I Found An Acorn!

Lucky old blind pig that I am, I fixed that damn Bronco in twenty minutes flat on the first try.

Bigger than shit it was the ignition module.

As soon as I got up and guzzled half a cup of coffee yesterda I was out and on the run. First up was a dump run, that took a while because ya gotta separate every fucking thing now. Scrap metal in this bin, batteries in that bin, cardboard goes in the big pit and God Forbid anything has oil in it.

I did get lucky in that for the first time in memory there wasn’t a line of cars and trucks clear down the road waiting to get in the joint.

Finished that bullshit up, went straight to the auto parts store and had to explain to the kid the ignition module I wanted goes on the side of the distributor.

It’s a good thing their computers have pictures. I don’t know what these younger guys would do if all they had was a rack of catalogs like it used to be back in the day.

Eighty bucks later I walked out with a little box and headed home. I did open it up first and look inside. I’ve been burned a few time with the wrong parts being in the right box.

Got home, ate something real quick, loaded up a bunch of tools and headed out.

I got to work at 1 PM almost on the dot and by 1:20 I was putting my tools away. Yes, I used every last bit of the heat transfer goop on the back side of the new module.

So then I was kinda fucked. I didn’t have any way to get the Bronco home and get back for the Caballero, it was only an hour an a half before I started work anyway so I said fuck it and punched in and went to work. The boss was more than happy to let me too. They are still shorthanded.

It made for a long damn day though.

I lit out of here about ten thirty yesterday morning and its ten minuted to two in the morning the next day right now.

I’m going to be asleep here shortly, I can already feel it coming.

6 thoughts on “I Found An Acorn!

  1. WooHoo!
    Glad you got it fixed!
    Just a thought: How many functions does the Ford FI module work with or there’s a system dependency?
    Maybe the module was going bad for awhile, not fully FUBAR’d, but effected other functions?


  2. I suggest a U-haul dolly run to get both vehicles RTB. Costs about $25 for 24 hours and solves the issue.

    My F150 shit the bed on me like that a couple years ago but fortunately I was half a block from the parts store at Wally world.

    Nice job

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    • That would be a viable option if I was in a hurry, the Bronco has a hitch on it but ;’m not so sure about trailer wiring.
      Fortunately there is no hurry and it can just sit there until someone shows up around here and can give me a ride up there. I could just call a LYFT too I suppose. It’s only about seven or eight miles away.
      In the mean time it will give me a chance to go sweep up all the hand grenades out in the street in front of the house from those damn Magnolia trees.


  3. It is known as the TFI Module. Like you I belong to the bent wrench club. I have 2 sockets that I ground down to fit the module bolts holes on it. bought 2 snap on sockets, at different times, then I happened to find a special socket just for it. Hope yours was easy to get to my luck had me loosening the dist.


  4. I bought the special tool years ago but wound up not needing it!
    I took my Snap On distributor wrench with me, pulled the distributor and found two Phillips head screws holding it on!
    Easy Peasy at that point.


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