Christmas Is Coming Fellas

Hint Hint..

Fuck me, this thing is Bad Ass.

Expensive as fuck all but Bad Ass.


XL18 Flamethrower

Rated 4.57out of 5 based on 7customer ratings


This flamethrower was designed to deliver maximum firepower downrange.

  • 110ft+ range
  • .5 GPS (gallons per second)
  • Napalm compatible
  • Free US shipping!
  • black-xl18

7 thoughts on “Christmas Is Coming Fellas

  1. Yeah! Looks like a nice rig.
    A tad bit boutique pricey though. I can see roughly what all the bits cost, you could build one yourself a lot less.
    Perfect Zombie weapon.
    Everyone wants to kill the flamethrower guy in combat.
    Use an oxygen tank as your pressure circuit, boost the flammable component by an oder of magnitude.
    Cool rig.

    Been giving some mind to building my own, seems propane would add to the flammable mix and provide your pressure side.
    I think the most difficult part would be R&D of the jet size and shape. Only have to try various orifice designs.
    McMaster Carr has a great selection of valving and the other bits needed.
    I been wondering if using propane, a gas only siphon tank, provides adequite pressure. Pressure comes from the liquid propane converting to a gas. I think the conversion ratio is like 30 to1 or higher. So event the nice handy size small 10lb bottle of propane should provide multiple tanks of foo gas with pressure.
    What is propane gas pressure unregulated? 30 something PSI? But you have to contend with the liquid freezing if the gas is drawn off too quickly. Maybe have to run a 12vdc bottle heater like what the Nitrous injection guys use on their race cars.
    Plus with propane, gives you an ignitor source for your foo gas.

    We made foo gas with Ivory Flakes when we was little hooligan’s. We had an old Indian Pump forrest fire fighters pump can, was sitting in the barn for years all covered with chickenshit, it put out about a 15 foot flame if you held a source of ignition out a bit from the nozzle.


  2. Looks like they took a scuba tank, drilled and tapped an outlet on the bottom, then feed CO2 pressure thru a welding gas regulator in reverse to push the fuel out of the tank. The CO2 bottles same as for paintball guns. If you got a welding supply account you can get large bottles of CO2, liquid, with a liquid siphon valve, and fill the small bottles real cheap.
    The hosing and connections are standard industrial stuff. Cans of ether starting fluid would probably work, cheaper than butane. Looks like they use pressure washer hose, valves and handles too.
    Nifty design.


    • Take that back, no regulator, it is straight out pressure from the CO2 tank, looks like there is a simple adjustable valve at the CO2 tank outlet.


  3. Next time ANTIFA has friendly little git-tagethuh in Portland the Police should have a few of these babies on hand just in case their disruptions last more than a second.


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