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This article is being linked to and passed around in mails.

You may want to take just a few minutes and read it.

This part stood out to me, anyone reading my Blog should already be well aware of my warnings about Civil War,

The day after Election Day in 2020 is the day America fractures. There is no more coexistence with the Left in America, for Leftists have already decided they will never accept the outcome of any election they don’t win. They reject the rule of law; they despise facts that don’t fit their delusional thinking; they have zero tolerance for a diversity of ideas; and they are seething with hatred for their own country and wish to see it overrun and destroyed economically, politically, culturally and geographically. Leftists are a cancer on society, and sooner or later, they must be eliminated from all positions of influence and power.

Here is a link to the article. I can’t find any arguments with it’s conclusions.

ANALYSIS: Why the treasonous Left will suffer a brutal loss in the coming civil war as power, water and food supply lines are cut by rural patriots defending America

16 thoughts on “A Recommended Read

  1. Describes exactly what I used to preach: big cities are nothing but giant mouse traps.
    Cut water and electricity and the cities will devour themselves.
    Cities can be rebuilt.
    The damage the enemies of our people wreak cannot be undone.

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    • Yeah Brother!
      Rule #1, Stay away from crowds,(cities).
      Rule#2, See rule #1

      I think energy in the form of AC main grid power is only second in vital importance to air, food and water in todays modern society. It may be more important at least in the immediate sense than water and food to millions.
      This demographic has no conception of what it is messing with with it’s consent, even tacit consent, enablers, for the psychopaths running things they vote for every time. They choose the safety and comfort of slavery to totalitarian constructs which monopolize their hives, you could say.

      There is a built in cascade failure to their way of life. Once power goes down, the cascade begins. Can’t pump water up buildings, no water for faucets and toilets. Many sewage systems employ pumps and grinder pumps to lift sewage up grades, over hills, out to treatment plants on islands etc. Of course no refrigeration. Or air conditioning systems. Or for medicine like Insulin. Or for frequency control systems in tops of high buildings, which counteract the vibrations caused by winds. They use devices like hydraulic jacks to shuffle counterweights keeping buildings from breaking their structures support and collapsing.
      “Law” enforcement, Fire/rescue, all infrastructure services require power to operate. Computer systems, comm’s, just to recharge portable radio’s. Pump fuel for their vehicles.
      Of course those people have family, how long will they remain on duty leaving loved ones and property unprotected when the cascade failures begin to increase, at some point reaching exponential rates. Not long I’ll wager. And they will if they got any sense, have planned to take valuable resources with them. From weapons to vital medical and first aid supply.
      Hospitals, city hall, state houses etc, their diesel tanks will run dry and the generators go silent. If on natural gas, those pipelines require power in a myriad of requirements. And out in the rural areas where the gas pipelines originate, these remote locations use Chevy small block engine driven lift and boost pumps. I hear of theft now of the engines, fuel, and associated components here in WV.

      Not that I’m advocating or anything, but here in the coal fields, explosives used in coal mining are stored in thousand gallon and up, or high tonnage bins and silos, most being Amfo, mixed with off road diesel, they employ det cord and non electric primaries and caps, detonators and booster charges. Everyone mining gets minimum training on explosives, its a safety thing, it is everywhere everywhere. On even small surface mines, a 1200 ton Amfo shot is a fart in a mitten. The big mines with drag lines and electric shovels, they put of megaton shots.

      Think for a minute, and this is just coal mining, just in WV, what kind of destruction and sabotage is possible of the infrastructure of the leftists enclaves and supply lines.
      What would happen to the swamp if the bridges to it dropped into the Potomac and Chesapeake bay? No more federal tyranny as we know it. Or bridges over the Mississippi? The Missouri, Charles river, Hudson river? Just damaging the road bed alone, with their precious white genocide war, they ain’t gonna be repaired very quickly. And that stops when the lone wolves, and leaderless resistance starts sniper interdiction activities. Nobody can guard everything.

      No power. No banking. No banksters, no fake money creation, you need computers to create “money” out of 1’s and zero’s, then no political or economic power/tyranny. Money is the life blood of the power elite. And another thing about those trying to destroy our beautiful country, they are elites, they are accustomed to the best, the finest luxuries, best medical, food, services, their safety, their vast holdings, their wealth, it all requires money. No power, how do you move tractor trailer loads of paper fiat, valuable commodities, like gold, silver, morphine, now BitCoinage. (Roads and bridges out, ambuscades by the Deplorable’s, snipers by the hundreds acting alone or small groups, totally open source insurgency warfare, you need entire army’s to even think about stopping that, and they can’t defend everything. Look how difficult it was for the old Soviets, and now Nato troops, to fight, never mind win, against guys with old used iron sight Comblock AK’s, rubber tire sole sandal’s, and a couple mags of ammo, who live in mud huts?)
      These power elites don’t now how to deal with a hangnail without their every whim serviced and waited on.
      Inconvenience? It is why they want to genocide us White people, they are so arrogant, our very existence, “inconveniences” them. We are in their way.
      How well are they going to deal with what brings them down to the same level as most of their subjects in their enclaves. Think bad hair day on crank, by orders of magnitude. They wont have a lot of time and resources to wage their precious genocide.

      It will be ugly, brutal, bloody, lot of misery, but in some ways too, it will be the best thing to happen to us in a long time. Time to get this monkey off our backs. Start fresh.

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  2. Thanks Phil.
    Only got thru a couple paragraphs last nite, till you reminded me to read it all today.
    As you say “I can’t find any arguments with it’s conclusions.”

    Us White Men made desperate by fear for our survival of family, tribe, property and culture will fight to the last. Thru history we have a terrible reputation as the most reluctant, but once we drop our great ideal of prudence and turning the other cheek, fiercest, ruthless, merciless blood thirsty Warriors imaginable. And we do not stop till we decide to stop.

    I wouldn’t want to fuck with me. As my wife says, your the scariest man I ever seen when your lost your temper and go after another guy. Not bragging, last way I like to be, I’m being humble. I think I am lucky to be in such company. We don’t back down. We never say die. You can only kill Men like us. And there are a lot of us. And we have rifles. Lots of rifles.

    But if we are gonna be that way, we be that way, no limits. Except for that one tiny thing that makes us who we are:
    But there for the grace of God I dare to go. It is a certain kind of courage. The kind, no mater how fucking scared you are, you go forward, to the sound of war.

    Not for nothing. You got to be some kind of really special unique kind of stupid to think your gonna wage Genocide against us.


  3. The only problem I have with what the guy says is this. He said, The day after Election Day in 2020 is the day America fractures. There is no more coexistence with the Left in America, for Leftists have already decided they will never accept the outcome of any election they don’t win.

    That is exactly the case now. It was the case after W won in 2000 (remember the screams of “selected not elected”?). It has been the case for a long time. Then, when they win, they’re all “elections have consequences” and “I have a pen and a phone”.

    In other words, nothing at all has changed lately with the possible exception of well-funded hate groups like Antifa. Why does it start in 2020 and not now? Who says it didn’t start in 2016, with the Resistance and the Russia collusion, Fibbies lying to the FISA courts and all the rest? Ask Congressman Steve Scalise and the two cops who took bullets defending him if they think there are unhinged leftists out there now.

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    • “Unhinged Leftist” is redundant, SiGraybeard.

      My only questions is, does America go out with a bang, or with a whimper? I have my two-years’ supply, lots of semi-precious metal, and a LOT of survival and Redneck Engineering knowledge in my poor brain, I’ll survive. And try to keep my neighbors alive. Because I don’t live in The Big City!

      Everybody ready for 2020? If not, WHY not?


    • Good point. I agree with you man. But who can predict such things, even thought the guy did a bang up job of writing it.
      There’s inflection points in all human events. You never see them coming, it is always hindsight. But you can see certain signs that point towards possible outcomes.
      What is probably the most lucid prediction is it will blow our minds, it will be nothing like we expected, nor the place time and the straw that breaks the camels back. It will probably be like what happened right up to Concord Bridge. A number of strikes of the match, and before they ignite a that pivotal event, they go out. Till one doesn’t. Then you get your conflagration. They tend to be doozies too. All out of proportion to the enemies intended consequences. Going in the exact opposite desired effect.
      Let us watch. This is America after all. It isn’t some third world shithole banana republic, regardless of the clowns running it.

      I imagine it wont be too long now. There are those who are deliberately, with great malice and foresight instigating that inflection point that they see as their advantageous event, or events. Reality will be different for them also, even thought it is their “profession” or truly intended action.
      As the great heavy weight boxer put it, how everyone has a plan till they get punched in the face. The absolute military axiom regarding war: No battle plan survives combat.

      The great dynamic in all this is us toxic white Men only need to prepare ourselves, build legion, keep our powder dry and our ear to the ground, and wait. There are certain very advantageous aspects to this.
      On the other hand those who are waging these early stages of their precious genocide against us have to create the circumstances in which they can advance their intents. Expend resources, risk a variety of setbacks and failures, and time. Time is crucial, it is their most perishable resource.
      Besides, as our enemy advances he teaches. We can watch him and learn. While we remain an unknown commodity, numbers, our intent is not readily clear because our enemy is blinded by their hubris and contempt for us. They really do not understand what us dirt people are capable of, what we got in us. They underestimate the resolve millions of us have. And nobody fights harder or to the knife like men whose familiies, property, culture and race are threatened with annihilation.
      Nothing sharpen’s the mind and body towards war more than this.

      There is one more very critical aspect to this. Before anything in war, you must first discover what your enemy holds dear, before you can fight, or you are wasting time.
      What our enemy holds dear above all else, is power. The rule of men. From the most depraved 56 hienz sex variety pickle smooching faggot of Muh’ Resistance! to Nazi white toxic racist facists, to HRC and Soros and their one world order, they crave power over others, and if they can not make us bend our knee’s and take our guns, they will kill us all. That is ultimate power to them.

      They really do not like it when you take power from them. It is why Trump derangement syndrome, why White Genocide, in their minds the only outcome is we need to be liquidated. We have the audacity to defy and resist them. This can not be permitted. You have to think like your enemy before you can know how to beat him. Just our steadfast existence and mute turning of our backs to their bloodlust and madness infuriates them.
      They are consummate drama queens when you get down to it. It is me me me look at meeee! If you ignore me your orangemanbad. Or ridicule. A real beauty of a tactic. Their own Alynski #1 rule for radicals paid back in spades. That really gets them wound up. Ol’ Trump, he is a master at the subtle insult, the left hand ridicule as very public joke, and expert at snark. He wields truth like a brush mower. And our delight in witnessing the subsequent asshattery when they are hung upon their petards is creating a blood feud.

      2020 is not a poor choice of inflection points. Got to keep in mind astroturf is a standard operating procedure here. Let no crisis go to waste sort of thing. The fake narratives which can be built around 4 more years of a Russian stooge and Nazi white supremacist for a president is mighty attractive excuse for starting a class/race war if your a useful idiot.
      But I repeat myself. They underestimate us for the dummies they are, thinking they need to fabricate a false narrative to justify their attempted genocide. We all know they are lying sacks of shit who epitomize evil in this world. Never mind truly depraved individuals with zero codes or moral precepts, suitable only for the object of a great cleansing of America.


  4. Phil, I think you’ll like this tune, and so will everyone that reads here, it applies to current events. Change a few words, and that could be us singing, except me, I sing like a frog with laryngitis. heh.

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      • Yeah, know what your saying. Given it much thought too.
        Some blogs have some really great comment community, get threads going which are pretty cool.
        Ace of Spades, and Zero Hedge are always highly entertaining. The Zman has an interesting commentariat. The Last Refuge, aka the Conservative Treehouse is a refuge for the old Tea Partier’s and their younger adherents of Patriotism. Very sharp crowd with an amazing range of insights.
        From the beginning, what back in 06ish, when open comment threads started, it sure struck me as a very powerful medium of unfettered free speech and communication of ideas. Unlike anything across the whole media in history.
        It comes to no surprise they have been infested with trolls and professional agent provocutuers whose job is to disrupt and waylay constructive discussion on forbidden topics and truths.
        Zero Hedge posted a piece on the employment by Faceborg, Twatter, goolag, and the big silicon valley tech monopolies, in the last year alone have employed 82,000 people whose job is to search out “hate speech” and other bad think and contribute to the systems used to deny free speech across those media platforms.
        82,000! How many in total are in the ranks of the thought police? George Orwell was more right then even he could imagine. No one back there probably conceived of the technology that could bring the entire world together like it has.

        I really enjoy the constructive discourse on comment threads. It is a pretty cool venue, kind of our age’s poster campaign of our Colonial forefathers. Some of the snark & humor is brilliant. I find it very heartening and uplifting as its proof to me there are really great people who make our country the best place on earth. then there are the so called “lurkers” who don’t participate directly yet listen in. Imagine the numbers. Says a lot, I think in positive and awoke-ness terms.
        In spite of the haters and the human extinction movement and its attempts to destroy our homeland.

        The social engineer’s probably have an equation for the worst of it someplace. Seems the closer things get to total NPC hive collective retard the more it draws out the depraved trolls and the haters. Certainly there is correlation.

        Over at WRSA the Joooo haters are out in full force. There’s a rumor the jews are even behind “people running out of skim milk for their wheat bran in the morning.”
        And the resistance is futile, the sky is falling, we are all doomed crowd never runs out of defeatist and gloomy gus commentary. Sometimes its as if they bath in the malaise.
        That is amazing too, how so many can be so negative that they have this need to bring everyone and everything down to their lowest common denominator level. And go out of there way to publicly hawk their sorry ass attitudes.

        Ol’ Ace commented back about 2008, about cascade poreferences, and how they remain under the radar until they all of a sudden seem to appear out of nowhere. Like The Tea Party before it was infected with provocutuers who destroyed the grass roots nature of it. And the amazing color revolution of 11-8-2016. Unprecedented in the history of peaceful revolution. 64 million American’s said BFYTW to the statist-quo. The PTB never saw it coming, they are still reeling from being wholesale rejected by such a level of withdrawal of consent.
        Notice the total journalistic silence regarding such an historical remarkable event. Like it never happened.
        Same with the Tea Party gathering in DC. I was there, it was at least a million people. It was so calm and peaceful. The manners and politeness I experienced was a remarkable feature. This positive vibration, you could feel it, it is legitimate power so unlike all other political power. I think it scared the crap out of the power elites. They have never forgotten it, even though we got past the gate keepers again in 2016. That really cramped their, I think they are desperate to find something they can nullify such a legitimate uprising of the people. In no doubt the ongoing soft palace coup against President Trump is one. They can kill two birds with one stone.
        64 million American’s who gave the bastards the finger is no small thing. And to think, not a sole even waved their rifles in the tyrants faces, never mind shot a few just on principle alone.

        Gonna get sporty here soon.


          • WRSA has always been a prime target of the agent provocateurs. They retread their avatars and use the tag team tactic to discourage and drive away people. I’ve never let them do that with me.
            Over time I’ve noticed certain tells and quirks they each have. Their most telling is the fairly rout vernacular they employ, like out of a manual of how to disrupt constructive discourse. They also have a certain disingenuous way of expressing things. Regular people who are simply commenting do not express themselves in phony ways.
            Sometimes its so obvious it is astounding they get away with it with the real commenters.
            Par for the course in this world of a wholly hostile federal beacracy bent on obtaining absolute power. The minions parrot the leadership’s mentality of contempt. It is hard to hide if people recognize it foir what it is.
            Lot more dirt people have to evolve in their awakening. Takes time thats all.
            Some people, as yourself, they get understandably frustrated and disgusted. Don’t blame you or them.
            Me I’ve come to enjoy the contest. “They can’t stop the message” no matter how hard they try.
            I like to write comments which contrast their treason and defeatism, with hopefully constructive and positive words and ideas. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words never hurt us. And they really hate when their petty power is defied and resisted. Beats slinging lead for now. Until we have to start shooting the sonofabitches.
            Then its on like Donkey Kong and a whole different kettle of fish. And we get to see what really matters and whats worth preserving. Now its just a war of hearts and minds.
            The trolls and the rest, they don’t get it, because it’s astro-turf they are slinging. Winning the minds is science, winning hearts is an art. And you have to have a certain genuiness of heart and good intentions to win. The other side of the coin, like the Comintern’s always have maintained and taught in their subversive training techniques, basically boils down to call all who will come, genocide the rest. Proof of that is readily evident in Venezuela and other Latin Amerikan socialist dictatorship shitholes. Ol’ Fidel fully infiltrated Venezuela with agent provocateurs and turn it into another socialist paradise. And they began with taking over the media and social platforms. More glaring instances is Uncle Joe Stalin and his soviet council of Momenklatura police state apparatchiks, and Mao and his great revolution.

            My grandparents raised me, of course they lived up thru the great depression and WWII. Very interesting to me now, people back then new about the dirty stinking commies and how they operated in America. As I grew older I began to understand what they talked about and told me. Taken decades for me to put the pieces together. I even lived as a boy next town over from a place called Fabian NH. If that ain’t spooky to realize one day what thats about. Tell you.

            They had cjildhood friends who where Missionaries in China for decades. During Mao’s Cultural Revolution his Asain bolsheviks, just like Lenin’s, murdered around 100 million people, about the same number where sent to re-education camps or punished in gruesome ways, a majority being educated and people with skills and craft work, or a profession. My grand parent’s friends didn’t escape the effects. The husband was a Physision, they cut off both his hands, his wife was a school teacher, they cut her eyeballs out. He died before they where brought out. She lived on about ten years. I was about 6 when she first visited. My grand parents would have her over for Saturday beans and hotdogs, a real northern NH tradition. She was always very quiet. I could tell she was much traumatized by her experiences. My grandparents where very gracious and kind to her. It was sad and sweet.

            These scumbags trying to destroy our great civilization and culture, we are going to have to do something about them. This is no boasting or smacktalk. It is the awful truth. they are the human extinction movement, and they really need to be made extinct. Or they will take everyone down to the fires of hades with them. It is what they do.
            Believe it or not friend, you, me, Phil, the rest of us, we are all that stands in their way now. It is why they have declared white genocide on us.
            But thats or lot. God wasnt fucking around when he granted us our natural rights and Liberty. Us dirt people, we are and are the only people on earth who ever effect positive change.

            If you don’t understand that, take a look around. There is no one else. Nobody is going to rescue us or be our savior. We are our Saviors. We are must rescue ourselves.
            It is not a bad thing. Its actually a really good deal.


            • The info shared there is still of value, it’s the comments I’ve got no use for. Hell, if I wanted to listen to screechtards, I’d simply talk to the average American idiot on the street.

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  6. Have to agree with that, and with the comment you made on the post about the cbs show on the riots, it’s going to get sporty, and there won’t be any way to put the cat back in the box when the ruckus kicks off.


  7. Well, when the imaginary “hate speech” becomes actual hate ACTION, they can’t say they aren’t getting exactly what they’ve worked so long and hard to foment. It’ll be interesting, watching that little truism dawn on them, moments before their demise.


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