted to hire, I really mean that, we hired a guy named Donald J. Trump, to be our representative. We gave Mr. Trump our consent. We did another thing even more profound, we withdrew our Consent from all the other pieces of corrupt power mad motherfuckers, and everything and everyone around them, we said BFYTW.
    Sounds pretty neat and cool huh?

    But it is an action we took that implies incredibly powerful activity. See, Consent is unique in all activity. It is something you, I, all of us own outright. It belongs to each of us. It is something that can not be taken, it can only be given. Go ahead, put a .45 against my head, pull the hammer back, threaten me you will pull the trigger and kill me if I do not, if I refuse to consent to what you want me to do. I still have a choice, even if I refuse to consent to you, even if you blow my brains across the room, I still have the ultimate power of choice, of consenting or not, I still get to choose, and there is nothing you can do about it motherfucker. I win in the end no matter what.
    Sure it takes courage and conviction, but I still get to choose those also. I double and triple win. I was still a free man. You lose on that score. You could still not control me.

    I know this may seem like going off on a tangent, what the fuck’s this got to do with censorship?
    It is the crux of everything.

    See, 64 million of us, (and a whole lot more who go along who didnt vote), we have the Audacity, the Motive power to defy TPTB. This can not be tolerated. Because our withdrawal of consent for those running things is existential to them. Their power is predicated on at least, just enough people consenting to them and what they are doing to us, it grants them a kind of legitimacy they dont have, can not obtain any bother way, and in doing so, by giving consent, consciously, ignorantly, tacitly, they obtain an illusion of power over everyone, because that Consent is the only real, never mind legitimate power there is. And it is power that is unequaled, because it comes from our UNalienable natural rights.

    And many of us are figuring this out. We are awakening. And in doing so, we become a plurality of power nothing can brook. And we are doing this because in great part, the world wide web has provided us a platform in which the exchange of ideas, the unfettered activity of open free thought and voice unifies us in the one way which strips those with power of their power.
    And it must be stopped.

    But they have to be real careful. Very very circumspect. Like tip toe thru the fucking tulips careful.
    Because we have another unalienable right, guns, lots of guns, and the more we realize the truth of ourselves, our unalienable rights, our sovereign nature, many say God given, and I see this myself personally as is my unalienable right, as more a great truth every day, another very dangerous “thought” also, and these truths of us are existential to usurpation of power of all kinds in the world of mind blowing corruption, of everything, and this insurgency of free unfettered realization of ourselves, actualization really, of self empowerment, self determination, of resistance to tyranny and its tyrants must be stopped at all costs.

    They must stop us from thinking and expressing freely ourselves, while not enraging us to where we whip out our rifles and hang or shoot the bastards.

    It is aid Trump is not our president, he is our murder weapon.
    Voting for Mr. Trump is The Great Fuck You.
    That TINVOWOOT is true, but voting is still a weapon against tyranny regardless, and in many ways much more preferable to open violent revolution, and in our hearts of hearts, we are inherently prudent men of the Christian West, a warrior culture unlike any underneath our civilized exteriors, and we may not know it consciously, but we know down in our barbarian mind, you don’t want to make us go down that road, it is ugly, brutal, the potential for great misery exists.

    I could rant for days here.
    Thing is, this is war, they, are waging unconventional war on us, it is marxian in design, just as Political Correctness, Diversity, is dress rehearsal for class/race war. So too no less is this total fucking bullshit invention called “Hatespeech” like hatespeech is some sacred violation of something in itself.
    Well motherfuckers, we have some sacred shit too, and your violating them with censoring me and Mr. Trump, all of us.

    And by the way to you clowns & peeping fucking perverts, “Elections have consequences”.
    You are going to need to learn more than code.


    • I checked the wayback machine for posts, I was able to save a post from March 25th, everything else was just a header page, couldn’t open up the individual posts. There was nothing for April, and one for February.


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