My Mind Is Broken Now

Holy fucking shit.

I watched this and then saw my garage and my utter lack of skills in my mind and something snapped. I suddenly have this urge to lick some windows.

If you need me I will be over in the corner babbling incoherently and drooling on myself.

6 thoughts on “My Mind Is Broken Now

  1. No big deal, actually; air bearings are common – and have been for 50+ years – in semiconductor mfg. BTW, “air” is not used, N2 is, because it’s dry (as in zero moisture), clean (as in “sterile” – zero contaminants), cheap (“air” is 78% N2) and constant N2 flow excludes all O2 which, long term, is corrosive and degrades those high precision surfaces.

    Only downside is the equipment is fed N2 at 90-130 PSI 24X7X365 – never shut off, even when the equipment is not in use – so it always sounds like a snake pit.

    We used N2 generators with 2.5K gallon liquid N2 tanks and compressors as emergency backups in case the N2 generator had any problems.


  2. I used to do fieldwork for a company in Orange County that had a large
    vertical mill using air bearings. I nearly shit my pants when the operator
    described what it could do. I thought I was hot stuff after hand honing
    a 36-inch gas compressor cylinder to .0005″ That included out of
    round, hourglass )(, Barrel (), and taper \ /.

    The best precision I ever achieved is no match for the accuracy of these


  3. That’s Exactly what I need! How else will I Ever be able to actually create the mistakes I dream up with sufficient accuracy to be able to brag on them?


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