This Video Is Going To Blow Your Mind And Enrage You

Better sit down and take a deep breath first.

It’s going to shock you and enrage you, it’s a judicial review board, not some trendy cool video on Youtube.


Watch the entire thing, it’s ten minutes of your time.

This is what the Deep State is all about.


The man speaking is a former CIA Clandestine Operations Officer and the Co- Founder of the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity section.

Mr. Robert David Steele.

Not some blowhard, no source, no credibility,  wannabe fame whore talking out of his ass.


Did you hear the number of children he estimated this is happening to?

Did you hear WHAT is happening to them and WHO is doing it?

This is why Donald Trump and the Q team are working behind the scenes.

Forget every fucking thing you see or hear about on the news, every fucking bit of it is bullshit.

This is why they are attacking him relentlessly and from all corners.

He knows about them and he is trying to stop them.

ALL of them.

8 thoughts on “This Video Is Going To Blow Your Mind And Enrage You

  1. Great post and an important post!! I believe that there is a lot more to “Pizza Gate” than what we were told before that story got crammed into a sealed can. The underbelly of Washington DC has got to be as dark as absolute black!!! There is so much evil walking amongst us!!


  2. I wonder how long these brave and honorable people have left, I am sure dark and powerful forces are aligning against them. It will seriously effect and bring down highly placed people as it should. You don’t go up to deeply entrenched deep state with out taking losses.

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  3. Below is a look into the fringes of what makes the above possible, and under this class system such reprehensible things flourish. The Enabler Class.
    When Henry wrote it, it applied, now, it REALLY REALLY applies. That is telling you something right there. It holds up splendid. Be prepared, it is an uncanny look into shit where you go holy cow, I know what this is.
    At first blush you might say pah!, this is nothing compared to the sicko’s. But it is part & parcel of any organized crime system. These inhuman monsters require a very large complex support infrastructure to keep the wheels greased, the illusion their syndicate is official government and maintain the facade. But it is also from the ranks of which are selected approved persons and groomed to become soldiers. Think La Costra Nostra and the code of death to traitors.
    For all intents and purposes this is a century and a halk branch of the globalist organized crime syndicate. Drugs, weapons, munitions, commodities, you can only sell them once. But a 12 year old girl, or a 4 year old boy you can sell use of their bodies, or use them to blackmail targets, 8 times a day.
    After all, the below are slaves of this system of ultimate power, and what is more ultimate than slavery of human beings, in particular innocent children.

    There is a world spanning pandemic of particularly heinous psychopaths underway.

    About the Corporate Slave Class

    Trump et all are working mostly from the outside in whittling away at that infrastructure. With every takedown they make this system more vulnerable. They know what it is. The trick is to begin with the lowest hanging fruit and work inwards and up in ascending order. You also take out key outside and particularly nasty actors who do business with the global organization.
    You gain a myriad of intelligence, tie more actors together in the hierarchy. It is also a mind fuck operation. Plus at some point you end up with people who know a lot, and go stool pigeon or states evidence to save their arse. You could apply RICO statutes to this quite well.

    Thing is, you first have to understand what it is your enemies holds dearest, what is most precious to our enemy here, the 2nd, know your enemy. These are inviolate rules in conflict.
    And they are waging war on us, our culture, our codes, everything. And these monstrous things they do rips our civilization apart.
    What do they care. They are the power elite. They control the money, energy, food, government. If they create destruction of who and what we are, no concern of theirs, they got theirs already.
    And from the DMV lady to the powerful Congressman, they are all part of the same system.

    MAGA, Q, The White Hats, 65 million Trump voters, threatens their precious order.


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