Something To Ponder, RE; The Mueller Report (Updated)

I copy pasted this off The Chan, written by an obviously Anonymous poster.

Take a gander and see if this doesn’t maybe make a little sense to you also.


How do you now “Investigate the Investigators”?

How do you now “Destroy the Deep State C_A”?

You need a legal basis for “new” investigations.

For optics, it can’t come from the President.

For optics, it couldn’t come until Mueller was done.

For optics, it must come from the redeemed DOJ/FBI.

For optics, it must allow for C_A to be dissolved.

And the reason must be familiar to the public…



I just completed a full reading of the Mueller Report.

While reading, I was looking for this spying pretext.

This report is littered with ways to investigate “them”.

Page 62 is one of my favorite ways to target “them”.

It focuses on a core event the public understands.

And it involves Michael Flynn’s email testimony.

That Hillary’s email server was compromised.

– By the Russians.

– By the Chinese.

– By the Iranians.

– By the Highest Bidders?


And that everyone knew it way back then.

And yet it was never investigated properly.

Because it came back to our own C_A.

Because it came back to “them”.

But was inverted to target Trump instead.

And used to remove Michael Flynn.

With knowingly false accusations.

And illegal media leaks.

And illegal FISA’s.

And illegal spying.


Bye bye leakers.

Bye bye MSM.

Bye bye C_A.

Hello new and improved DIA.

The Defense Intelligence Agency.

(Which used to be run by Flynn).

Clowns out. Military in.

Now you know why DIA is hiring so fast.

Where did Trump go on day 1?

Jan 21, 2017?

The C_A.


1000 pieces is the goal.

Pompeo >> C_A >> Sec State

Think strategically.

And long term.

Payback for JFK.

Payback for JFK Jr.

I haven’t had time to read the Redacted Mueller Report but I am seeing that Trump did not use Executive Privilege to have anything redacted out of it.

That fact alone should make some people very fucking nervous.

Much of what was redacted has to do with “Ongoing Investigations”.

That should make these same people even more nervous.

You saw Pelosi and Crew come out whining about AG Barr and his announcement about the findings, all shrieking and indignant?

Hurling accusations of bias and impropriety?

Them fuckers are scared shitless because THEY KNOW what is coming.

There is no stopping what is coming now.

Trump played their fucking game and pitched them a No Hitter.

Now it’s his turn at bat…



I see while I was typing this out that Q broke his week long silence and posted this very related little morsel;


Fake investigations by committee members will not delay what is about to be unleashed.


Now comes the pain.

7 thoughts on “Something To Ponder, RE; The Mueller Report (Updated)

  1. This is not going to end well for the deep state conspirators. Mueller and his
    merry band of Clinton partisans exonerated the president on charges of
    “collusion” which is not even a crime outside some obscure reference in
    antitrust laws. They also colluded that obstruction could not be proven nor
    ruled out. This is the legal equivalent of saying “we could not find the plaintiff
    guilty, but we could not prove that he did not commit the crime.”

    This violates every justice department guideline on the subject. They fed the
    rabid dogs in the media some red meat in order to prove a known false narrative.
    If I know who most of the bad actors are in the conspiracy, the loyal rank, and
    file members of the Justice Department and the FBI know even more than I do!
    It was Dan Bongino who said at the very beginning of this hoax that he could not
    believe the administration was not conducting a rat hunt to ferret out the

    pResident Ubangi could only corrupt the political appointees, and the upper and
    mid-level managers. President Trump had to sit on his hands until the Mueller
    investigation ran it’s course or there would have been cries of obstruction. Less
    than 2 months after Trump fired Sessions, the new AG forced a wrap-up by
    Mueller. As your post stated, Now it’s Trump’s turn at bat.

    Ubangi made a fatal mistake. The majority of the employees in the FBI and
    Justice Department are loyal to the Constitution and not the Democrat party,
    Hillary Clinton, or the deep state. I thought I knew everything about this
    conspiracy until I watched this video:

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    • You know you are too damn busy when you can’t even keep up with the comments on your own piss ant little blog. Sheese.
      I am going to watch this now, there is another one from another commenter on a different post that I need to go find also.


      • There were only a few names that I had not heard before connected to this mess. I can tell you that the Uranium One scandal is going to be right on the heel of this one. Both Clintons, Rosenstein and Meuller are all neck deep in that one also.
        So, do you know about the Five Eyes program?
        Boningo touched on it, it allows other countries to surveille our citizens or dig through the NSA database and report their findings to our government which nypasses our laws about spying on our citizens. New Zealand, Britain and Australia are big players connected to this.
        Hillary went to New Zealand and accessed info she couldn’t get here and was able to do so without having to sign into the system like he would here.
        As for Britain and MI%’s involvement in Spygate, Gina Haspel, the current head of the CIA, was the Station Chief in London while all of this was going down. You gotta know that caused a big brown river of shit to run down a whole bunch of peoples legs when Trump put her in charge of the CIA.
        Now that the Mueller investigation is over, it’s Trumps turn. Every fucking bit of all of this is going to see the light of day now. Mueller’s whole purpose was to delay and keep Trump from being able to let any of this out. Q called him The Blockade. That Blockade has been lifted and now it’s SHOWTIME!
        I told ya, get more popcorn.


  2. Number 1 I believe involved getting rid of General Flynn was an overriding imperative of these clowns. Flynn is very aware and has a history of hunting down the actors involved in this whole coup. An “outsider” would be highly understating Gen. Flynn’s stature. It would be impossible to oust President Trump once Flynn was established in the Trump hierarchy.

    This is tellling:

    To answer your question Phil, it looks like what goes around comes around, and the irrefutable law of unintended consequences in action. Same difference really. With one caveat. When you do not do dishonest things there are no bad unintended consequences. Same with lying. Liars figure, figures don’t lie. Truth has no agenda. Thus nothing to defend. The other thing here is dissimulation, which is these dishonest peoples go to strategy, plausible deniability. These things have a half life, the cover, the intended illusions of something else they are not, degrades, their survival rate eventually reaches Zero. Once you go down that path, it becomes a never ending game of surviving your illegitimacy. In no uncertain terms this applies on orders of magnitude in republican form of government. Which is government of for and by the people. So when you betray the inherent trust granted by the people, you must predicate you lies and treason on more lies and treason to cover your back trail.

    I think you and I understand this is basically how they where inevitably going to be caught. If Q and the Anon’s are about anything it is that.

    Bringing such things to our attention, aka, The Truth, a most brilliant and courageous feet in a time where lies dominate all actions, the truth becomes an orphan, and only those who truly are genuine saviors can rescue such an orphan from drowning in that sea of lies.

    Trump and all did the exact right things all along.
    The evidence of that truth is apparent with Steel and the other agent British provocateurs, these people are real foreign actors of intrusion in the 2016 elections. The sitting President of the United States and his entire administration along with all who where even remoyely involved who where investigated, all complied and never once obstructed any investigation.
    Yet, these key actors, the Brits above, have refused to be interviewd as part of the investigations, and yet, they are the principles who perpetrated the false trail of evidence which was the basis of this palace coup attempt.

    Heh. Funny how that works.

    Trump and all avoided wrestling the alligators in the swamp, a most remarkable feat, in order to keep their perspective and options above the waterline, maintain irrefutable integrity, and remain blemish free, thus they would be vindicated without exception. Because there where no exceptions to their steadfast activities of maintaining, and following the jurisprudence, the color of, the rule of law. Pretty good for a fascist nazi racist white toxic orangemanbad who stole the election from HRC and the rest of the hive mind collective of NPC’s.
    In effect, Trump crossed all T’s and dotted all i’s, the inevitable result being those who are behind all this have no wiggle room or loop holes to escape. Justice takes a natural course. It is why The Rule Of Law is so incredibly important, so profound in it’s occurrence, Rule of Law has never happened as the foundation of a government in all of human history. The ancients tried, but never got it 100% down pat. This is what underlies the greatness of this REPUBLIC. Rule of law, is NOT rule of men. Rule of men is what you see exposed. What was going on to oust Mr. Trump and deny us dirt people or incredible mandate on 11-8-2016.
    Rule of Law is much more “discreet” in appearance, but because it is the only real equality that rightfully exists in our civilization, with the exception for when your born and when you die and your natural born rights. But they are another matter unto themselves.
    The IDEA of Rule Of Law is the unbroken thread, a legacy mind you, from Greece and Rome till this very second, which produced our civilization. Made it possible.
    Trump and all reached into the fire and pulled Rule of Law back before it was incinerated in that conflagration of tyranny.
    Those behind that fire, have every intent of replacing Rule of Law with rule over men.
    That is their treason and high crimes.

    Q never let anyone forget how important it was that we all heard and understood the truth. Really nothing more. It was always the most important thing the truth never died. He said it once of he said it 100 times about where one goes we all go. I think by that he inferred we must seek the truth, hear the truth, think the truth, speak the truth, share the truth, spread the truth. The truth being the enemy of these people and their intents.
    I think this is why so much money & resources have been expended to shut down and shut up Q.

    My question has always been not who Q is but what Q is.
    Q =’s Truth.

    And if you where to ask most of us who believed in Q we could not put it in exact terms why we believe, only that somehow trusting Q was important somehow, it was right somehow deep down, like a splinter in our minds. No matter all the stuff thrown at Q to cause Q to look like a farce or some retarded tin foil hat conspiracy theory cult. When all along it was just about the truth. Plain and simple. Q only talked in riddles because it was critical we think with our minds and not our mouths like everyone around us. To create a level of critical thinking. This is why the Anon’s flourish by Q, they are inherently critical thinking minds with a myriad of experience and insights into thinking outside the box so many are programmed into thinking within. They became a kind of good guy Q stalking horse per say.
    But sometimes in times like comes to us it hard to always see the forrest for the trees. And that is really the only thing you could really question, because that thing about the truth was lost for seeing 100% of the time in a sea of swells of deliberate confusion and dissimulation. The Anon’s brought everyone back time and time again to the simple truth. In our time of universal deceit keeping the faith of the truth is a quite brilliant achievement. Most audacious, and defiant. It is insurgent. It is very representative of our motive power of freedom & Liberty and defines us quite well. All the more reason why us Deplorable’s are held in such contempt by these scalawags. They fear and hate us because we will not submit and shut or fucking mouths and obey them, they, being this master race of power elites.

    Never think for a second Phil it didn’t count, Q would be nothing if people such as yourself did not advocate the message. It really matters. It is the little people who ever effect positive change. Look around. Do you see anybody else but Deplorable’s wanting and acting to save our civilization? That stuff all begins with each of us, then it becomes A LOT of us. Q always maintained that right there.

    As for those involved in this terrible evil usurpation of power:

    Too bad Bitchez. Sucks to be you.


  3. And PS about Flynn. He is a very important character in all this. The deep state was terrified of him. He knew who and what all abvoiut them. He knew all about their foriegn intanglements, the Clinton’s international skeletons. It was critical, before anything else, he be removed from that kind of power over them. It is why they wasted zero time going after him.
    No actual crime or impropriety was required, they only needed to taint Flynn, and Trump would play by the legal rules to avoid Flynn. Whether he believed the claims or not, there only needed to an appearance of something, some taint.

    In that link is revealed it is apparent Rosenpenis and Mueller went to have a conference with President Trump under entirely false pretenses, they lied going in, and lied going out, to a sitting president, with the full intent of setting him up later down the road, the reason’s are pretty fucking sleazy. One thing they did was use Muellers phone as a recording device, even “forgetting” they left it behind after the “meeting”, then going back for it under those phony pretense of forgetting he left it in the oval Office.

    That sure strikes me as an open act of treason. You got conspiracy to frame a president. Meeting under false pretenses to justify clandestinely interview and record what Trump spoke about,by the guy they already, unbeknown to anyone but within their conspiracy Mueller was going to be anointed as special council.
    There are so many malicious ethics and violations of the color and rule of law it, it is a sea of treason. And that is separate from all the decades long Mueller conflicts of interests with the Clinton crimes and treason. They where also scheming how to get rid of the dangerous Congressmen, like Nunes. Remember the “ethics” violations levied against Devin Nunes?

    Mueller really needs to wear a 13 knot necktie at Leavenworth’s execution courtyard. Have Rosenpenis watch all the executions, save him for last, after Sen. Ryan, Palsi and Scheemer. Shit will probably off himself like the sniveling little commie he is.
    Set the FBI agents in Ol’ sparky, one right after the other, kind of warm the seat for them.
    The rest should hang from lamposts, I’m talking the entire swamp, down Pennsylvania Ave, like the Roman Legion’s did, leave them to rot till they decompose and fall off their ropes. Actually heels. Mussolini style. Necks don’t last long once broke.

    The main purpose of setting up Mueller as special council was to specifically set up a fake case and evidence, to indict Trump on obstruction, thus providing Palsi Scheemer Ryan and Shit the facade of impeaching Trump. The whole Russian scheme was transformed from a frame job, to a smoke screen for the fake obstruction conspiracy. Never let a good crisis go to waste.


  4. Again from you alls lips to God’s ears, but for the last two years all I’m hearing is blah blah blah blah blah. Stop the Bullshit and let’s get it going.


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