Meh, I Ain’t Happy With It Yet

I spent most of yesterday busting my narrow old ass out in the jungle of a  side yard.

Whacking shit that was over grown and getting it in a pile, raking fucking leaves and branches and generally over doing it, again. I pulled the Caballero up in the driveway next to the pile and filled that fucker clear up. The space I cleared out was maybe 10’X10′ and hadn’t been properly dealt with since we moved in. The neighbor has an immaculate yard that butts up against part of it so I took pity on the poor bastard and cleaned it all out on my side. After I got it all tarped up and strapped down I came in the house for a breather and then went and started the POS and pulled it out in the driveway. Then I set up my Horror Fright cheap assed plastic saw horses, threw my 2X12 “portable workbench” on ’em and lifted that heavy little hydraulic press up on it to start in where I left off with that bastard.


I moved some cross braces all the way down and drilled more holes for the height adjustment. I went to put the springs on but when I moved the support rods all the way up I discovered the little 4 ton bottle jack I was going to use was about an inch too tall.

After some muttering to myself I remembered seeing a stubby little 12 tonner over at Harbor Freight the other day while I was getting something else.

HMMM   I sez. I wonder….

I looked it up on their website and according to my bad eyes and miserable measuring skills, the damn thing would just fit. I mean perfectly. Unfortunately I also took the time to read all of the reviews and saw a few that troubled me.

Several people complained that the thing didn’t have enough oil in them and even more complained that once they got the thing to go up, it wouldn’t come back down. Even after taking the needle valve all the way out.

Several more complained that the ones they bought wouldn’t hold a load, it would start bleeding off.

I weighed my options and said Fuck it.

It’s gonna be a 30 dollar gamble. I had the 20% OFF coupon but around here that basically turns into a 10% coupon. The first 10% covers the fucking Sales Tax around here.

I went and got one, made sure it went up AND down right there in the fucking store and also snagged a telescoping roller  stand to use with the band saw. That was only 16 bucks and I couldn’t make one that cheap. I haven’t even opened that box up yet.

Damn impulse buys anyway.

I came home, got the bottle jack out, fiddle fucked around and had to cut down some return springs and then stuck it on there and tried it out.


See that bottle of Jack Oil down there at the bottom right?

Bigger than shit..

After I put some oil in it I could pump it up and get it to move. It actually pressed the two bearings onto that copper shaft I had laying around so it does work.



I am basically going to have to completely redo the cross member the jack sits on.

I didn’t have the right dimension of steel handy when I was building that and had to sandwich two pieces together to get the thickness I wanted. I also didn’t have working welder here at the time and had to take the parts to work and get them welded up without having the rest of the frame to use to see how everything was going to fit.


As you can see, things aren’t as they should be and that cross member floats all over the damn place. I am also going to have to whack the push rod in the middle as it way too long, even after I already whacked it once.




After I get all that taken care of then I am going to have to come up with some plates to use for various shaped parts . That won’t be too big of a deal, some 1/2 plate with some cut outs should work just fine.

I  lit up my air compressor for a few minutes yesterday to blow off the chips from drilling the holes and when I flipped the lever to the OFF position, to turn it off, it sounded funny, like it was still trying to run,almost but super slow. I made a mental note of it and  blew the chips off and kept working.

I went to do the same thing today and the fucker won’t even come on. It’s got juice and I can hear the switch engaging.

More fucking joy.

That damn thing is absolutely fucking buried behind a whole ton of shit and will take a couple of hours to get out before I can even get close to tearing into it. As it is I am reaching across the front of a 350 Chevy long block on an engine stand and several boxes of other shit waist high just to be able to reach the little lever that turns it on with my finger tip.

When I do finally get that little hydraulic press debugged and working the way I want it to it is going to be a bad ass little unit.

I saw one that you could buy that was similar and it was North of $250.

If whatever I am trying to get on or off doesn’t move with a 12 ton ram then it must be too big for something to be doing at home anyway.



5 thoughts on “Meh, I Ain’t Happy With It Yet

  1. Nah, I have a 20 ton jack press that sometimes doesn’t do the job, so I take it to a friends shop that has a 40 tonner occasionally. One cannot have too much press.


  2. every time i think my day is shit i come over here and read your latest Screwup/F-Up…
    thank you for salvaging another day for me.


  3. I bought the HF stubby 20’ton and it barely moves when pumping, like a sixteenth of an inch. Low oil you say…….
    I was trying to level a trailer and replace some rotted cribbing.
    Took for fucking ever….
    Good job on the press.


  4. I am assuming the air compressor has a 110v single phase motor. If it is
    a capacitor start motor, it should also have a centrifugal switch at the ass
    end (opposite the shaft.) One way to tell if you have a problem with the
    capacitor is to remove the guard using an open hand on the
    compressor pulley to spin it up. If it picks up and runs at normal speed,
    replace the capacitor. Most often issues with the switch can be addressed
    with a fingernail file or needle file.

    I do not need to tell you to watch your fingers and do not wear gloves when
    using this old school method. Turn it on and immediately give the flywheel
    a shove.

    I really miss the days when I could file down the points on my Spitfire with
    a fingernail file and set the gap with my driver’s license. The only real
    tool I needed was a screwdriver.


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