Excellent! Now Rip The Guts Out Of It And Throw A Monster V-8 In It!

This is cool.

You can soon buy a brand new Old School Bronco.


Unfortunately it has an electric drive train.

I’m thinking if you have enough money to buy one of these, you have enough money to yank that shit out and throw in a conventional drive train and have a brand new Old School Bronco without the pain in the ass, time and expense of a restoration.

Zero Labs building a limited run of electric classic Ford Broncos

Zero Labs is building battery-electric “classic” first-generation Ford Broncos. The design is classic, the powertrain is modern, and everything else about it is new. The Ford Bronco EV being made by Zero debuts just in time to meet the new-generation (actual) Ford Bronco.

Zero plans to make about 150 of the totally new classics. The Bronco EV is made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber with an all-digital dash and an Atlas two-speed transfer case. The front and rear differentials are from Currie, the coil over suspension from Fox, and the brakes are from Brembo.

The powertrain for the retro electric starts with a 70 kWh battery that should give the rig a 190-mile (305 km) range. The motor is a 360 horsepower (268 kW) permanent magnet unit capable of a peak output of 440 hp (330 kW) in short bursts. Torque is rated at 277 lb-ft (375 Nm).

Charging for the electric Bronco is via Level 2 input. Zero has not released expected charge time, but it can be inferred from the battery’s size and input capability at around 9 hours. The company is listing several potential upgrade options for the Bronco EV, including larger batteries.

Promised as a first edition, the Zero Labs Bronco seems to be a toe in the water for the company; testing response before adding more to the market. Zero has not given a price tag for the retro EV Bronco, but it is not likely to be cheap.

Source: Zero Lab

An electric Bronco.

There are some stupid motherfuckers in this world, ya know?

How ya gonna charge this thing up when you are twenty miles out in the Boonies on a dirt Goat track?


9 thoughts on “Excellent! Now Rip The Guts Out Of It And Throw A Monster V-8 In It!

  1. Let’s not be too hasty….as delivered, the thing has, uh, “inadequacies.” But….sequential application of specific tools can rectify that.

    Assuming the electric drivetrain has adequate HP and torque (as in “>Bronco ver 1.0, preferably by a factor of 2”) a small turbo diesel driving an alternator capable of 120% of normal HP requirements can meet “normal” load requirements, supplanted by whatever a small battery pack can deliver, say, another 25-35%, and the electron surplus from the alternator keeps the batts charged. Copper wire is lighter than trashmissions and driveshafts, easier to install, and RPM flexibility eliminates complex (and heavy) gear trains and shifters. Electric motors deliver full torque at zero RPM.

    Out of the box it ain’t much, but I see opportunities.


  2. the nice thing about electric drive is this, altitude, temperature, air density, humidity means nothing to a series wound, compound wound or three phase electric motor. a 100HP motor makes 100HP under the ocean(waterproofed) or in outer space even upside down or sideways. all you need is a good nuff power supply. big batteries or a big genset. makes no difference. I’d haul a Hobart 30Kw diesel genset on a trailer just to piss off the prius and tesla pilots with their holier than thou attitudes…


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