Slow Roasted


Comey is already looking at charges being filed too.

That Muslim Commie bastard Brennan is really going to get hammered.

The OIG report is going to spawn even more criminal investigations.

Stay tuned.


24 thoughts on “Slow Roasted

      • Like many people, I’ve had those clearances and lived under the same rules she was supposed to live under.

        I don’t doubt for an instant that I’d be in jail while they sorted out the charges for the unclassified server in a bathroom in Bumfuq, Nowhere. And everything else.

        It sure looks like a different class of justice if you’re well-connected. “Laws for thee and laws for me”.

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        • Yeah. The only rule is there are no rules. But for us dirt people.
          I notice of late there are a lot more commentary regarding those defacto laws imposed upon us.
          I predict a cascade preference is underway gaining inertia. At a certain stage, which is impossible to predict, until it happens, and then it is blatantly obvious, these sea changes create an effect all outside their seeming diminutive and grass roots beginnings.
          The effect is withdrawal of consent. Which seems like an oxymoron considering how lawless they are, but these scalawags, in order to hold power there must be at least an illusion of legitimacy which they hold. Even tacit consent works.
          Key word: Illusion.

          The old Chinese Mandate of Heaven thing.
          There is another analogy which pertains, about “Water Empires”.
          From what I can discern from the little written about Water Empires, they not only hold a vast unchallenged umbrella of statist static power, hence the water empire, as in holding all power over a civilizations water sources.
          I guess what happens the empire becomes so fossilized with its monopoly of power, just a push from a political outsider to the empire will cause the empire to collapse.
          From my perspective a most appropriate analogy with Mr. Trump elected as the murder weapon, or maybe that is an indictment, as in the form of MAGA, by 64 million Deplorable’s, thus leading to a crisis of legitimacy of the people running the Western Hemisphere.
          Resistance which is not only taking place with increasing frequency, it is also open source resistance, it is growing stronger, these power elites, are facing circumstances where their past political power is ineffective in counter insurgency actions, and have become trapped in a corner of their own making, where, as such power mad actors used to unlimited power, are forced to employ the power to hurt people, along with use of force and violent means to stop the insurgents.
          Case in point, the French Yellow Shirts. American’s who are choosing to use their God given rights to use their natural right to arms as a clear message. Brexit, Caledonia, Scottland is talking about another secession vote, Italy, Greece, Hungry has said BFYTW to the Brussel’s tyrants on forced invasion via musloid immigrants.
          This is just a tip of the iceberg of defiance, resistance, and the motive power of dirt people who have had quite enough of this globalist ruling class crap.

          Huge grass roots underground, open source leaderless resistance going on. Very difficult to stop. Plus, action taken to quell and repress such grass roots legitimate withdrawal of consent creates more resistance and defiance.

          What is a self respecting dicktator to do?
          Because going banana republic on people arses in the White Christian West is not a formula for success.
          Imagine pulling off this incessant palace coup against President Trump will be a bridge too far for the bastards.

          A lot of the commentary about the subject of rule of law verses rule of men, is that if everything is illegal for us dirt people, and our “master’s” are not beholden to any laws, only rules for their singular benefit, then there is no such thing as laws.
          Everything becomes “legal” and legitimate for us dirt people.
          That is breaking the glue which holds our civilization civilized, holds it together.
          For sure, it ain’t those in power running things.


  1. We’ll see what happens. I’ll believe it when I see it. Trials and Perp walk, then and only then will I believe it. Seems like they just keep dangling the Carrott


  2. Now tell me why a Sailor went to prison for sending a picture of himself to his mom, from inside a nasty ass sub. His photo compromised virtually nothing and they threw the book at him. And look what the Clinton crime syndicate has gotten away with over 40 years.

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  3. We have not had within generational memory a leader, a President who talks frankly and candidly, openly, about the corruption and treason which has supplanted our republican form of government.
    Inhibiting and preventing such a leader has been a prime objective of the power elites efforts of totalitarian control over the people.
    Leadership is a very important thing in our Christian Western culture and politics. Leadership is a very powerful and motivating element in our lives.

    Think for a moment how destructive lack of principled and conscientious elected leaders is to us as a people. When we are provided the appearance of a choice, with scum and villainy, from the clintins to obama. Palsi to Scheemer. Then think of a leader who is unafraid, has the courage of his convictions, to voice and provide inconvenient truths about the power elite.

    Consider the dichotomy and the change in the dialectic, never mind the social engineering, so disruptive, subversive, and destructive, which is plainly evident in a couple comments here, and other comment threads. Comments of despair, defeatism, and pessimism. People fall into that trap and see no way out. Though to be fair, some are undoubtably shit stirrers and agent provocutuers whose job is toi spread discontent and despair that resistance is futile.

    All the more reason why a great leader of men is so important. And why so many want to take Trump down. To stop the rest of us from resisting and defying. To become good little slaves and give up our guns and freedoms.

    One word: BFYTW

    “Attempted Coup” – President Trump Gives Extensive Interview to Sean Hannity…


    • Resistance is never futile or a waste of energy, just the opposite, as you already know. To not push back, even in small ways, means a person has completely accepted their shackles.

      The upcoming ruckus will not be pleasant, and the people who say they want it have no concept of how ugly it will be, or they think it can be controlled, both positions are wrong. And these people don’t care what we think, so there’s not much left to do except buy more ammo.

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      • I hear you. That is about as succinct a comment on the situation as one can be made.

        As the wise say: “You don’t have enough ammo”
        Look at what you have. Then double it. Then double it again.
        There will be no re-supply. Only battlefield pick-up if you are fortunate.


  4. With conspiracy and collusion off the table, and Mueller saying the case for obstruction is unproven, the renewed attack on Trump takes on the aspect of a naked and desperate “deep state”-media coup against a president they fear they cannot defeat at the ballot box. – Patrick J. Buchanan


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