I Haz The Wants Again

I have a subscription to HomeMadeTools.net and I get Email blasts from them all the time. I try to look at them all but to be honest there are days that I just don’t have the time.

Sometimes they feature some ingenious shit and sometimes I look at something and wonder why they bothered but for the most part there is some cool shit on that website, especially if you are looking for a solution to something. They have a searchable index that can be a real time sink because I invariably start wandering around looking at things and forget what I was looking for in the first place.

Yesterday I got the latest Email and there was a video for something that caught my attention immediately.

It was about a Marking Ruler that looks and operates like a dial caliper, without the dial.

marking ruler

Unfortunately the video was in Spanish and I couldn’t understand what the hell the guy was babbling about. I got the gist of it right away though.

Down in the comments I found one where some HERO decided he liked it so much he went digging on the internet to find one of these things because this wasn’t actually a Home Made Tool but more of a demonstration video.

I would like to thank that guy. Saved my ass a lot of time.

They aren’t real expensive but unfortunately they are European so it’s got Metric graduations.

I don’t care, I want one of these things.

If you do too, the gentleman was kind enough to provide an Amazon link for them.

As of this minute, they are $17.09 with FREE SHIPPING.

Can’t beat that deal with a stick!

I know the trick of using the jaws on a dial indicator to score things but when I was trying to mark out the holes for that damn hydraulic press I built I kept running into trouble because the “Square Tube” that I bought for it actually has rounded edges. That kept fucking me because I couldn’t grab an edge to slide down. This little beauty solves that problem because the scribe is height adjustable.

The hardened roller bearing looks like it would make sliding it down things a breeze too.

Right now the Wifely Unit has the money locked down because she is trying to put enough away for our vacation at the end of next month.

However, this is one of those rare months where I get paid three times in one month.

There will be one of these little beauties headed my way before you can say Bob’s your Uncle whether she likes it or not.

Because I am ridiculously forgetful anymore, I trick fucked myself and sent an Email back to myself with the link for it.

Gotta love technology sometimes.


16 thoughts on “I Haz The Wants Again

  1. THANK YOU, Phil!

    Been looking for something like this ‘forever’. I first learned the caliper trick to scribe lines at Hughes Aircraft, but there’s times it doesn’t work, like you described.

    I have a set of “Trammel Points” that I slide on to a length of key stock, but they’re more for drawing/scribing BIG circles on stuff.

    Thanks again! I’m off to Amazon to use a gift card The Kids got me last Christmas…..

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  2. I had boat plans that were all in metric. Rather than mess with conversions, I just went ahead and ordered metric measuring tools. As a bonus I now have a pretty good feel for metric measurements.

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    • Yeah, I know I’m a Knuckle draggin’ Neanderthal when it comes to that stuff but I have pretty much had it jammed down my throat for the last thirty odd years, like it or not.
      Cars and trucks went all Metric decades ago and almost all of the equipment I work on now comes from Europe so I deal with Metric crap all of the time.
      Old habits die hard though my friend….


  3. Shit, I like it! Just under .008″ is great for all but precision layouts. I FREAKING
    cringe when I see some idiot using dial calipers as scribing tools!

    PS I just ordered a tool today. I already have the pocket scale, but I decided to
    buy the 25′ tape measure calibrated in the finest graduations available. This is
    an industry standard that has been around for as long as I have been in the
    mechanical trades. Slap another thin shim under those motor feet to move it
    up a blank. Move that pump a blank to the left.

    I have dealt with precision tools all my life, but I never had a measuring tool
    that used this standard!

    PS Phil, in a few minutes, I will be sending you some basics on industrial motor
    control circuits.

    Now back to my new tape measure, I should get the tape measure in 6 days:

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    • Awesome. I had heard of the tape measure but had never seen the pocket scale before.
      Gonna have to look into that.
      Thanks for the incoming lessons!


      • Oh, I bought one pocket scale on eBay and got another as a
        bonus. I gave the second one to a former coworker.


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